File Title
1 Parasitic vines may serve as lightning rods
2 Flashes of light show how memories are made
3 A stellar discovery on the Milky Way's far side
4 US agency unveils emissions plan for existing power plants
5 Computer model predicts academic success
6 Bees build mental maps to get home
7 Wind may deflate search for habitable planets
8 Ship speed limits can save right whales
9 Funding windfall rescues abandoned stem-cell trial
10 Phage therapy gets revitalized
11 Clean break
12 Health care: Bring microbial sequencing to hospitals
13 Policy: An intergovernmental panel on antimicrobial resistance
14 Is it right to reverse extinction?
15 First life with 'alien' DNA
16 Not on the label
17 Theoretical physics: Complexity on the horizon
18 Jelly genome mystery
19 Chicken project gets off the ground
20 Comet theory false; doesn't explain cold snap at the end of the Ice Age, Clovis changes or mass animal extinction
21 Alcohol and drugs: Not just for modern humans
22 Exclusive: Found after 500 years, the wreck of Christopher Columbus's flagship the Santa Maria
23 'Scotland's dodo' bone found at Scottish Seabird Centre dig
24 What Did Ancient Egyptians Really Eat?
25 Archaeologists to Capture More Secrets of an American Civil War Vessel
26 Mexican archaeologists excavate 1,600 year-old shaft tomb in the State of Zacatecas
27 Animal Burials, Early Ruler, and Ivory Statue Unearthed in Egyptian Tomb Complex
28 Archaeologists dig major new find at Pentridge Prison
29 OSU students study prehistoric Indian tools in Dublin field
30 A look back can help societies plan for the future
31 Discovery of Polish scientists in a medieval monastery in Sudan
32 The Vandals: victims of a bad press?
33 Ancient Roman Military Camp Unearthed in Eastern Germany
34 Female body discovered in centuries-old tomb
35 Oldest Most Complete Early American Skeleton Yields Clues to Native American Ancestry
36 Dating and DNA show Paleoamerican-Native American connection
37 One of oldest human skeletons in North America is discovered
38 New finds indicate tantric worship in South India 2000 years ago
39 Tomb found in Ayios Silas in Limassol
40 Dunragit road works unearth ancient treasure trove
41 Climate change caused empire's fall, tree rings reveal
42 Ancient rock art being defaced in Pilbara
43 Discovering the artists of the Eastern Sahara
44 Funeral relics of pharaonic singer unearthed at Saqqara necropolis
45 Petra, built for the sun gods?
46 Angels, toilets and graffiti revealed at Sudanese monastery
47 Lost Maya city of Noh Kah has been mapped
48 Ceremonial 'Axis' Road Discovered in Heart of Ancient City of Cahokia
49 Spiritual Power? 18th-Century Artifacts Unearthed in Caribbean
50 Earliest houses, Bronze Age cremations and tools found by archaeologists in Scotland
51 GIS technology verifies Caesar and Helvetii history
52 Tests Suggest Age of Prehistoric Naples Canal
53 Skeleton executed by sword blows to head poses questions on Norman Conquest
54 Authorities Find Pre-Inca Site in Northern Piura Region
55 Unique statue of Phoenician priest discovered in Sidon
56 Spanish Conquest May Have Altered Peru's Shoreline
57 Berkeley Lab Researchers Help Discover Rare Form of Iron Oxide in Ancient Chinese Pottery
58 Microbes from 1,500-year-old feces support archeological theories
59 Maryport Roman Settlement Excavation Yields New Finds
60 Archaeologists Excavate for Archaic Greek City of Tenea
61 Long-Lost Mummy of Pharaoh's Foster Brother Found
62 My kingdom for a grave: court rules on Richard III burial site
63 Once upon a time in Rakhigarhi
64 Archaeologists probe for Civil War Hampton's pioneering contraband slave camp
65 Prehistoric hunting scenes unearthed in Spanish cave
66 Rock-Shelter in Spain Evidences Early Human Use of Fire
67 Burial reveals complex origins of metallurgy
68 Grave find may be Western Europe's earliest false tooth
69 The Invisible Graffiti of Angkor Wat
70 Cod bones reveal 13th century origin of global fish trade
71 Rare 800 Yr Old Christian Monastery Seal Discovered in Jerusalem
72 Papal bulla discovered in the Czluchow castle
73 Remains of burnt ancient city found in Chandigarh
74 King Ptolemy II temple uncovered in Beni Suef
75 New Paleolithic sites discovered in Hanzhong Basin, Central China
76 Rare Crusade-Era Seal Discovered in Jerusalem
77 Ptolemy in Beni Sweif
78 American's Visit to China's Forbidden City Revealed in Old Journal
79 Richard III to be reburied in Leicester
80 Ancient Anatolian sites abandoned to their fate
81 Rock Art Vandal
82 Students Discover 7,000-Year-Old Mummy in Chile: Report
83 Caveman Campsite Unearthed at Construction Site in London
84 Unique Silk Cloth Found in Emperor Henry VII's Coffin
85 Agronomic conditions in ancient Near East 12,000 years ago
86 East Lothian skeleton may be 10th Century Irish Viking king
87 Villager dipped his fishing net in the river and caught a 4,000 year old pagan god
88 Echoes of World War I at Camp Dodge archaeology dig
89 Egypt's Looted Antiquities
90 These Are The World's Oldest Pants
91 How to make a superheavy element
92 Waste not, want not: Energy from thermoelectricity
93 Robocopter to the rescue
94 Why Antarctica is getting colder
95 Healing powers--self-repairing materials
96 Jupiter's shrinking red spot
97 Battle stations for an ice-free Arctic
98 Childbearing contagious among friends
99 Smell influences our perception of beauty
100 Implanted defibrillators may help moderate heart failure
101 Insomnia may increase suicide risk
102 Polio vaccine coming back in stock
103 FState Rejects Water Shortage Claims
104 Heart problems after breast cancer chemo overlooked
105 Fish and exercise combat colon cancer recurrence
106 Antibiotic for pneumonia ups heart attack risk
107 Bicycling the 'happiest' form of transport
108 Teen boys more likely to quit smoking than girls
109 New apps help users plan their day
110 South Africa: free of foot-and-mouth disease and goat plague
111 Meditation can improve sports performance
112 Gender may determine the way people feel pain
113 Bilingualism helps protect the aging brain
114 Experimental drug may extend lung cancer survival
115 Evidence links poor diet to preterm birth