File Title
1 Parents Can Play Key Role Against Bullying
2 STEM Education Initiative Website Launched By AAU
3 High School Students Being Recruited By Silicon Valley Firms
4 Sea Turtle Once Facing Blindness Now Ready to Return to the Wild After Treatment at the South Carolina Aquarium
5 Could Joining A Gym Help College Students Raise Their GPA?
6 Robot Learns To Play Angry Birds By Watching Kids First
7 US Supreme Court Shoots Down Google's Challenge Over Street View Lawsuit
8 Many Agressive Co-Workers May Not Even Know They Are Jerks
9 Cyberloafing In The Workplace--Who Are The Biggest Culprits?
10 Employees Are Happier When They Get Short Smartphone Breaks
11 Irrational Exuberance Observed When It Comes To Investing
12 They Gave Women Pantsuits, But Equal Footing Is Yet To Come
13 STEM Initiatives Focus On Improving Interest, Education
14 A Nation Advancing: Focusing On Measuring Continuing Progress
15 New Civil Rights Compliance Website For Grant Recipients Announced By NASA
16 Teachers More Likely To Use Ineffective Instruction When Teaching Students With Mathematics Difficulties
17 Study Finds Online Bullying Creates Off-Line Fear At School
18 Netflix Lowers Price On Standard Definition Streaming Package
19 Parental Controls May Need To Be Included In Robots
20 Chelyabinsk Meteor Collided With Asteroid Before Hitting Earth
21 Social Marketing At The Movies
22 News Feed Study Leads Facebook To Issue A Public Apology
23 Mathematical Model Illustrates Our Online 'Copycat' Behavior
24 99 Days Of Freedom? Are You Up For This Facebook Challenge?
