File Title
1 Babies born to healthy moms worldwide are strikingly similar in size
2 How two simple questions could help GPs identify patients with drinking problems
3 Solar energy gets a boost: 'Singlet fission' can increase solar cell efficiency by as much as 30%
4 Highly reactive gold carbene complex shines in emerald green
5 Transparent two-sided touchable display wall developed
6 Was da Vinci wrong? New research shows friction and fracture are interrelated, with implications for earthquakes
7 Nanotechnology: Paving the way for electronic applications
8 Solar cells: Powered by nanoholes
9 Nano-optics: Getting the most out of tiny lasers
10 More California gas stations can provide hydrogen than previously thought
11 Silicon sponge improves lithium-ion battery performance
12 Collisions with robots, without risk of injury
13 Sun sends more 'tsunami waves' to Voyager 1
14 A hotspot for powerful cosmic rays, most energetic particles in the universe
15 Supermassive black hole blows molecular gas out of a galaxy at one million kilometers per hour
16 Small, but plentiful: How the faintest galaxies illuminated the early universe
17 Athena Observatory helping solve mysteries of the universe
18 Comet Pan-STARRS marches across the sky
19 High Energy Stereoscopic System detects its first pulsar
20 Ultrasound for astronomers? A young star's age can be gleamed from nothing but sound waves
21 Controversial clues of two 'Goldilocks planets' that might support life are proven false
22 Discovery expands search for Earth-like planets: Newly spotted frozen world orbits in a binary star system
23 Mystery of the printed diode solved
24 Satellites reveal possible catastrophic flooding months in advance
25 From pencil marks to quantum computers
26 Tunable quantum behavior observed in bilayer graphene
27 Power consumption of robot joints could be 40% less
28 Researchers invent 'meta mirror' to help advance nonlinear optical systems
29 Rapid surgical innovation puts patients at risk for medical errors
30 Computer-automated, time-lapse embryo photography may increase success of in-vitro fertilization
31 Finding real value in big data for public health
32 Toward a new way to keep electronics from overheating
33 Ancient hedgehog and tapir once inhabited British Columbia
34 Transgender algae reveal evolutionary origin of sexes
35 New compounds that could affect circadian rhythm uncovered in study
36 Logging and burning cause the loss of 54 million tons of carbon a year in Amazonia
37 Bacterial switches in human gut pave way for therapeutic manipulation
38 When faced with some sugars, bacteria can be picky eaters
39 Wolf mother deaths threaten pack survival but not population
40 Shining light on the 100-year mystery of birds sensing spring for offspring
41 HIV study leads to insights into deadly infection
42 Low doses of arsenic cause cancer in male mice
43 NASA-JAXA's new precipitation satellite sees first Atlantic hurricane
44 NASA's RapidScat to unveil hidden cycles of sea winds
45 NASA's Aquarius returns global maps of soil moisture
46 Bonelli's Eagle diet reconstruction by means of isotope analysis to improve population conservation
47 Scientists probe DNA of 'Evolution Canyon' fruit flies, find drivers of change
48 World's biggest-ever flying bird discovered: Twice as big as the royal albatross
49 Neandertal trait in early human skull suggests that modern humans emerged from complex labyrinth of biology and peoples
50 Infant toenails reveal in utero exposure to low-level arsenic, study finds
51 Antarctic climate and food web strongly linked
52 Science and cookies: Researchers tap into citizen science to shed light on ant diversity
53 Denali duck-billed dino tracks discovered
54 Rewriting the history of volcanic forcing during the past 2,000 years
55 New archaeological find could shed light on late-Roman Britain
56 Timeline of human origins revised: New synthesis of research links changing environment with Homo's evolutionary adaptability
57 Size of the human genome reduced to 19,000 genes
58 First show off, then take-off: New specimen of Archaeopteryx reveals previously unknown features of the plumage
59 Hair from mummy's clothes provides insights into red deer lineage
60 Extinct human cousin gave Tibetans advantage at high elevation
61 Japanese gold leaf artists worked on a nanoscale: X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy is a non-destructive way to date artwork
62 Insect diet helped early humans build bigger brains: Quest for elusive bugs spurred primate tool use, problem-solving skills
63 Moral beliefs a barrier to HPV vaccine, researchers find
64 Sociable weavers show everybody needs good neighbors
65 18% of high school seniors smoke hookah, researchers find
66 Headbanging: Doctors highlight potential dangers at hardcore rock 'n' roll acts
67 Who is responsible for climate change?
68 Oklahoma earthquakes induced by wastewater injection by disposal wells, study finds
69 America's largest single-site kidney transplant chain under way
70 Doing something is better than doing nothing for most people, study shows
71 Around two thirds of Viagra consumed in the Netherlands may be illegal, warn experts
72 Is it moral to laugh when innocent people die? Psychological 'sacrificial dilemma' experiments may have outlived their usefulness
73 Putting a price tag on the 2 degree Celsius climate target
74 Oil palm plantations threaten water quality, scientists say
75 Are you seen as a jerk at work? Many people are oblivious to how they come across to counterparts and colleagues
76 Back away, please: Humans tend to fear things approaching, even if non-threatening
77 New research proves gender bias extraordinarily prevalent in science, technology, engineering and math fields
78 Android security weaknesses caused by performance design identified
79 Crucial security problem in Google Play: Thousands of secret keys found in android apps
80 Move over, silicon, there's a new circuit in town
81 Early detection of extreme financial events: Market crashes are anomalous features in financial data fractal landscape
82 Buy lunch, pay with your hand: Vein scanning technique
83 3-D printer to aid the visually impaired students in their educational endeavors
84 Learn Dutch in your sleep: Listening to lessons while sleeping reinforces memory
85 The secrets of children's chatter: research shows boys and girls learn language differently
86 Increased nearsightedness linked to higher education levels and more years spent in school
87 First year university students struggle to remember basic concepts learned the year before
88 Learning by repetition impairs recall of details, study shows
89 Wearable computing gloves can teach Braille, even if you're not paying attention
90 Improving academic performance with physical fitness
91 When it comes to numbers, culture counts
92 Hippocampal activity during music listening exposes the memory-boosting power of music
93 Genetic link to autism found, known as CHD8 mutation
94 Who will binge-drink at age 16? Teen imaging study pinpoints predictors
95 In human evolution, changes in skin's barrier set northern Europeans apart
96 Ocean on Saturn's moon Titan could be as salty as Earth's Dead Sea
97 Potentially habitable Earth-like planet discovered; May have similar temperatures to our planet
98 Muscle-powered bio-bots walk on command
99 Mathematical model illustrates our online 'copycat' behavior
100 Rats use their whiskers in a similar way to how humans use their hands and fingers
101 Why 'whispers' among bees sometimes evolve into 'shouts'
102 'Unloved' pseudogenes may provide clearer understanding of biomarkers
103 US workers encountered man left in cell for days
104 Russia test launches first new space rocket since Soviet era
105 Water levels at Nevada's Lake Mead drop to new low
106 Fossil of world's smallest hedgehog unearthed in Canada
107 Bay Area governments make big electric-vehicle buy
108 Organ transplants up for eighth straight year in UK
109 WHO urges China to tackle state tobacco monopoly in battle on smoking
110 VA apologizes to whistleblowers facing retaliation