File Title
1 Malaysia Airlines Disaster Could Be Setback for AIDS Research
2 New Schizophrenia Gene Links Uncovered
3 When is Sleepiness Due to Narcolepsy?
4 Integrating into the 'Internet of Things' (Op-Ed)
5 Largest-Ever U.S. 'Critical Habitat' Set for Loggerheads
6 Only Zookeepers Get to Feed the Penguins (Op-Ed)
7 Identifying Bodies from MH17 is a Challenge for Forensics (Op-Ed)
8 Is Antarctica Really Getting Icier? New Study Sparks Debate
9 Why 'Pinocchio' May Not Teach Kids Honesty
10 Earth & Sky: Planets Align During Volcanic Eruption
11 Top-Secret British Combat Drone Gets Test Run
12 Parkinson's Could Enhance Creativity
13 Bats Use Polarized Light As a Nighttime Compass
14 Astronauts Begin 9-Day Mission...Under the Sea
15 Baltic Sea Turned into 'Mirror' in Photo from Space
16 Antioxidant Supplements Don't Fight Cancer, Research Suggests
17 High-Salt Diet May Double Diabetics' Heart Disease Risk
18 Does the Internet Influence What We Find Attractive?
19 Philanthropist Donates $650 Million for Psychiatric Research
20 Mini-Drones to Night-Vision Phones: 5 Cool Military Tech Gadgets
21 Weird! Robot 'Emotions' Mirrored by Humans
22 Reference: How to Take Your Pulse
23 Where You Glance Can Reveal Feelings of Love or Lust
24 Elephants Can Outsniff Rats and Dogs
25 Survival of the Flight Test: Airplanes Evolve, Too
26 Chinese Officials Seal Off 'Plague' City, Puzzling US Experts
27 Supersonic Missile Downed Malaysia Airlines Plane, Photos Suggest
28 'Family that Walks on All Fours' Not Evolutionary Throwbacks
29 Reference: Properties of Matter: Solids
30 To Capture the Milky Way, Capture the Landscape
31 How Movie Tech Can Protect First Responders
32 Affordable Batteries for Green Energy are Closer than We Think
33 Most Overweight Kids Don't Think They're Heavy
34 DIY Vaginal Ultrasounds Could Reduce Trips to the Doctor
35 Got Cavities? Ancient Teeth Reveal Bacteria's Evolution
36 Why Adults Struggle to Pick up New Languages
37 The Pill May Affect Your Perception of Other Women
38 Tonga May Have Been a Vast Seafaring Empire
39 Your Cat's Poop Could One Day Treat Cancer
40 Trees: Unlikely Culprits in Ozone Pollution
41 100,000-Year-Old Case of Brain Damage Discovered
42 Blue Whales Roam Dangerously Close to Shipping Lanes
43 That's My Owner! Dogs Get Jealous, Too
44 String Theory: The Physics of Master Guitar Playing
45 One Parent May Have Bigger Role in a Girl's Puberty Age
46 Tyrannosaur 'Gangs' Terrorized Ancient Landscape
47 'Uncontacted' Amazon People Treated for Flu
48 Happy Birthday, Landsat: Space Science Project Turns 42
49 Reference: Facts About Ibex
50 Reference: Shin Splints: Causes, Treatment & Prevention
51 Lead Ebola Doc in Sierra Leone Contracts Virus
52 Reference: What is THC?
53 How Syria's Chemical Weapons Are Being Destroyed
54 Top 3 Techniques for Creating Organs in the Lab
55 Acetaminophen Doesn't Reduce Lower-Back Pain, Study Suggests
56 Reference: Properties of Matter: Liquids
57 Clean Energy, Batteries Not Included (Op-Ed)
58 More Efficient, Durable Solar Cells are Possible Thanks to Glass (Op-Ed)
59 Chasing Alligators, Dodging Parrots: A Zookeeper's Life (Op-Ed)
60 People Use Just 8.2% of Their DNA, Study Finds
61 Did All Dinosaurs Sport Feathers? Downy Beast Suggests Yes
62 Truth Be Told, White Lies Can Keep Relationships Strong
63 Reference: Parrot Facts: Habits, Habitat & Species
64 Oldest Medical Report of Near-Death Experience Discovered
65 Reference: SIDS: Causes & Prevention
66 'Whistling' Volcanic Lightning Heard Halfway Around the World
67 Newly Discovered Virus Lives in Half the World's Population
68 Reference: What is Testosterone?
69 Colorado River Groundwater Disappearing at 'Shocking' Rate
70 Need for Speed: Pilot Recalls Record-Setting Supersonic Flight
71 Underwater 'Aquanaut' Mission Simulates Life in Space
72 Washington State's Sprawling Wildfire Captured by Drone Cam
73 Many Parents Think Their Obese Child's Health Is Good
74 Erectile Dysfunction in Military Males Is Triple the Norm
75 Why Do We Care So Much About El Nino?
76 Corporations are Driving the Energy Revolution (Op-Ed)
77 How Visuals Can Help Deaf Children 'Hear'
78 The Aerodynamics of a Tour de France Time Trial
79 Marmots, China and the Plague
80 Is Your Life Story Written in Your Poop?
81 Are Women Really the Chattier Sex?
82 On Dates with Men, Nice Girls Finish First
83 True New Yorkers: Not Much Fazes NYC Squirrels
84 Even Zookeepers Have Their Favorites (Op-Ed)
85 Roasting? 7 Scientific Ways to Beat the Heat
86 Alien Smog: How Pollution Could Help Locate E.T.
87 'Lucy' Thriller Revives 10% Brain Capacity Myth
88 Astronaut's View on Israel-Gaza Conflict: No Borders Visible from Space
89 Vibrio Warnings: How to Avoid Ocean-Dwelling Bacteria
90 Next 'Big Earthquake' in SoCal Might Be Mid-Sized
91 'Flying Flashbulb' Drones Could Light Up Photo Shoots
92 Sexy Thoughts: The Mind Is Key in Female Orgasm
93 Spider gene study reveals tangled evolution
94 Fibre production drives deforestation in Indonesia
95 Why galactic black hole fireworks were a flop
96 Gene-hunt gain for mental health
97 Anger as Australia dumps carbon tax
98 Delegates mourn MH17 passengers
99 Scientist killed on MH17 brought HIV therapy to the poor
100 Error discovered in Antarctic sea-ice record
101 China plans super collider
102 Kenyan doctors win landmark discrimination case
103 Mars slow to yield its secrets
104 Science and politics: Hello, Governor
105 Plasma physics: The fusion upstarts
106 Transistor successor set to bring on "The Machine" age soon
107 Researchers call for easy access to contraception
108 'Hot Jupiter' measurements throw water on theory
109 Three HIV insights from sombre global meeting
110 Satellites reveal swift groundwater loss in western United States
111 Oxygen fluctuations stalled life on Earth
112 Starvation in pregnant mice marks offspring DNA
113 Astronomy: Planets in chaos
114 Quantum bounce could make black holes explode
115 Psychological treatments: A call for mental-health science
116 Not all plagiarism requires a retraction
117 Misjudgements will drive social trials underground
118 Natural painkiller found in human spit
119 Cancer treatment clears two Australian patients of HIV
120 HIV community reels from losses in MH17 plane tragedy
121 Weight-loss surgery: A gut-wrenching question