25 Skull Of New Species Sheds Light On Mediterranean Worm Lizard Evolution
26 New Recreational Travel Model To Help States Stop Firewood Assisted Insect Travel
27 Human's Primate Cousins Also Pass Intelligence Through Their Genes
28 New Evidence Refutes The 'Birds Evolving From Dinosaurs' Theory
29 Predatory Characteristics Of Extinct Sea Scorpion Reexamined
30 Changing Antarctic Winds Accelerate Global Sea Level Rise
31 Water Bonus Flows From Climate Change Measures
32 Monitoring Arctic Polar Bears From Space
33 Critical Habitat Established For The Endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtle
34 The West Antarctic Ice Sheet: Why Is It So Important To Climate Change Research?
35 Playing Video Games Linked To Creativity
36 Farmers More Likely To Be Green If They Talk To Their Neighbors
37 Programs That Help Farmers Adapt To Climate Change Supported By The Public
38 For College Students, Regular Exercise Not A Priority
39 Online Learning: It's Different
40 Hulking Humanoid Robot Atlas Debuts At Robotics Challenge
41 Soldiers Are Emotionally Attached To Their Robots
42 Engineers Program Robot To Learn From A Human's Touch
43 Social Robot Training With Dogs
44 Role-Playing Games Desensitize Us To Real-World Experience, Says Study
45 Robot Cheats At Rock-Paper-Scissors And Wins Every Time
46 Mimicry In Rock, Paper, Scissors
47 Has The Winning Formula For 'Rock-Paper-Scissors' Been Cracked?
48 RoboEarth: Creating A World Wide Web For Robots
49 Friendly Robot ERWIN To Help Study Relationship Between Man And Machine
50 Pepper The Japanese Robot Can Read People's Emotions
51 Google Developing Prototype Tablet Capable Of 3D Imaging
52 NASA Awards Simulation And Software Technology Contract For Engineering
53 Making The Internet Of Things Safer With New Tool Developed By Computer Scientists
54 Malware Vulnerabilities Found In Microsoft's Malware Protection Engine
55 Federal Judge Upholds $675,000 Fine In Illegal File-Sharing Case
56 AT&T's LCD Price Fixing Lawsuit Partially Reinstated
57 Pirate Bay Founder Gets Sentence Reduced, Cleared Of Bank Hacking Charges
58 The Pirate Bay Marks 10th Anniversary By Releasing New Web Browser
59 Appeals Court Says Police Must Obtain Warrant Before Attaching GPS Unit To Your Car
60 Supreme Court Rules Warrants Mandatory For Cell Phone Searches
61 Your Coping Mechanisms For Stress Determine Risk Of Developing Insomnia
62 Motivational Interviewing Helps Reduce Home Secondhand Smoke Exposure
63 Rosin Up That Bow, Maestro. And Thank Your Genes
64 Rise In High School Seniors Using Hookah Smoking Products
65 Harmful Hookahs: Many Young Smokers Aren't Aware Of The Danger
66 Smokers With Mental Health Issues Cost UK Nearly 2.5 Billion pounds A Year
67 Silent Circle Looks To Take On Skype, Offer More Security In Calls
68 Microsoft's New CEO Refocuses Company On Productivity, Platform
69 MIT Develops New System That Lets Users Decide What Data Is Shared
70 Shooting Pictures With The Assistance Of A Lighting Drone
71 Recession 'Linked With' Over 10,000 Suicides Across Europe And North America
72 Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Catalyses Unprecedented Collaboration Between Health Care And Public Health
73 LG Introduces An OLED TV That Can Be Rolled Up When Not In Use
74 High School Students Being Recruited By Silicon Valley Firms
75 US Rich Get Richer On Stock Market Investments While Modest Investors Are Left Behind
76 Are You Ready To Retire?
77 How Best To Go About Getting Seed Money Through Crowdfunding
78 Smartphones Used More By Millennials Than Any Other Generation
79 Millennials And Their Hyperconnected Lives: Pew
80 One "Villain" Of The Housing Crisis Played Only A Small Role
81 Pseudo-Mathematics And Financial Charlatanism
82 How Widespread Is Tax Evasion?
83 Not Just The Poor Live Hand-To-Mouth
84 The Hidden Agenda Of Obama's Opposition
85 Study Of Youth Sports Finds Being A Good Sport Ranks As The Top 'Fun' Factor
86 Cyberbullying Affects Rich And Poor Alike
87 Video Game Streaming Site Surpasses Facebook In Peak Traffic Totals
88 Mobile Sharing, Sleep Tracking Technology Developed At Netflix Hack Day
89 Netflix Wants To Pay A Few People To Watch TV And 'Tag' Titles
90 Researchers Develop Lego-Like Robots That Can Transform Into Furniture
91 Using Casual Voice Commands To Program Robots
92 Newly Developed Algorithm Allows Robots To Better Collaborate
93 Exploring When Collisions With Robots Cause Injury
94 Near-Earth Object, Long Believed To Be An Asteroid, Is Actually A Comet
95 NASA Hopes To Enhance Asteroid Detection Through Crowdsourcing Partnership
96 Computing Asteroid Paths For Future Exploratory, Redirect Missions
97 Using A Stellar Ultrasound To Determine Ages Of Young Stars
98 Do Kids' TV Shows Glorify The Consumption Of Unhealthy Food And Drinks?
99 Obesity And Large Waist Size Are Risk Factors For COPD
100 US Scientists Don't Publish Articles About Potential Role Of Innate Variation In Athletic Performance
101 Apple Coaxes FTC Into Probing Google Play Store Purchases
102 The Aerodynamics Of Flying Snakes
103 Where Do Lizards Live In Qatar?
104 Flying Snakes Ride The Wind To Get More Boost
105 Two Venomous Snakes That Evolved Separately Are Strikingly Similar
106 Invasive Water Snakes Could Pose Risk To Native Species In California
107 Large Decrease In Green Turtle Catch Rates: Study
108 Tracking Turtles Through Time
109 Huge Fossilized Tooth Shows The Marine Predator Had Plenty To Chew On
110 Paleontologists Discover New Pterosaur Species, First-Ever 3D Preserved Eggs