File Title
1 How does your garden grow?
2 Fewer Deer may Mean Less Lyme Disease
3 Tags Reveal Chilean Devil Rays Are Among Ocean's Deepest Divers
4 A Case Study of Manta Rays and Lagoons
5 Clemson scientists: Kudzu can release soil carbon, accelerate global warming
6 Behind a Marine Creature's Bright Green Fluorescent Glow
7 Plants respond to leaf vibrations caused by insects' chewing, MU study finds
8 The plant that only grows when the going's good...
9 Blood donations could help reduce the risk of heart disease in shift workers
10 Genetic study reveals vulnerability of northwest dolphins
11 First national model for bovine TB calls for more focus on cattle
12 Zone tropical coastal oceans; manage them more like land resources: Scientists
13 Boron tolerance discovery for higher wheat yields
14 From despair to repair: Dramatic decline of Caribbean corals can be reversed
15 More People Means More Plant Growth, NASA Data Show
16 With 'biological sunscreen,' mantis shrimp see the reef in a whole different light
17 Flower's bellows organ blasts pollen at bird pollinators
18 Old ways help modern maize to defend itself
19 Decade of benefits for the Great Barrier Reef
20 Lessons from the West: Great Barrier Reef in danger
21 Whales as ecosystem engineers
22 How does your garden grow?
23 Fondue chinoise with chicken can lead to campylobacter infections
24 Rethinking the Reef
25 Payback time for soil carbon from pasture conversion to sugarcane production
26 Grinding Away at History Using 'Forensic' Paleontology and Archeology
27 WSU researchers chart an ancient baby boom
28 Hair from mummy's clothes provides insights into red deer lineage
29 Extinct human cousin gave Tibetans advantage at high elevation
30 Insect diet helped early humans build bigger brains, study suggests
31 Smithsonian scientist and collaborators revise timeline of human origins
32 Climate change could stop fish finding their friends
33 More carbohydrates make trees more resistant to drought
34 All the world's oceans have plastic debris on their surface
35 Green planning needed to maintain city buildings
36 Oil palm plantations threaten water quality, Stanford scientists say
37 The simpler, the more heat-resistant--scientists uncover the key to adaptation limits of ocean dwellers
38 Video games could provide venue for exploring sustainability concepts
39 Flood fear has temporary effect on property prices: QUT study
40 Putting a price tag on the 2 climate target
41 'Green buildings' have potential to improve health of low-income housing residents
42 Deforestation remedies can have unintended consequences, UF researchers say
43 Oklahoma quakes induced by wastewater injection, study finds
44 Consider water use in climate change policies, advise Australian researchers
45 Explaining 'healthy' obesity
46 Schizophrenia-associated gene variation affects brain cell development
47 High-protein weight loss diets can work
48 Malnutrition screening of hospital patients common but hospitals failing on nutrition care
49 Prolonged use of stomach feeding tubes in children may increase risk of stomach fistulas
50 Nutrition screenings should be regular part of geriatric health assessment
51 The power of the power nap!
52 Work environment affects protein properties
53 Groovy giraffes...distinct bone structures keep these animals upright
54 Surprisingly stable long-distance relationships
55 Glitch in garbage removal enhances risk
56 First show off, then take-off
57 Cochrane Review on primaquine to prevent malaria transmission
58 Fruit fly immunity fails with fungus after (space) flight
59 Sweet genes
60 New Discovery in Living Cell Signaling
61 How knots can swap positions on a DNA strand
62 Effects of conflict on women's reproductive health need to be managed sensitively
63 Are conservatives more obedient and agreeable than their liberal counterparts?
64 AJMC publishes results showing big data analytics can predict risk of metabolic syndrome
65 Prevention incentives
66 Cetuximab or bevacizumab with combi chemo equivalent in KRAS wild-type MCRC
67 Improved survival with TAS-102 in mets colorectal cancer refractory to standard therapies
68 A smashing new look at nanoribbons
69 Research reveals a gender gap in the nation's biology labs
70 New Study from Population and Development Review Finds Flaws in Mortality Projections in Low-Mortality Countries; Pension and Health Costs May Be Higher than Estimated
71 New Insights on the Factors That Intensified the 2008 Financial Crisis
72 Are You Seen as a Jerk at Work? A New Study Reveals That Many People Are Oblivious to How They Come across to Counterparts and Colleagues
73 Study finds online bullying creates off-line fear at school
74 Nature of solids and liquids explored through new pitch drop experiment
75 Engaging parents, community to map student success in South King County
76 Poor physical, financial health driven by same factors
77 3D Printer can be used to Aid the Visually Impaired students in their Educational Endeavors
78 Alcohol backing raises risk of athletes drinking more
79 Study estimates effect on surgery following national health insurance expansion
80 Toward a new way to keep electronics from overheating
81 Becoming an Expert Takes More Than Practice
82 Non-invasive advanced image analysis could lead to better patient care
83 One third of dyslexic adults report being physically abused during childhood
84 'Deep learning' makes search for exotic particles easier
85 Research could lead to dramatic data farm energy savings
86 Making Dreams Come True: Making Graphene from Plastic?
87 New approach for tuberculosis drugs
88 Hollow-fiber membranes could cut separation costs, energy use
89 Columbia researchers observe tunable quantum behavior in bilayer graphene
90 Controversial clues of 2 'Goldilocks planets' that might support life are proven false
91 Movement disorders in young people related to ADHD
92 Jump to it! A frog's leaping style depends on the environment
93 Could boosting brain cells' appetites fight disease? New research shows promise
94 Safer, cheaper building blocks for future anti-HIV and cancer drugs
95 New satellite data like an ultrasound for baby stars
96 A young star's age can be gleamed from nothing but sound waves
97 With 'ribbons' of graphene, width matters
98 From Pencil Marks To Quantum Computers
99 Desert design...scorpions are master architects
100 'Bone-house wasp' uses dead ants to protect their nest
101 Fine-scale climate model projections predict malaria at local levels
102 A CNIO team reduces the size of the human genome to 19,000 genes
103 Ironing out details of the carbon cycle
104 NYU Researchers Find Prior Drug Use is the Greatest Predictor of Ecstasy Use Among U.S. High School Seniors
105 New research shows freshers struggle to remember basic A-level concepts
106 DFG and Leopoldina: Recommendations on 'scientific freedom and scientific responsibility'
107 Study: Teachers More Likely to Use Ineffective Instruction When Teaching Students with Mathematics Difficulties
108 Study: Foreign-trained physicians frustrated at lack of residency positions
109 Penn study shows changing roles of physicians with MBAs
110 Why tech transfer brings universities 'more than money'