File Title
1 'Brightest girls' among physics A-level dropouts
2 Relate Cambridge offers counselling gift vouchers as wedding presents
3 'Dark tourism' study centre launched by university
4 Smoking and breast cancer gene combine 'to raise risk'
5 Medical crisis unfolds for displaced Rohingya
6 Can the tobacco industry shed its 'toxic brand'?
7 Before, after and after-after
8 Who, What, Why: What is an 'obesogenic' environment?
9 Catrin's story: I survived burns to 96% of my body
10 GP: 'Demand and money causing practice to break apart'
11 Does endurance cycling help you live longer?
12 Offer vegetables early and often to fussy toddlers, study says
13 Cancer waiting time targets slip
14 NHS 'still failing' dementia patients, report says
15 'Keep taking statins' says drug body
16 Blood pressure: 'Extraordinary' number of lives saved
17 'Resist urge to control e-cigarettes,' WHO told
18 Measles cases in the US reach 20-year high
19 Study suggests link between cynicism and dementia
20 Prescription drugs to treat alcohol top 3 million pounds
21 Global population of obese and overweight tops 2.1bn
22 Light bedrooms 'link to obesity'
23 Lasers 'could prevent' need for root canal treatment
24 'Two weeks' to block cyber-attack as criminal network seized
25 Large muskies lured by the moon
26 Melting Arctic opens new passages for invasive species
27 Variety in Diet Can Hamper Microbial Diversity in the Gut
28 When eradicating invasive species threatens endangered species recovery
29 Work by researchers to monitor, protect bats critical as millions perish
30 Huge tooth fossil shows marine predator had plenty to chew on
31 Drop in global malnutrition depends on ag productivity, climate change
32 Ecosystem Services: Looking Forward to Mid-Century
33 Eating prunes can help weight loss
34 Eradicating invasive species sometimes threatens endangered ones
35 Virus rounds up enzymes, disarms plant
36 Fishing boats are powerful seabird magnets
37 Gannet sat nav reveals impact of fishing vessels
38 Rolling old river is indeed changing
39 Stronger than steel
40 Tracking potato famine pathogen to its home may aid $6 billion global fight
41 Britain's urban rivers cleanest in 20 years
42 Blunting rice disease
43 The betrayal of the aphids
44 Decomposing logs show local factors undervalued in climate change predictions
45 Modern Ocean Acidification Is Outpacing Ancient Upheaval, Study Suggests
46 A New Look at Old Forests: Study Revises Theory on Growth and Carbon Storage in Mature Trees
47 Bacterium causing US catfish deaths has Asian roots
48 Breaking down barriers--An appeal to conserve migratory ungulates in Mongolia's grasslands
49 Microbes from 1,500-year-old feces support archeological theories
50 Cod bones reveal 13th century origin of global fish trade
51 New 3-D representation of Richard III's spine shows 'spiral nature' of his scoliosis
52 Domestication of Dogs May Explain Mammoth Kill Sites and the Success of Early Modern Humans
53 New analysis contradicts findings published in Science
54 Global survey: Climate change now a mainstream part of city planning
55 Heavy airplane traffic potentially a major contributor to pollution in Los Angeles
56 An Ecological Risk Research Agenda for Synthetic Biology
57 New report details more geoscience job opportunities than students
58 New tools help protect world's threatened species
59 Two GOES-R Instruments Complete Spacecraft Integration
60 Australia's deadly eruptions the reason for the first mass extinction
61 Study links urbanization and future heat-related mortality
62 New NASA/JAXA Precipitation Satellite Passes Check-out, Starts Mission
63 Reducing emissions will be the primary way to fight climate change, UCLA-led study finds
64 World's best thermometer made from light
65 Study: Hurricanes with female names more deadly than male-named storms
66 Transforming hydrogen into liquid fuel using atmospheric CO2
67 Solving the puzzle of ice age climates
68 With developing world's policy support, global renewable energy generation capacity jumps to record
69 Insect repellents more important than ever as tropical tourism increases
70 Does your stomach bacteria protect you from obesity?
71 Anti-diabetic drug slows aging and lengthens lifespan
72 Why inflammation leads to a leaky blood-brain barrier: MicroRNA-155
73 Scientists capture most detailed images yet of tiny cellular machines
74 New Study Demonstrates Impact of Montmorency Tart Cherries on Inflammation and Oxidative Stress after High-Intensity Cycling
75 Survey finds 'significant gap' in detection of malnutrition in Canadian hospital patients
76 Children with autism have elevated levels of steroid hormones in the womb
77 Molecular 'scaffold' could hold key to new dementia treatments
78 Tumor chromosomal translocations reproduced for the first time in human cells
79 Columbia Nursing study exposes infection risks in home health
80 Balancing strategy to lateral impact in a rat Rattus norregicus
81 Spiders know the meaning of web music
82 Liver cancer vaccine effective in mice
83 In Utero Exposure to Antidepressants May Influence Autism Risk
84 Lasers and Night-Vision Technology Help Improve Imaging of Hidden Lymphatic System
85 Brain signals link physical fitness to better language skills in kids
86 Patients using online resources prompts study to examine online ratings of otolaryngologists
87 Clinical Scholars Review shines policy spotlight on nurse anesthetists
88 Early childhood stimulation intervention in Jamaica yields better pay in adulthood
89 Ostracism more damaging than bullying in the workplace
90 Minority entrepreneurs face discrimination when seeking loans
91 Gender stereotypes keep women in the out-group
92 ASCO: One step closer to a breath test for lung cancer
93 ALK, ROS1 and now NTRK1: Study shows prevalence of new genetic driver in lung cancer
94 Responses with crizotinib in MET-amplified lung cancer show new targetable form of disease
95 Results in Phase I trial of OMP-54F28, a Wnt inhibitor targeting cancer stem cells
96 Oncologists: How to talk with your pathologist about cancer molecular testing
97 Success for scientists in the academic job market is highly predictable
98 Simple change to Medicare Part D would yield $5 billion in savings
99 ASU researcher leads national effort to transform undergraduate biology education
100 Ice Storm Project and maternal stress
101 CU Denver study shows public health often ignored in transportation policy
102 Shape matters...
103 Like some happiness with that? Rotman study suggests fast food cues hurt ability to savor experiences
104 Transition to ICD-10 may mean financial, data loss for pediatricians
105 First Survey of ACOs Reveals Surprising Level of Physician Leadership
106 Here come the 'brobots'
107 Harsh space weather may doom potential life on red-dwarf planets
108 'Neapolitan' exoplanets come in three flavors
109 New UGA research engineers microbes for the direct conversion of biomass to fuel
110 Nano world: Where towers construct themselves