File Title
1 Fossil of biggest-known flying seabird found
2 'Jackpot expiry' limits gambling losses
3 Two Low-Cost, Car Battery-Sized Canadian Space Telescopes Launched Today
4 NASA's Hubble Finds Dwarf Galaxies Formed More Than Their Fair Share of Universe's Stars
5 Cybersecurity Center Earns DHS, NSA Designation
6 Study Shows How Brain Tumor Cells Move and Damage Tissue, Points to Possible Therapy
7 Humans Have Been Changing Chinese Environment for 3,000 Years
8 Physicists Predict Behavior of Rare Materials at Near-Room Temperature
9 Researcher Testing Biological Treatment for Pathogens That Are Killing Honeybees and Bats
10 Researchers Develop Genetic Control Mechanism for Major Livestock Pest
11 Far North At Risk Unless Ontario Adopts New, Inclusive Planning Process: Report
12 University of MD Researchers Receive NIH Grant to Develop Personalized Medicine Program for Genetic Types of Diabetes
13 Humans & Monkeys of One Mind When It Comes to Changing It
14 A New Tool to Confront Lung Cancer
15 Binghamton University Receives $12.8 Million for Innovative Energy Research
16 Mechanism Discovered for Attaching an "On" Switch That Helps Cells Accessorize Proteins
17 Astronomers Pierce Galactic Clouds to Shed Light on Black Hole Development
18 Swiftly Moving Gas Streamer Eclipses Supermassive Black Hole
19 NASA and NAU Researchers Welcome Unexpected Asteroid Findings
20 Georgia Tech Research Identifies Android Security Weaknesses Caused by Performance Design
21 Microsoft Fellow David Steurer Seeks Ultimate Algorithm
22 DOE to Renew Energy Frontier Research Center at PNNL
23 A Shape-Conscious Alloy
24 Funding Renewed for Brookhaven's Center for Emergent Superconductivity
25 Super-Stretchable Yarn Is Made of Graphene
26 ORNL Awarded Two Energy Frontier Research Centers
27 Zebrafish Research Meeting to Highlight Advances in Genetics and Developmental Biology
28 Starving Pancreatic Cancer Before It Has a Chance to Feast
29 PARC Wins Renewed Funding for Photosynthetic Research
30 Architecture of Signaling Proteins Enhances Knowledge of Key Receptors
31 Mysterious 'Magic Island' Appears on Saturn Moon [Video]
32 Researchers Discover New Genes That Promote Brain Cancer
33 University Scientists Unraveling Nature of Higgs Boson
34 The Next Food Revolution: Utilizing Food Waste to Feed a Growing, "Nutritionally Insecure" World
35 Video: Robot Can Be Programmed by Casually Talking to It
36 Farm to Table Oversight, New Technologies Improving Spice Safety
37 Organic Standards Go Global
38 IFT Honors Three Innovations at Food Expo
39 Labeling Confusion Contributes to Food Waste
40 New IFT Video Spotlights A Day in the Life of an FDA Food Scientist
41 Biologists Find 'Missing Link' in the Production of Protein Factories in Cells
42 Smithsonian Snapshot: Martha, the Last of Her Kind
43 Offer Kids Whole Grains; They'll Eat Them
44 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Launches Imaging Institute
