File Title
1 Half-time drinks don't give footballers a winning edge
2 Star maps point to Aboriginal songlines
3 A day in the new Porsche Macan, an SUV that wants to race
4 Deep-sea streaming: 500-mile NEPTUNE cabling brings Internet to the ocean floor
5 The quiet search for dark matter deep underground
6 The Audi A8 is the perfect car for the tech-obsessed plutocrat
7 3D-printed splints may make life better for arthritis sufferers
8 Dutch World Cup team rewarded with free spaceflight--if it wins
9 To stop terrorism, TSA requires that gadgets have power
10 Oculus Rift announces its first VR development conference
11 Hard-drive-sniffing dog, Thoreau, is cops' latest weapon on child porn
12 BlackBerry's square-screened phone to free us from our "rectangular world"
13 As smartphone sales tank, Samsung stares down a 25% drop in profits
14 Critic of massive mergers to help FCC review Comcast and AT&T deals
15 US nabs a hacker in the Maldives, but Russia sees it as "kidnapping"
16 Shaken or stirred? Drone bartender battles bots in design challenge
17 Chinese trademark holder says Tesla must pay him $3.9 million
18 Uber's surge pricing will be capped during "abnormal disruptions"
19 Update: Google posts DRM workaround for paid Android Wear apps
20 Bell Labs pushes 10Gbps over copper telephone lines
21 Solar outburst takes one year to reach Voyager 1
22 Rights groups decry new NSA leak: Snooping on Muslim-Americans'
23 Climate scientist targeted by lawsuit gets $250 for the hassle
24 In sexting case, Virginia prosecutors want to photo teen's genitalia
25 Apple points finger at Google after FTC in-app purchase settlement
26 Homestar Runner might be making a comeback later this year
27 Xbox One messaging falters once more with confusion over dev kit policy
28 Pointless Yo app now alerts Israelis to rocket attacks
29 WSJ: TSMC is shipping its first Apple processors, replacing Samsung
30 Recently revived ISEE-3 probe can't fire engines, can't change orbit
31 Parking spot auction app caves under pressure, halts in San Francisco
32 Amazon lets kids run amok with in-app purchases, says FTC suit
33 The Oatmeal convinces Elon Musk to donate $1 million to Tesla Museum
34 9 out of 10 wireless 911 calls in DC don't provide accurate location info
35 White House nixes Patent Office pick after tech-sector outcry
36 3D printing used to control stem cell differentiation
37 @Congressedits tweets anonymous Wikipedia edits from Capitol Hill
38 The airborne panopticon: How plane-mounted cameras watch entire cities
39 Weaponized exploit can steal sensitive user data on eBay, Tumblr, et al.
40 seller asks judge to unmask "negative" reviewers
41 New report calls for "deep decarbonization" to stay within 2íC limit
42 Hands on: Structure Sensor turns your iPad into a 3D scanning machine
43 What if the Big Bang was really the "Big Bounce"?
44 Kickstarter project spent $3.5 million to finish a working prototype--and ended in disaster
45 Microsoft drops case that severed DNS hosting for millions of No-IP nodes
46 Police helicopter was chasing our drone, arrested men say
47 Your favorite mobile apps leave a trail of cookie crumbs
48 Six under-the-covers features from the Android L release
49 Dish claims Comcast, TWC will use "choke points" to harm video competitors
50 Panicking over Android's factory reset is (mostly) unwarranted
51 How operating companies can stop patent trolls: Cut off the ammo
52 Judge denies Silk Road's demands to dismiss criminal prosecution
53 Crypto certificates impersonating Google and Yahoo pose threat to Windows users
54 Aereo: Hey, we're a cable company after all!
55 FCC Republican says net neutrality rules too "onerous" for ISPs
56 Two of the exoplanets closest to Earth don't actually exist
57 Nadella to Microsoft: "Devices and services" out, but still "mobile first, cloud first"
58 Air force sends secret specs for new bomber to same old contractors
