File Title
1 Alcohol and energy drink combo boosts urge to drink
2 'Duck-shaped' comet presents new challenges for Rosetta
3 Europa caught red-banded
4 Fish Oil Supplements: Sound Science or Mostly Hype?
5 Tibetans Thrive at High Altitudes Thanks to Neanderthal Cousin
6 Newfound Wasp Literally Has Skeletons in Its Closet
7 Experimental Asthma Drug Hits a New Target
8 Parents of Kids with Autism More Likely to Have Autistic Traits
9 Change in Hottest US Month Isn't a Conspiracy: Here's Why
10 People with Tinnitus May Process Emotions Differently
11 The Science Behind a Winning Tennis Serve
12 By Viewers, World Cup Outpaces Super Bowl
13 Why Apple's Health App Means No More Guesswork (Op-ed)
14 The Most Popular Patriotic Name in America Is...
15 How Magic Mushrooms Really 'Expand the Mind'
16 Extra Leg? Kangaroos Walk with a Little Help from Their Tails
17 'Smart' Garden Morphs to Reflect Moods of Visitors
18 Imperiled Amazon Indians Make 1st Contact with Outsiders
19 Heart Disease Risk Tied to Poor Partner Relations
20 Don't Be Fooled: 5 Probiotics Myths
21 Strongest Link: Wastewater Wells Triggered Oklahoma Earthquake Surge
22 How Evolving Traits Helped Humans Survive Unstable World
23 Men Prefer Painful Shocks to Gadget-free Alone Time
24 Founding Fathers' Blunders Aged the Declaration of Independence
25 How Our Friends Change What We Eat
26 Drones Banned from All US National Parks
27 Journal Addresses Uproar Over Facebook Emotion Study
28 Ecstasy Leads to Rare Aneurysm in College Student
29 Early Flood Prediction Gets a Boost from Space
30 Remains of Long-lost Temple Discovered in Iraq
31 Natural Sunscreen Explains Mantis Shrimp's Amazing UV Vision
32 World's Largest Flying Bird Was like Nothing Alive Today
33 Scientists Demand Overhaul of Europe's $1.4 Billion Brain Project
34 Salt on Mars May Have Melted Red Planet's Ice
35 Mysterious Earthen Rings Predate Amazon Rainforest
36 Interbreeding Common? Ancient Human Had Neanderthal-like Ear
37 Sliced Bread: The 'Greatest Thing' Turns 86
38 Test for Stroke Risk Not Recommended
39 Hypersexuality in Women Linked to High Porn Use
40 How Justin Bieber's Bangs Could Save Teens' Skin
41 Hotspot May Reveal Origin of High-energy Cosmic Rays
42 Gas-charged Earthquakes Linked to Mysterious Louisiana Sinkhole
43 Huge Trove of Dinosaur Footprints Discovered in Alaska
44 Volcanoes Cooled Earth Less than Thought
45 Earth's Magnetic Field Is Weakening 10 Times Faster Now
46 Algae May Hold Key to Origin of the Sexes
47 Blazing World Record: Strongest UV Rays Measured in South America
48 Popular Testosterone Therapy Lacks Evidence
49 Pocket Pets? Mini Hedgehog and Tiny Tapir Fossils Found in Canada
50 US Military Grounds All F-35 Jets After Runway Fire
51 Giant Ancient Sea Scorpions Had Bad Eyesight
52 UK's Royal Air Force Sends New Spy Drones to Afghanistan
53 Creep Show: 410-Million-year-old Spider Walks Again
54 US Military Developing Brain Implants to Restore Memory
55 Woman Has Strange 'Psychotic' Reaction After Using 'Spice'
56 Were Ancient Child Skulls Gifts to the Lake Gods?
57 Bike Around the World, from Home: CycleOps VirtualTraining Review
58 18 Cute Baby Gorillas Get Their Names
59 'Long Tail' Is Tale of Extinction for Amazing Sea Creatures
60 Whoa! Seahorses Don't Neigh--They Growl
61 Happy 158th, Nikola Tesla! Strange Facts About the Inventor
62 Gorillas Use Stinky B.O. to Say 'Back Off'
63 Earliest Case of Down Syndrome Discovered in Medieval Cemetery
64 Political Polarization? Sure, but Study Reveals Hope (Op-ed)
65 Cosmic Ray Quest: How Huge Telescope Array Works
66 Beyond Tesla: History's Most Overlooked Scientists
67 Psychiatric Drugs Send 90,000 to the ER Yearly
68 Silver Surprise: Millions of Anchovies Swarm San Diego Surf
69 ADHD Classified into 3 Types Based on Kids' Personalities
70 Good News, Bears: Satellites Could Spy on Arctic Species
71 Strawberry Cervix? Doc Reviews Food Words Used in Medicine
72 Could Smallpox Come Back?
73 Can Apple Health Change Behavior? (Op-ed)
74 Watson and Crick Took All the Glory, but There's a Forgotten Hero of the Double Helix
75 Feel It in Your Bones? Back Pain Not Linked with Weather
76 Engineers & Eccentrics: Why Nikola Tesla Has So Many Fans
77 Nikola Tesla vs. Thomas Edison: Who Was the Better Inventor?
78 Americans Feel Most Attractive at this Age
79 Natural Gas? Cows Toot Out Most Methane
80 Nikola Tesla's Once-neglected NY Lab Gets a New Life
81 Wireless Electricity? How the Tesla Coil Works
82 Why Some Chimps Are Smarter than Others
83 Ocean Bacteria's Genes Are in Perfect Harmony
84 Elon Musk Donates $1 Million to New Tesla Museum
85 'Sonic Boom' Earthquake Shatters Expectations
86 Korean Mummy's Hernia Diagnosed 300 Years Later
87 HIV Returns in 'Cured' Mississippi Baby
88 5 Visions that Showed Nikola Tesla Was Ahead of His Time
89 Beach Bummer: Toxic Slime Will Hit Lake Erie Again
90 Is It Possible to Have a 242-Pound Tumor?
91 What People Choose to Dream About: Sex and Flying
92 Harsh Thoughts: Cynicism Linked to Stroke Risk
93 That Woman in Red May Spur Female Jealousy
94 Ancient Coins Found Buried in British Cave
95 Hookah Smoking: Teen Trend, or Cigarettes of the Century?
96 Wrongly Accused? 3 Spiders May Not Liquify Human Tissue After All
97 Sex Addiction and Drug Addiction Linked in the Brain
98 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes': How Actor Embraced Orangutans for Role
99 Road Melts from Yellowstone Volcano's Heat
100 Spectacular 'Supermoon' Rises this Weekend
101 4 Conditions Probiotics Are Likely to Treat
102 'Manhattanhenge' Sunset Lights Up NYC Streets Tonight
103 Dangers of Contact Lenses: Amoeba Eye Infection Blinds Woman
104 World's Tallest Waterslide: Why You Don't Fall Off
105 Ancient Synagogue Mosaic Depicts Bloody Jewish Legend
106 Self-guided Sniper Bullets Could Help Soldiers with Bad Aim
107 Ten Things You Didn't Know About Fat
108 Nanolasers on Silicon to Provide Faster Data Transmission
109 Your Skin Can Heal by 'Sniffing' Aromas
110 Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
111 How Giraffes Stand on Their Spindly Legs