45 Protecting and Connecting the Flathead National Forest
46 Wearable Computing Gloves Can Teach Braille, Even if You're Not Paying Attention
47 Tom Sawyer Regulatory Protein Initiates Gene Transcription in a Hit-and-Run Mechanism
48 Ferroelectric Switching Seen in Biological Tissues
49 Food Scientists Working to Diminish, Mask Bitter Tastes in Foods
50 Consumers Looking for Reduced Sugar and Salt in Food Products More Than Low- and No-Fat
51 From Deep Sea to Deep Space: Creating and Optimizing Food for People Living and Working in Extreme Conditions
52 How Repeatable Is Evolutionary History?
53 Cathy Campbell's Science Op Ed Calls for Scientists to Lead in U.S.-Russian Science Diplomacy
54 Crab and Other Crustacean Shells May Hold the Key to Preventing and Treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)
55 What Millennials Want
56 Fat of the Bone
57 Energy Drinks Raise New Questions About Caffeine's Safety
58 Two Johns Hopkins Researchers Receive Pew Charitable Trusts Awards
59 Kids' Risks from Toxic Metals in Dirt Downplayed Using Standard Tools
60 Ghost Writing the Whip
61 New Technology: The Goose Bump Sensor
62 Three NYU Faculty Receive Awards from Pew Charitable Trusts
63 REACH NC Resource Finder Expands Capabilities of Successful Statewide Researcher Portal
64 How to Protect an American Wildlife Legacy
65 National Science Foundation Awards $548,273 Grant to Support Research in Villanova University's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
66 New Technologies Will Bring Health Benefits of Oats and Barley to a Greater Number of Foods
67 Insects as the Food of the Future
68 Small Produce Farmers May Need Guidance, Affordable Strategies to Meet New Post-Harvest Sanitation Standards
69 Study Finds World's Protected Areas Not Protecting Biodiversity, But There is Room For Hope
70 Inconsistent Sugar Recommendations Raise Questions
71 Carrots as Effective as Sticks for Slowing Amazon Deforestation
72 Fracking Flowback Could Pollute Groundwater with Heavy Metals
73 Stanley Miller's Forgotten Experiments, Analyzed
74 Kryptonite for Superbugs: Scientists Unearth What May Be a Secret Weapon in the Urgent Battle Against Antibiotic-Resistance
75 Earlier Snowmelt Prompting Earlier Breeding of Arctic Birds
76 Researchers Discover 'Trojan Horse' Method of Penetrating Cellular Walls Without Harm
77 To Avoid Interbreeding, Monkeys Have Undergone Evolution in Facial Appearance
78 A Breakthrough for Organic Reactions in Water
79 Blocking Key Enzyme Minimizes Stroke Injury
80 Iowa State Engineers Turn LEGO Bricks Into a Scientific Tool to Study Plant Growth
81 IED Detector Developed by Sandia Labs Being Transferred to Army
82 Chimps Like Listening to Music with a Different Beat, Research Finds
83 Sequencing Efforts Miss DNA Crucial to Bacteria's Disease Causing Power
84 Ask the Crowd: Robots Learn Faster, Better with Online Helpers
85 Scientists Find the Shocking Truth About Electric Fish
86 Foul Fumes Derail Dinner for Hungry Moths
87 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Find Potential New Use for Cancer Drug in Gene Therapy for Blood Disorders
88 Society of Toxicology Applauds Center for Scientific Review's Creation of Toxicology Study Section
89 University of Utah Researcher Receives $100,000 from Research to Prevent Blindness
90 Bachmann-Strauss Foundation's Impact Grant Funds Breakthrough in Dystonia Research
91 Filtering Wastewater More Efficiently
92 Salmonella's Achilles' Heel: Reliance on Single Food Source to Stay Potent
93 Stony Brook University Professor Awarded Inaugural "Breakthrough Prize" in Mathematics
94 Mysteries of the Mind: Developmental Psychologist Explains Her Life's Work Studying the Complexities of the Senses
95 Diamond Plates Create Nanostructures Through Pressure, Not Chemistry
96 Early Life Stress Can Leave Lasting Impacts on the Brain
97 Scientists Study Effects of Warming on Tropical Rainforest
98 Study: To Address Climate Change, Nothing Substitutes for Reducing CO2 Emissions
99 Marine Bacteria Are Natural Source of Chemical Fire Retardants
100 Silver in the Washing Machine
101 Washington University's Joseph Jez Is One of 15 'Million Dollar Professors'
102 Now in Use, UAH-Invented Smart Pill Bottle Gets Second Patent
103 Potential Alzheimer's Drug Prevents Abnormal Blood Clots in the Brain
104 19th Century Math Tactic Gets a Makeover--and Yields Answers Up to 200 Times Faster
105 Soothing Cells, Peaceful Protein Could Hold Promise for Treating Autoimmune Uveitis
106 In Human Evolution, Changes in Skin's Barrier Set Northern Europeans Apart
107 Reigning in Chaos in Particle Colliders Yields Big Results
108 Evolution of Life's Operating System Revealed in Detail
109 Study Helps Unlock Mystery of High-Temp Superconductors
110 BIDMC Cancer Center Launches Institute for RNA Medicine