File Title
1 SIDS Risk Factors Vary for Older and Younger Babies
2 Political Favoritism Is Visible from Space, Study Finds
3 Last Terrifying Moments of Baby Mammoths Revealed
4 Stress Eaters Beware: You May Burn Fewer Calories
5 Kids and Science Good for More than Just a Grade
6 UK Christens Massive New Aircraft Carrier
7 Vintage Bling: Ancient Celts May Have Had Shiny Dental Implants
8 Real-life Paleo Diet Included Spiral-tusked Elephant Ancestor
9 Baby Talk: Infants May Practice Words in Their Minds
10 Friends Have More DNA in Common than Strangers
11 Polar Vortex in Summer? Not Exactly, Experts Say
12 Stolen 'Nest of Dinosaurs' Returned to Mongolia
13 Americans May Be Less Concerned About Salt in Food
14 Capturing a Comet-galaxy Conjunction
15 Are Solar Storms a True Health Threat?
16 'Plant that Ate the South' Boosting Carbon Pollution
17 Health of Gay & Straight People Compared in 1st of Its Kind Survey
18 Medieval Italian Skeleton's Surprising Diagnosis: Livestock Disease
19 Searching for Alien Life in the Universe? Don't Look for E.T.
20 Bizarre Dinosaur Had 4 'Wings,' Long Tail Feathers
21 Ancient Priest's Tomb Painting Discovered Near Great Pyramid at Giza
22 Take the Scenic Route: New Mapping Software Gives 'Beauty Scores'
23 Zoo Elephants' Big Threat: Too Much Junk in the Trunk
24 Stay Up Late? How It Could Hurt Your Fertility
25 Smile, Hawaiian Wildlife: You're on Candid Camera
26 Full Moon Looms Large Over Your Sleep
27 Shape-shifting Robots Could Have 'Melting Muscles'
28 Vasectomies Linked with Prostate Cancer Risk
29 Fitness Tracker Fashion: Fitbit Announces New Accessories
30 Tesla Can Keep Its Patents (Op-ed)
31 Ocean-watching Satellite Reveals Secrets of Soil (Image)
32 Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor Review
33 Military's Space Plane Program Eyes Future Hypersonic Flight
34 Red Fish, Blue Light: How Glowing Sea Creatures Change Color
35 When Blown Apart, Hydra Re-assemble
36 Why Do Pets Have Floppy Ears?
37 New Widgets Let You Snap, Crackle...and Think
38 Predicting How Biodiversity Effects Disease
39 Most Kids Eat Fruits & Veggies (But Spinach, Nah)
40 Radar Images Show Human Footprint Claims More of Earth
41 Dead Giraffe?! Weirdest Things Found in NYC Waters
42 Six Months in and Sizzling California Sets Record
43 Cracking the Secrets of Deadly Volcanic Eruptions
44 520-Million-year-old Sea Monster with Preserved Brain Unearthed
45 Clay Tokens Used As 'Contracts' Even After Invention of Writing
46 Going West Wasn't So Deadly for Early Mormon Pioneers
47 Dams Imperil Pakistan's Endangered River Dolphins
48 Heart Cells Transformed into 'Biological Pacemaker'
49 World's Biggest Fish Seek New Home
50 Tooth Tales: Prehistoric Plaque Reveals Early Humans Ate Weeds
51 Can Magnets Relieve Pain?
52 Don't Take Niacin for Heart Health, Docs Warn
53 Doc X-rays His Broken Headphones to Fix Them
54 Anti-smoking Policies May also Fight Suicide
55 Natural Arm Swing Saves Runners' Energy
56 Carbon Controls are New, but Industry Scare Tactics Aren't (Op-ed)
57 Body Doubles and Aliens? Capgras Delusions Explained
58 Live Pigeon Shoots are the Shame of Pennsylvania (Op-ed)
59 Some Asthma Medications Restrict Kids' Growth
60 Antibiotics May Have Been Wrongly Prescribed for Influenza, CDC Finds
61 'Voice Recognition' System for Birds Can Tell Two Chirps Apart
62 Climate Records Shattered in 2013
63 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes': Why Apes Can't Speak like Humans
64 Rainwater Seeps into Unexpected Depths Inside Earth
65 Updated Earthquake Map Shakes Up Risk Zones
66 Adding Energy Drinks to Alcohol Boosts Urge to Drink
67 Malaysia Airlines Disaster: How a Missile Could Take Down a Plane
68 Secret Lives of Flower Hat Jellyfish Revealed
69 Florida Man First to Get Chikungunya in the US
70 F-35 Fighter Jets Won't Make Overseas Air-show Debut
71 Grim Harvest: Climate Change Sweeps Iowa Farms (Op-ed)
72 Got Chlorine? Your Chicken Might (Op-ed)
73 'Natural' Hormone Therapy No Panacea for Menopause Symptoms
74 What Species Rules Earth? The Answer May Surprise
75 Are Smartphones Killing Our Conversation Quality?
76 New study reveals how cholesterol promotes cancer
77 'High proportion' of kidney donors face insurance difficulties
78 What are the health benefits of pumpkin?
79 Could the cause of cerebral palsy run in the family?
80 Study: how marijuana causes paranoia
81 Liver transplant patients want to be involved in decision making
82 Scientists decode genome of cancer-causing liver fluke
83 Memory and learning deficits restored in Alzheimer's mouse models
84 Study finds a 20-year decline in stroke risk and death rates
85 After a concussion, persistent symptoms 'may be PTSD'
86 Trapping malaria parasite in its protective chamber inside red blood cells
87 Niacin for cholesterol now linked to death risk, dangerous side effects and no benefits
88 Treatment reverses symptoms of type 2 diabetes in mice, without side effects
89 Potential cause of preeclampsia may share links with disorders such as Alzheimer's
90 Expert guidance for healthcare professionals to prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia
91 Statins may reduce cardiovascular death in type 2 diabetes
92 Deadly disease of the brain successfully treated in worms
93 US nursing supplies boosted by RNs' delayed retirement
94 Obamacare means 'better public health' through prevention
95 US health care spending shows dramatic reduction in growth
96 Looking to improve long-term care to aid rising numbers with dementia
97 Home blood pressure-monitoring kits save insurance companies money
98 Evaluations critical to ensure continued competency of older drivers
99 How will Obamacare affect rates of inpatient surgery?
100 Can fish oil protect against brain damage caused by alcohol abuse?
101 Could a cocoa extract prevent Alzheimer's?
102 Boosting self-repair may preserve brain in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's
103 Alcohol does not benefit the heart, claims new study
104 New York legalizes medical marijuana, Berkeley offers it for free
105 Further evidence that cannabis reduces tumor growth in new study
106 Stroke patients benefit from stem cell-based transplantation approach
107 Mayo clinic study reverses current thought on treatment of cirrhosis
108 Scientists discover a possible pathway for inhibiting liver and colon cancer
109 Adding sugar to a high-fat Western diet could be worse than a high-fat diet alone
110 Alzheimer's blood test breakthrough reported in new study