File Title
1 Prescription drugs overtake cannabis in fatal crashes
2 Effectiveness of PTSD treatments provided by DOD, VA unknown
3 Android security weaknesses caused by performance design identified
4 Emerging HIV epidemics among people who inject drugs in the Middle East and North Africa
5 Criminal profiling technique targets killer diseases
6 Crucial security problem in Google Play: Thousands of secret keys found in android apps
7 Genetic code for diabetes in Greenland broken by scientists
8 When it comes to numbers, culture counts
9 Ban on pavement sealant lowered levels of potentially harmful compounds in lake
10 Move over, silicon, there's a new circuit in town
11 Early detection of extreme financial events: Market crashes are anomalous features in financial data fractal landscape
12 Buy lunch, pay with your hand: Vein scanning technique
13 Standing up gets groups more fired up for team work
14 Economic duress may spur racial discrimination: As economy declines, African Americans perceived as 'blacker,' study suggests
15 Research demonstrates how much we distrust people who are mean with money
16 Wood-waste biofuel to cut greenhouse gas, transform shipping industry
17 Slowing the insect invasion: Wood packaging sanitation yields US $11.7 billion net benefit
18 Electricity use slashed with efficiency controls for heating, cooling
19 Circuits and sensors direct from the printer
20 Improving academic performance with physical fitness
21 Hippocampal activity during music listening exposes the memory-boosting power of music
22 Brain imaging shows enhanced executive brain function in people with musical training
23 Early elementary school start times tougher on economically advantaged children
24 The whole truth: Children can tell when a teacher commits 'sins of omission'
25 Affordable housing linked to children's test scores
26 Interactive teaching methods help students master tricky calculus
27 Use of gestures reflects language instinct in young children
28 Multilingual or not, infants learn words best when it sounds like home
29 Poor sleep equal to binge drinking, marijuana use in predicting academic problems
30 Vitamin D and the nursing mother
31 Single dose of century-old drug approved for sleeping sickness reverses autism-like symptoms in mice
32 Achilles' heel in antibiotic-resistant bacteria discovered
33 Family violence leaves genetic imprint on children
34 Princess and the Pea? Invisibility cloak prevents an object from being felt
35 Quantum biology: Algae evolved to switch quantum coherence on and off
36 Hunt for extraterrestrial life gets massive methane boost
37 Swarm reveals Earth's changing magnetism
38 T. rex has most powerful bite of any terrestrial animal ever
39 Asian elephants reassure others in distress: First empirical evidence of consolation in elephants
40 Fat of the bone: Exercise, diabetes affect amount of fat inside bones
41 Cell phones reflect our personal microbiome
42 Saving Africa's wild dogs--with urine
43 Cousteau nears end of underwater living experiment
44 Company successfully tests space-tourism balloon
45 Crimes to crops: Drone display shows potential use
46 Successful surgery after wrong cancer diagnosis
47 Prescott firm finds niche clearing fire dangers
48 Europe court tells France to suspend right-to-die ruling
49 Novo Nordisk to double revenue within a decade: deputy CEO
50 Beyond cure? Europe euthanasia rulings sear debate
51 Keep those pot plants potted: No more ripping weed
52 White House weakened draft of FDA's proposed tobacco regulations
53 Indonesia fires spark Singapore, Malaysia haze warning
54 Merkel to push back against EU if green energy support questioned
55 La. oyster beds recovering after storms, oil spill
56 Greenpeace left red-faced after top official travel expose
57 AP NewsBreak: Survey probes Hanford worker dynamic
58 Justices limit cellphone searches after arrests
59 U.S. will allow EU citizens to sue over data privacy
60 Justices rule for broadcasters in fight with Aereo
61 U.S. top court rules against TV startup Aereo
62 Barnes & Noble to separate retail, Nook Media
63 Japan unveils 'world's first' android newscaster
64 Futuristic elevated transport system to be built in Israel
65 Explorer says Griffin shipwreck may be found
66 Ex-GalleyCat ed Jason Boog on raising bookworms
67 Researcher charged in major HIV vaccine fraud case
68 Google to unveil new television set-top box on Wednesday--WSJ
69 Box with materials from ancient city recovered
70 US Supreme Court rules against Internet startup Aereo
71 French biotechs court U.S. investors amid wave of IPOs
72 Scientists departing for Loihi research expedition
73 Beyond cure? Europe euthanasia rulings sear debate
74 Report: 1/3 of Nevada kindergartners overweight
75 Mom convicted of trying to poison fussy twins
76 Tucson treatment center to pay $2,000 fine
77 NFL agrees to remove cap on concussion damages
78 FDA outlines policy for overseeing nanotechnology
79 Montana to notify 1.3 million of computer hacking
80 About 1,000 gallons spill from Ohio oil well tank
81 Northern Indiana city designated dark sky site
82 Lawmakers question federal water proposal
83 Milwaukee, green group giving away 1,000 trees
84 Pesticides threaten birds and bees alike: study
85 Surging environmental crime funds conflicts, hurts growth: U.N.
86 Wildlife crime bankrolling terror, militia groups, says UN
87 Organic farm in Benin looks to set example for Africa
88 Planet of the dying apes: experts alarmed over shrinking habitats
89 Lawsuit challenges Missouri solar rebate limits
90 Al Gore joins Australian mining tycoon in climate change plan
91 Merkel to push back against EU if green energy support questioned
92 Scientists ask Obama to protect old growth forest
93 Bacteria in Arteries May Be 'Ticking Time Bombs,' Researchers Say
94 Higgs Boson Confirms Reigning Physics Model Yet Again
95 Highest Global Temps on Record for Month of May
96 Chomping Invaders! Alien Trap-Jaw Ants Spread Along Gulf Coast
97 Tempted by Cookies? New Way to Boost Self-Control Found
98 From Genes to Motherhood: 6 Reasons More Women Get Depressed
99 Bumble Inn: New England Gets New 'Hotel' for Pollinators
100 Poop Stains Reveal Penguins Migrate with Climate
101 Senses and Non-Sense: 7 Odd Hallucinations
102 Reference: Marijuana: Effects of Weed on Brain and Body
103 UK's Largest Aircraft Carrier to Be Unveiled Next Month
104 Ebola Virus: Why Isn't There a Cure?
105 Universe Shouldn't Be Here, According to Higgs Physics
106 Strong Earthquake Strikes Alaska's Aleutian Islands
107 Bacterial Vortex: Microbes' Odd 'Swimming' Behavior Explained
108 Reference: Medical Marijuana: Benefits, Risks & State Laws
109 The Threat of Illegal Fishing Is Too Great to Ignore (Op-Ed)
110 Cannabis Habit and Schizophrenia May Have Genetic Link