File Title
1 Women go for 'road-tested' mates
2 Damselfish 'algal gardens' harbour coral disease
3 Nanosensor zooms in on explosives
4 Cancer 'as old as multi-cellular life on Earth': Researchers discover a primordial cancer in a primitive animal
5 Titan's building blocks might pre-date Saturn
6 New evidence bolsters Higgs boson discovery: Confirmation of particle responsible for mass
7 Earth-size 'diamond' in space: Remarkable white dwarf star possibly coldest, dimmest ever detected
8 Scientists tie social behavior to activity in specific brain circuit
9 Robot can be programmed by casually talking to it
10 Clumped galaxies give General Relativity its toughest test yet
11 Monarch butterflies employ a magnetic compass during migration
12 Sound waves harnessed to enable precision micro- and nano-manufacturing
13 Morphable surfaces cut air resistance: Golf ball-like dimples on cars may improve fuel efficiency
14 Bizarre parasite from the Jurassic had mouthparts for sucking blood of salamanders
15 Schizophrenia and cannabis use may share common genes
16 Should the Higgs boson have caused our universe to collapse? Findings puzzle cosmologists
17 When it rains, it pours...on the sun
18 How repeatable is evolutionary history? 'Weakness' in clover genome biases species to evolve same trait
19 Master regulator of key cancer gene found, offers new drug target
20 Reproduction later in life is a marker for longevity in women
21 Collaboration of minds and metal leads to possible shortcut to new drugs
22 Gender differences could mean more risk for cardiovascular death
23 Prior drug use is greatest predictor of ecstasy use among U.S. high school seniors
24 BMI measurement may be missing 25% of children who could be considered obese
25 Virus kills triple negative breast cancer cells, tumor cells in mice
26 Cell division discovery could optimize timing of chemotherapy, explain some cancers
27 New possibilities for leukemia therapy with novel mode of leukemia cell recognition
28 Young women with polycystic ovary syndrome are 5 times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes
29 First year university students struggle to remember basic concepts learned the year before
30 Hormones affect voting behavior, researchers find
31 Not everyone wants cheering up, new study suggests
32 Gene in brain linked to kidney cancer, researchers say
33 Exploring the brain: New findings explain how eyes link to prefrontal cortex
34 Facelock: New password alternative which plays to the strengths of human memory
35 Puzzle games can improve mental flexibility, study shows
36 Cocoa extract may counter specific mechanisms of Alzheimer's disease
37 Fatal cellular malfunction identified in Huntington's disease
38 Learning by repetition impairs recall of details, study shows
39 The truth behind the '5-second rule': When in doubt, throw it out, expert says
40 Calcium, vitamin D supplementation improves metabolic profile of pregnant women with gestational diabetes
41 It is time to abandon obesity myths, experts say
42 Growth hormone treatment for children may exacerbate feelings of depression
43 Growth hormone treatment for children may exacerbate feelings of depression
44 Young indoor tanning increases early risk of skin cancer
45 BPA Substitute as bad as BPA? Exposure to BPA substitute causes hyperactivity and brain changes in fish
46 Gestures that speak: Gesticulating while speaking is not just a 'colorful' habit
47 Sensitive? Emotional? Empathetic? It could be in your genes
48 Antidepressant use during pregnancy may lead to childhood obesity, diabetes
49 Nearly four percent of U.S. babies born before full-term without medical reason
50 Nanoscale Ruler reveals Organization of Cell Membrane
51 Young researcher discovers source of disco clams' light show
52 Demonstrating a driverless future: Promise of driverless cars
53 New study uses blizzard to measure wind turbine airflow
54 Metal particles in solids aren't as fixed as they seem, new memristor study shows
55 Ferroelectric switching seen in biological tissues
56 Emergence of bacterial vortex explained
57 Scientists use X-rays to look at how DNA protects itself from UV light
58 Air apparent: Using bubbles to reveal fertility problems
59 Wearable computing gloves can teach Braille, even if you're not paying attention
60 Discovery of exotic supernova sees Dark Energy Survey start off with a bang
61 Astronomers map space's icy wastes
62 New type of dust discovered in Martian atmosphere
63 Organic conundrum in Large Magellanic Cloud
64 3-D map shows dusty structure of the Milky Way
65 Puffing sun gives birth to reluctant eruption
66 Archaeo-astronomy steps out from shadows of the past
67 'Solar moss' shakes at 16,000 kilometers an hour
68 Big solar blowouts hold clue to space weather
69 Mysterious 'magic island' appears on Saturn's moon Titan
70 Computer-aided diagnosis of rare genetic disorders from family snaps
71 Amazon water comprehensively mapped from space
72 Experimental 36-core chip unveiled
73 New research proves gender bias extraordinarily prevalent in science, technology, engineering and math fields
74 Physicists find way to boot up experimental quantum computers 72 times faster than previously possible
75 Equations reveal rebellious rhythms at the heart of nature
76 How does a soccer ball swerve? Smoothness of a ball's surface, in addition to playing technique, is a critical factor
77 Can we see the arrow of time? Algorithm can determine, with 80% accuracy, whether video is running forward or backward
78 Grid computing resources: Schedule algorithms based on game theory
79 Cracks emerge in the cloud: Security weakness of cloud storage services
80 Nanoscale velcro used for molecule transport
81 Carrots as effective as sticks for slowing Amazon deforestation
82 Can coral save our oceans? Soft coral tissue may help protect reefs against the hazardous effects of climate change
83 Evidence that an Influenza A virus can jump from horses to camels
84 Restricting competitors could help threatened species cope with climate change
85 Sweet, sweet straw: Scientists learn to produce sweetener from straw and fungi
86 Sleeping sickness: the tsetse fly genome decoded
87 Chagas' disease: A return announced
88 Straw albedo mitigates extreme heat
89 Gut microbe levels are linked to type 2 diabetes and obesity
90 Kids' risks from toxic metals in dirt downplayed when measured with standard tools
91 Understanding the ocean's role in Greenland glacier melt
92 Africa's poison 'apple' provides common ground for saving elephants, raising livestock
93 Great walls could eliminate major tornado threat in Tornado Alley, expert says
94 Hormone-disrupting activity of fracking chemicals worse than initially found
95 Association found between maternal exposure to agricultural pesticides and autism
96 Cold exposure stimulates beneficial brown fat growth
97 Concentrating solar power: Study shows greater potential
98 Regional weather extremes linked to atmospheric variations
99 The ICEMAN study: How keeping cool could spur metabolic benefits
100 Oldest ever schistosomiasis egg found may be first proof of early human technology exacerbating disease burden
101 Skulls with mix of Neandertal and primitive traits illuminate human evolution
102 Humans have been changing Chinese environment for 3,000 years: Ancient levee system set stage for massive, dynasty-toppling floods
103 Egyptologist unravels ancient mystery
104 Evolution depends on rare chance events, 'molecular time travel' experiments show
105 Maybe birds can have it all: Dazzling colors and pretty songs
106 Evolutionary biology: Why cattle, pigs are even-toed
107 New method to identify inks could help preserve historical documents
108 New horned dinosaur reveals unique wing-shaped headgear
109 What amino acids in shells can tell us about Bronze Age people
110 Back away, please: Humans tend to fear things approaching, even if non-threatening