File Title
1 Vulnerable dolphins keep to themselves
2 Original 'early bird' really could fly
3 Amateurs help nab alien world in weird orbit
4 Time alone to think 'more onerous than electric shock'
5 Noisy boats help spread invasive pests
6 Cruel trade in Asian elephants threatens survival--report
7 Glasgow 2014: Low emission zones promise 'broken'
8 Scottish independence: Academics say 'Yes' vote could harm scientific research
9 Chimpanzee language: Communication gestures translated
10 Web users join hunt for Hawaii tree invaders
11 Upgrade for Europe's big X-ray light source
12 Do people choose pain over boredom?
13 Cosmic inflation: BICEP2 and Planck to share data
14 Rosetta edges towards Comet 67P
15 Study maps fracking methane risk to drinking water
16 Ariane 6: Customers call the shots
17 Early bird Archaeopteryx 'wore feather trousers' for display
18 Oklahoma drought kindles spectre of 1930s 'Dust Bowl'
19 Food waste reduction could help feed world's starving
20 Cameron: No stone unturned on child sex abuse claims
21 Ukraine to lay siege to rebel-held regional centres
22 Horatio Chapple death: Polar bear 'dragged boy from tent'
23 Heathrow issues must-be-charged gadget advice
24 Was Edward the Black Prince really a nasty piece of work?
25 Teletext festival breathes life into old tech
26 Do doctors understand test results?
27 Tour de France and the selfie
28 Family support disabled man with accessibility guide
29 Dovedale Roman and Iron Age coins found after 2,000 years
30 #BBCtrending: What are #RamadanProblems?
31 Tour de France: Behind the scenes with Belkin
32 'Vile' reaction to Vanessa Feltz's Rolf Harris claims
33 Eurotunnel train stopped in Channel Tunnel by power fault
34 UK hostage killings: Militant group leader apologises
35 Dolly Parton offers to adopt abandoned Glastonbury dog
36 Georgian ex-President Eduard Shevardnadze dies at 86
37 Kim Dotcom extradition hearing delayed again
38 Police appeal after 12-year-old hit by bottle on Glasgow Green
39 Five arrests over 'hoax' UK government websites
40 Network Rail fine to help pay for faster train wi-fi
41 Ordinary internet users 'made up bulk of NSA intercepts'
42 Google reinstates 'forgotten' links after pressure
43 Russian MPs back law on internet data storage
44 Gowex, the Spanish wi-fi firm, admits to false accounts for four years
45 Official complaint filed over Facebook emotion study
46 NSA 'targets' Tor web servers and users
47 BMW factory workers given 3D-printed 'super-thumbs'
48 Samsung has announced it will scrap plasma TVs
49 Boleto malware may lose Brazil $3.75bn
50 Facebook buys video ad technology firm
51 Shhh! It's time for Formula E!
52 How to create a comfortable economy class
53 Kids Inc: Meet the youngsters running their own companies
54 Cosplay: It's effort, not bare skin, that matters most
55 Tour de France: Marcel Kittel wins stage three from Cambridge to London
56 Is there still a right time to applaud at the theatre?
57 Graduate jobs recover to 'pre-recession peak'
58 Grade squeeze feared under pressure of summer-only exams
59 Trojan Horse: Golden Hillock governors 'needed more time'
60 Children's TV 'packed with junk-food references'
61 Maths changes 'may put students off,' warns report
62 'Salary premium' for private school pupils
63 Drop in Neets figures for Scotland
64 Fulham Boys School will open a year later than planned
65 'Coping with my teenage chemo brain'
66 Who, what, why: Why does the sum 7x8 catch people out?
67 Leading health experts in NHS funding debate call
68 PM's plan on antibiotics not urgent enough, report says
69 'Huge gaps' in mental health care for new mothers
70 Pancreatic cancer 'missed 19 times by NHS'
71 230 million pounds obesity and diabetes drugs cost 'harms NHS'
72 Ebola outbreak: Ghana tests US man
73 Ebola outbreak: West African states agree strategy
74 Dying need 'free social care,' cancer campaigners say
75 India to provide four free vaccines, including rotavirus
76 Decline in trials for Alzheimer's disease
77 Seeing a GP 'getting more difficult'
78 Out-of-hospital plan 'a recipe for disaster,' MPs warn
79 Staffordshire cancer care 'could be privatised'
80 Scientists 'develop test for teen binge-drinking risk'
81 Hay fever: Paying the price for an allergy
82 The growing resistance to antibiotics
83 Former HBOS chairman on how clinical depression hit him
84 Biological signal processing: Body cells--instrumentalists in a symphony orchestra
85 Ironing out details of the carbon cycle
86 With 'ribbons' of graphene, width matters
87 New study involving CU-Boulder tells the tale of a kangaroo's tail
88 Rethinking the reef
89 Gene discovered that activates stem cells for organ regeneration in Planarians
90 Researchers find genetic link to autism known as CHD8 mutation
91 Extinct human cousin gave Tibetans advantage at high elevation
92 Smithsonian scientist and collaborators revise timeline of human origins
93 A young star's age can be gleamed from nothing but sound waves
94 Hollow-fiber membranes could cut separation costs, energy use
95 The power of the power nap!
96 Weighing up the secrets of African elephant body fat
97 'Grass-in-the-ear' technique sets new trend in chimp etiquette
98 Payback time for soil carbon from pasture conversion to sugarcane production
99 Controversial clues of 2 'Goldilocks planets' that might support life are proven false
100 WSU researchers rule out leading hypothesis for miscarriages, birth defects
101 Whales as ecosystem engineers
102 Flower's bellows organ blasts pollen at bird pollinators
103 Oklahoma quakes induced by wastewater injection, study finds
104 With 'biological sunscreen,' mantis shrimp see the reef in a whole different light
105 Rewriting the history of volcanic forcing during the past 2,000 years
106 Antarctic winds likely to accelerate sea level rise, researchers say
107 With a Little Help, Citizen Scientists Can Be Good Proxies, Research Shows
108 Virtual Water Highlights China's Hidden Environmental Footprint
109 Platonic Solids Generate 4-Dimensional Analogs
110 Wildfire Emissions Contain New Type Of Superaggregate Soot Particle
111 Why 'whispers' among bees sometimes evolve into 'shouts'
112 Tablets to overtake PCs by 2015, survey says
113 TSA tightens security, requires some U.S.-bound travellers to turn on phones
114 PandaX Dark Matter Experiment Has Nothing To Report
115 Carbon Tax Repeal Could Lead To Water Savings--Planting Trees Won't
116 Remains of Long-Lost Temple Discovered in Iraq
117 New 'nanojuice' provides non-invasive, real-time imaging of the gut
118 Chimps like listening to music with a different beat, research finds
119 Humans have been changing Chinese environment for 3,000 years
120 Extinct human cousin gave Tibetans advantage at high elevation