File Title
1 Source of Disco Clams' Light Show Discovered by Young Researcher
2 Sex of Prawns Altered Using Gene Silencing Technology
3 Plants Respond to Sounds Caused by Chewing Caterpillars
4 Advances in Mollusk Parasite Culturing Methods Drives Research
5 Monkeys Have Undergone Evolution in Facial Appearance to Avoid Interbreeding
6 Tibetans Acquired Altitude Adaptation Genes from Ancient Human Relatives
7 Genetic Study Reveals Vulnerability of Northwest Dolphins
8 New Study Finds Ocean Ecosystems Naturally Engineered by Whales
9 Inner Ear Fossil Shakes Up the Understanding of Human Evolution
10 Cultured CTCs Reveal Genetic Profile, Potential Drug Susceptibility of Breast Cancer Cells
11 Inherited 'Memory' of Environmental Impact on Health May Be Limited
12 Food for Thought: Why Doctors Use Edibles To Describe Medical Conditions
13 New Technology Reveals Insights into Mechanisms Underlying Amyloid Diseases
14 Study Looks at How Twitter Can Be Used to Address Specific Health Issues
15 New Discovery Reveals Insight into Feathers, Flight of Archaeopteryx
16 Frog Larvae Have Developed a Defensive Response Against the Red Swamp Crayfish
17 Study Points to Potential New Target for Antibiotics Against E. Coli, Other Bugs
18 Control Strategy for Dengue, Malaria Increases Risk of West Nile Virus
19 Rising Concern About 'Microplastics' in the Ocean
20 West Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier Is Melting Due to Geothermal Heat
21 Refreezing Meltwater Could Be Speeding Up Greenland Ice's Journey to Sea
22 Greenland Ice Sheet Collapse Linked to Sea Level Rise 400,000 Years Ago: Study
23 Solar Panels Light the Way from Carbon Dioxide to Fuel
24 Europe Accounts for Two Thirds of the World's Newly Installed Photovoltaic Capacity
25 Groundbreaking Australian Solar Panel Farm Goes Live
26 Furniture Maker IKEA Invests in Renewables to Become Self-Sufficient by 2020
27 Innovation in Renewable-Energy Technologies Is Booming
28 The Market For Renewable Energy Grew In 2013, Despite Less Investing
29 Malaspina Expedition Finds World's Oceans Littered with Microplastics
30 NASA Data Show More People Means More Plant Growth
31 Scientists Release Global Maps of Soil Moisture
32 Prenatal Mercury Exposure Linked to ADHD-related Behaviors in Children
33 Exercise Can Help School Performance for Kids with ADHD
34 Fractions Gain Traction with Concrete Models
35 Brain Differences in College-Aged Occasional Drug Users
36 Study Finds Group Size Can Make or Break Environmental Collective Actions
37 Gauging What It Takes to Heal a Disaster-Ravaged Forest
38 Giant Panda Populations Potentially Threatened by Bamboo-Eating Horses
39 Zoning Boundaries Can Make Good Neighbors in Conservation
40 Researchers Give Long Look at Who Benefits from Nature Tourism
41 Supercomputer to Mimic Mollusc Shell
42 New Supercomputer Will Tackle Mysteries of Space
43 Study Finds Swimming Can Help Boost Young Kids' Development
44 $2 million Donated by Former Student to Boost SKA Science
45 Silly Phone Game Puts Illiterate Pakistanis in Touch with Potential Employers
46 New System of Assessments Needed When Next Generation Science Standards Are Implemented
47 Researchers Find Virtual Computer-Based World an Effective Learning Environment
48 Computers Give Other Computers Advice on How to Play Pac Man
49 Advanced Learning Through Negotiations
50 Pentagon's Terminator-Like Robot to Test Military Gear
51 Swiss Researchers Develop a Bionic Arm with Lightning Fast Reflexes
52 2013 Was a Big Year for Robotics
