File Title
1 Study Of Massive Stars Shows Milky Way's Missing Arms
2 Astronomer Discovers Hydrogen River Flowing Into Nearby Galaxy
3 New Instrument Continues To Gather Effects Of The Sun On Earth
4 New Star Counting App Asks Citizen Scientists To Map The Skies
5 Reconstructing The Death Of Supernovae In 3D Offers New Insights
6 UC Led Research Finds Chips With Olestra Cause Body Toxins To Dip
7 Low-Calorie Slurpee Will Freeze Your Brain This Summer
8 People Often Perceive Calorie Content Based On Texture Of Food: Study
9 Four Mexican Hot Sauces Found to Contain Lead
10 When Elmo Chooses Apples, Kids Choose Them Too
11 Libertarian Paternalism And School Lunches: Guiding Healthier Behavior While Preserving Choices
12 Bite-Sized Fruit More Appealing To Kids Than Whole Servings
13 Changes In Fast Food Combo Meals Means Fewer Calories For Kids
14 Concession Stands Can Benefit From Offering Healthy Foods
15 Researchers Discover 24 New Species Of Mummy-making Wasps In Ecuador
16 Special Chemical In Skin Keeps Octopus Arms From Entangling
17 New Praying Mantis Species Discovered In Rwanda
18 Termite Genome Sequenced, Could Lead To More Effective Pest Control Methods In The Future
19 Understanding How Red-Tailed Hawks Migrate
20 Scientists Decode Genomic Sequences Of Two Iconic Falconry Birds
21 Hunting Birds Favor Uniquely Colored Birds, Study Indicates
22 Peregrine And Saker Falcon Genome Sequences Published
23 Females Prefer Lovers Not Fighters
24 The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology: Adults Who Lose Weight At Any Age Could Enjoy Improved Cardiovascular Health
25 Vitamin E In Canola And Other Oils Hurts Lungs
26 Heart Disease More Likely In Diabetic Women Than In Diabetic Men
27 Researchers Suggest To Ban Cigarette Filters To Save The Environment
28 Children Of Parents Addicted To Nicotine More Likely To Become Heavy Smokers Themselves
29 Water Pipe Smoking Causes Significant Exposure To Nicotine And Cancer-Causing Agents
30 Middle Age Men Face Double The Risk Of Death Due To Social Stress
31 Link Between Pet Ownership And Decreased Heart Disease Risk Discovered
32 Fossilized Teeth Point To World's Oldest Grasslands In Chilean Andes
33 Climate Change Altered Hibernation For Rocky Mountain Animal Species
34 Pet Foods Made With Owners, Not Pet Health, In Mind
35 Dannon Chooses Bugs Over Berries
36 Public Outcry Forces Food Manufacturers To Seek Natural Coloring Agents
37 Process For Chameleon-like Changes In World's Most Abundant Phytoplankton Uncovered
38 New Insight Into Photosynthesis Provided By University Of Toronto-led Study
39 Prototype Light-harvesting Antennas Could Absorb More Sunlight
40 Hybridization Between Native And Invasive Species Of Trout Accelerated By Climate Change
41 Bigger Not Always Better Says New Research On Beetles
42 Three New Tarantula Species Discovered In Argentina
43 New Praying Mantis Species Discovered In Rwanda
44 How To Properly Display The American Flag
45 Google Wants To Retrofit Your Home With Ads
46 Plant Hormone Has Dual Role In Triggering Flower Formation
47 Ferns Borrowed Genes To Help Them Flourish In Low Light
48 World's Tallest Trees Rely On Limited Seasonal Temperature Variations
49 Researchers Analyze How Plants Evolved To Deal With Cold Weather
50 Climate Change Alters Timing Of Spring Growth In Forests
51 Smartphone App Allows Seamen To Track Phytoplankton For Science
52 Ocean Plankton Gobbling Up Twice The Carbon As Previously Believed
53 Researchers Uncover Genetic Payload Of Ancient Plankton In Black Sea Sediments
54 Tiny Sea Creatures Headed For Extinction, Could Take Local Fisheries With Them
