File Title
1 You can't teach speed: sprinters break 10-year rule
2 US should re-evaluate definition of skilled workers in immigration policy
3 Walking the Rocks: GSA Today Article Studies Undergraduate Field Education
4 Joint education standards help GI, hepatology programs meet accreditation requirements
5 Study: Four Habits Model prepares pediatric nurses for emotionally difficult discussions
6 The carbon footprint of flowering trees
7 Comparison study of planting methods shows drilling favorable for organic farming
8 Earth-Kind roses analyzed for salt tolerance
9 Criminal profiling technique targets killer diseases
10 Can we see the arrow of time?
11 Regional weather extremes linked to atmospheric variations
12 Family dysfunction a strong predictor of emotional problems in children of cancer patients
13 Emergence of bacterial vortex explained
14 Physicists find way to boot up quantum computers 72 times faster than previously possible
15 D-Wave and Predecessors: From Simulated to Quantum Annealing
16 New research proves gender bias extraordinarily prevalent in STEM careers
17 All-star pitchers will hate instant replay, according to new research from Columbia Business School
18 CU Denver study shows more bicyclists on road means fewer collisions
19 The great salmon run algorithm
20 Net energy analysis should become a standard policy tool, Stanford scientists say
21 Lowering toxicity of new HIV drugs predicted to improve life expectancy
22 Researchers treat incarceration as a disease epidemic, discover small changes help
23 Taking the 'random' out: New approach to medical studies could boost participation
24 Carnegie Mellon method automatically cuts boring parts from long videos
25 Collaborative learning--for robots
26 Using math to analyze movement of cells, organisms, and disease
27 A simple solution for big data
28 Ask the crowd: Robots learn faster, better with online helpers
29 'Big data' technique improves monitoring of kidney transplant patients
30 19th Century Math Tactic Gets a Makeover--and Yields Answers Up to 200 Times Faster
31 UTSA research may help prevent eye injuries among soldiers
32 New analysis of 'swine flu' pandemic conflicts with accepted views on how diseases spread
33 Host genetics can contribute to lung damage in severe tuberculosis
34 New strategy could uncover genes at the root of psychiatric illnesses
35 WHO targets elimination of TB in over 30 countries
36 New study reveals how tumors remodel their surroundings to grow
37 A 'switch' in Alzheimer's and stroke patient brains that prevents the generation and survival of neurons
38 WSU researchers rule out leading hypothesis for miscarriages, birth defects
39 Study finds higher risk for celiac disease in some children
40 GW Researchers Present Acute Kidney Injury and Chronic Kidney Disease as Interconnected Syndromes
41 Bone marrow fat tissue secretes hormone that helps body stay healthy
42 Weighing up the secrets of African elephant body fat
43 Women veterans want options, follow up support when dealing with intimate partner violence
44 Association found between high cholesterol and breast cancer
45 First evidence for painless atrial fibrillation treatment
46 Study Finds Emperor Penguin in Peril
47 Young teens who receive sexts are 6 times more likely to report having had sex
48 Tropical countries' growing wealth may aid conservation
49 Medicare-backed breast cancer screenings skyrocket, but do patients benefit?
50 License plate readers are important police tool, but hurdles remain, study finds
51 Hollow optical fibres for UV light
52 Forecasting the development of breakthrough technologies to enable novel space missions
53 Brisk walking may improve symptoms of Parkinson's
54 Fruit fly research may reveal what happens in female brains during courtship and mating
55 Researchers regrow corneas--first known tissue grown from an adult human stem cell
56 UTMB study shows testosterone therapy does not increase heart attack risk
57 Who will binge-drink at age 16? European teen imaging study pinpoints predictors
58 Hazardous drinking in UK athletes linked with alcohol industry sponsorship
59 Trial examines treatment for psychogenic nonepileptic seizures
60 How you cope with stress may increase your risk for insomnia
61 Cleveland Clinic researchers identify urgent need for Alzheimer's drug development
62 Doing something is better than doing nothing for most people, study shows
63 More left-handed men are born during the winter
64 Grass-in-the-ear technique sets new trend in chimp etiquette
65 Compounded outcomes associated with comorbid Alzheimer's disease & cerebrovascular disease
66 Black hole trio holds promise for gravity wave hunt
67 'Cosmic own goal' another clue in hunt for dark matter
68 Curiosity travels through ancient glaciers on Mars
69 NASA's STEREO Maps Much Larger Solar Atmosphere Than Previously Observed
70 New NASA Images Highlight U.S. Air Quality Improvement
71 Packing Hundreds of Sensors into a Single Optical Fiber for use in Harsh Environments
72 Not Much Force: Berkeley Researchers Detect Smallest Force Ever Measured
73 Mysterious features spotted on Titan reveal the moon's seasonal changes, says Stanford scientist
74 Reinterpreting dark matter
75 Discovery expands search for Earth-like planets
76 Superconducting-silicon qubits
77 Inspired by Nature, Researchers Create Tougher Metal Materials
78 The dark side of Twitter--Infidelity, break-ups, and divorce
79 A tale of a tail: Kangaroos' powerful "fifth leg"
80 Researchers invent 'meta mirror' to help advance nonlinear optical systems
81 Power consumption of robot joints could be 40% less, according to a laboratory study
82 Biological signal processing: Body cells--instrumentalists in a symphony orchestra
83 Identifying microbial species
84 Did Neanderthals eat their vegetables?
85 Controlling movement with light
86 A new approach to negotiations
87 Mathematical patchwork
88 Noninvasive brain control
89 Research reveals a gender gap in the nation's biology labs
90 Separating finely mixed oil and water
91 Overcoming imperfections
92 Advancing medicine, layer by layer
93 Going local in the "Coral Triangle"
94 Emerging trends in social media
95 Nature's Most Amazing Eyes Just Got A Bit Weirder
96 Cosmic Cannibalism Reveals How Galaxies Grow
97 Climate Swings Drove Patchwork-Like Human Evolution, Study Says
98 Hurricane Science: How Storms Like Arthur Form and Grow
99 Watch Historic Meeting of Two Monster Asteroids in the Sky This Weekend
100 Study Finds "Extreme" Climate Change in National Parks
101 20 Years Later, Legacy of a Deadly Colorado Wildfire Endures
102 Regional Skirmishes Could Complicate China's Deepening Ties to Central Asia
103 Can China Help Boost U.S. Clean Energy Investment?
104 Chinese Adviser's Carbon Cap Remarks: Promising But Overblown?
105 Ocean Current Energy Getting a Test Site in Florida
106 IEA Sees Dire Need for More Clean Energy, Efficiency Investment
107 Oil Drilling to Proceed in Spain's Canary Islands