53 DARPA All Terrain Robot BigDog Now Equipped with Throwing Arm
54 DARPA's Cheetah Robot Breaks Its Own Record
55 Engineering Firm Boston Dynamics Unveils New All-Terrain WildCat Robot
56 Chemical Weapon Watchdog Group Awarded Nobel Peace Prize
57 Clinton Addresses Biological Weapons Conference in Geneva
58 Anonymous Breaches NATO Security
59 New Robot Finger Out-Senses Humans
60 Scientists Designing Robot for Inspecting Tunnels
61 Robotic Assistants Could Adapt to Humans in the Factory
62 Robots Get Their Own Cloud, Inspiring Smarter Aritificial Intelligence
63 Controlling Robots with Our Minds and Other Methods
64 New 'CoBots' Lend a Helping Hand in Office Settings
65 Man and Machine: Human and Robots Team Up in Cross Training Technique
66 Empathizing with Robots
67 Researchers Work Towards More Trustworthy Robots
68 Weight Loss Programs Via Virtual Reality
69 Study Finds that Virtual Reality Could Be Effective Weight Loss Tool
70 Miniature Robotic Avatar Is the Newest Japanese Robotic Invention
71 A Customizable, Digital Avatar that Can Express Emotions
72 Competitive Social Thinking Leads to Synchronicity, Not Randomness
73 Brain Imaging Used to Identify Why ADHD Persists into Adulthood
74 A Link Found Between Musical Training and Executive Brain Function
75 Researchers Work to Understand How Psychedelics Affect the Brain
76 Scientists Discover On-Off Switch to a Person's Consciousness
77 Researchers Advocate for More Scientific Research on Consciousness
78 Brain's Reward System Responsible for Love, or Hatred, of Music
79 Study Finds Frequent Facebook Use Linked to Eating Disorder Risk
80 Penn Medicine Points to New Ways to Prevent Relapse in Cocaine-Addicted Patients
81 Timing Training Can Increase Accuracy in Golf and Soccer
82 Turning Memory Off and On in Rats to Aid Alzheimer's Research
83 The Cost of Racial Bias in Economic Decisions
84 Animal Kingdom Communication
85 A Vote for Cooperation
86 ASIMO Fails to Please in Japanese Museum
87 What's Better than Two, Four or Six Cores? A Computer Chip with 36
88 IBM 'Thinks' Big, Invests $3 Billion in Chip Research and Develoment
89 Smartphone Makers Should Provide More Bling for Your Ring
90 Silicon Valley-Based Robot Maker Secures Investment from Google
91 LINDSAY Is the Future of Medical Education
92 Trauma Simulation Technique Makes Better Journalists
93 Drivers Education for Older Drivers Remains for 2 Years
94 Mathematical Simulation Accurately Predicts Rise of Complex Societies
95 Predator-Prey Made Simple
96 Wink Hub and App Interconnects Trove of Smart Gadgets Sold at Home Depot Stores
97 Researchers Develop Transparent Touchable Display Wall
98 Food Imagery Ideal for Teaching Doctors...Who Must Have Strong Stomachs
99 Microsoft-funded Russian Startup Aims to Stop Net Piracy
100 Supreme Court Will Not Review Music Downloading Case
101 The Pirate Bay Running the Blockade
102 BitTorrent and DJ Shadow Team Up to Change the Music Industry
103 Judge in Megaupload Trial Calls U.S. the 'Enemy'
104 FCC Finds Broadband Speeds Are Still Lacking for Some Customers
105 Mobile Phone Connectivity Turning US into a Landlineless Nation
106 The Fashion Scout and the Cop: Scanning the Streets With Similar Methods For Different Targets
107 American College of Physicians Releases Policy Paper on Medical Liability Crisis
108 Creative Activities Outside of Work Can Improve Job Performance
109 Children Spot Objects More Quickly When Prompted by Words Instead of Images
110 Mobile Health Apps Lack Behavior-Change Techniques