55 Magnesium In Plankton Shells Serves As Record Of Ancient Climate Change
56 Widespread Tetraradial Symmetry Among Early Fossil Sponges
57 Glass Sponge Community Thrives Despite Antarctic Ice Loss
58 Sneezing Sponges Suggest Sensory-Like Response
59 Carbon Nanotube Sponge Shows Improved Water Clean-Up
60 Largest Evolutionary Study Of Sponges Sheds New Light On Animal Evolution
61 Blending Synthetic Air To Measure Climate Change
62 Methane Emissions From Freshwater Ecosystems Increased By Global Warming
63 Methane Fuels Life In Pristine Chalk Rivers Not So Dirty
64 Increased CO2 Levels Will Cause Food Quality To Decline
65 Glass Treated With Common Detergent Ingredient Could Limit Environmental Damage From Oil Spills
66 UCLA Report Urges New Global Policy Effort To Tackle Crisis Of Plastic Litter In Oceans
67 Newly Developed Computer Model Helps Track Spilled Oil
68 Complex Social Learning In Bumblebees Demonstrated
69 First Comprehensive Map Of Hummingbirds' 22-million-year-old History
70 Schizophrenia In The Limelight: Film-Industry Technology Provides Insights
71 Losing A Family Member In Childhood Associated With Psychotic Illness
72 Kessler Foundation MS Researchers Study Predictors Of Employment Status
73 Saliva-Based Test Predicts Risk Of Future Clinical Depression In Boys
74 Moving Out Of High Poverty Appears To Affect The Mental Health Of Boys, Girls Differently
75 Scientists Discover New Electric Knifefish Genus And Species In Brazil's Rio Negro
76 Dive Guides Monitoring Sharks On Coral Reef At Similar Level To Telemetry
77 Pacific Albacore Study Finds Insignificant Traces Of Fukushima Radiation
78 Dam Removal Improves Shad Spawning Grounds
79 Hybridization Between Native And Invasive Species Of Trout Accelerated By Climate Change
80 Despite Warnings, Magnet-Related Injuries On The Rise Among Children
81 Researchers See Rare-earth-like Magnetic Properties In Iron
82 First Opal-Like Crystals Discovered In Meteorite
83 Walmart Expands Vudu To Include Disc-to-digital Conversion From Home
84 Sony, Panasonic May Partner To Develop NextGen Optical Discs
85 4K TV Could be the Next Step In High Definition TV, But Will Viewers See A Difference?
86 Data Storage: Cheaper And Easier With Photonics
87 Why Are Consumers Less Likely To Buy A Product When It's The Only Option?
88 Scaling Up Personalized Query Results For Next Generation Of Search Engines
89 Health And Wealth Connected?
90 Improving Electronic Devices Using Holograms
91 Google Search Chief Amit Singhal Announces New Ad Tweaks
92 Information Storage For The Next Generation Of Plastic Computers
93 Target Breach Used Garden Variety Malware
94 Malware Mastermind Behind Target Malware Was 17-Year-Old Russian
95 Chewbacca Malware Steals Multitude Of Data From PoS Systems
96 New Details Surface On Reported NSA Malware Infiltration
97 Clean Air Act Regulations Supported By Space-based Measurements
98 Astronomers Discover That Life Could Exist On Planets With Fluctuating Orbital Tilt
99 Scientists Working Hard To Prevent Microbial Invasion On Other Worlds
100 What Would We Do If Alien Contact Happened Today? Could We Handle It?
101 Colin Pillinger, UK Scientist Behind Failed 2003 Mars Mission, Dies At Age 70
102 New Projects Look To Ramp Up The Search For Intelligent ETs
103 New Mars Express Images Show Craters Once Filled With Water
104 Researchers Discover How Mysterious Mars Craters Were Formed
105 Ice Lake Collapse Led To Aram Chaos On Mars
106 100 Million Year Old Seawater Discovered Under Chesapeake Bay
107 Chaos Causes Beauty
108 Valles Marineris--The Grandest Canyon In The Solar System
109 Scars On Mars
110 Idaho, Mars Canyons Share Similarities: Carved By Massive Megafloods