59 Gravity satellites could provide warning months ahead of floods
60 Update: Bus co. owner who threatened redditor with lawsuit arrested for cyberstalking
61 Emergency Windows update revokes dozens of bogus Google, Yahoo SSL certificates
62 There's "no congestion," Verizon says, despite continued Netflix problems
63 Lyft defies New York City taxi agency's ban, to launch Friday
64 How strong is gravity? Scientists devise new way to measure.
65 Was Mars once cold and wet? Scientists see evidence of Mt. Sharp glaciers (+video)
66 NASA 'flying saucer': A better way to land on Mars?
67 NASA tests 'flying saucer' landing for Mars vehicles
68 Has the last march of the emperor penguin begun? (+video)
69 Saturn-orbiting spacecraft to go out with a bang, says NASA
70 Plastic garbage on ocean's surface is vanishing. Where is it going?
71 What caused the baby boom in the American southwest 1500 years ago?
72 Why do devil rays have a heat-exchanger under their brains? Scientists unravel mystery. (+video)
73 Why did NASA scrub the launch of a carbon monitoring satellite?
74 'Bigfoot' hair samples undergo DNA analysis: Big mammals, yes. Bigfoot, no.
75 NASA rocket launches carrying carbon satellite, after 2009 failure
76 Did Tibetans inherit their high-altitude genes from a different species?
77 Oldest human DNA discovered, complicating models of our origin
78 Why scientists are baffled by a half-million-year-old human thigh bone (+video)
79 Unaccompanied children not fleeing violence, says Guatemala's first lady (+video)
80 Russia takes aim at dissent, media criticism...and high heels?
81 GOP touts newly found Lerner e-mails in IRS scandal: Any smoke in this 'gun'? (+video)
82 Bipartisan alternative to Obama's border crisis plan takes shape (+video)
83 Obama's no-win situation on border crisis (+video)
84 How genetic sequencing is stomping on the Bigfoot myth
85 NASA finally launches that carbon monitoring satellite
86 Prehistoric dino-bird wore feathery pants, say scientists. But why? (+video)
87 New wasp species has a lot of exoskeletons in the closet, say scientists
88 Kansas pipeline eruption leaves worrisome oily residue across Olpe
89 Mysterious creature roaming the Bronx is...a type of weasel
90 Oil prices continue slide on easing supply threats
91 Colorado River: Is historic cut in water release the new normal?
92 How whooping crane youngsters learn from their elders
93 Oh deer! Eagle kills deer in startling glimpse of alpha bird behavior.
94 Green flights? NASA explores biofuel use in planes.
95 Solar garden: Model T of renewable energy?
96 How Detroit made gas-fueled cars smarter
97 Electric Harley-Davidson: All the power with none of the roar?
98 Costs to counter global warming 'relatively modest'
99 Global warming: Can post-Kyoto climate pact work by taking a different tack?
100 What's causing all those earthquakes in Oklahoma?
101 Study: Loss of Indonesia's pristine (and carbon-storing) forests is rising
102 Global climate change solution still possible...but barely, says report
103 US, China look to energy for common ground amid friction
104 Chinese manufacturer renews two-bladed wind turbine design
105 Terrorists take aim at PG&E. Can it shield itself?
106 Rolling coal: Anti-EPA drivers rig vehicles to spew black fumes
107 Floating nuclear plants: Is the future of nuclear offshore?
108 New Russian gas pipeline drives wedge through EU solidarity
109 'Sponge-like' battery: Coming to a smartphone near you?
110 The 'maker movement' creates D.I.Y. revolution
111 Apple's legal loss suggests China getting serious about patents
112 Be careful when erasing data from your Android phone. It might stick around.
113 Can Google Glass improve philanthropies? We'll find out soon.
114 IBM marches toward 'post-silicon' future
115 US regulators to Amazon: Refund customers for unauthorized charges