File Title
1 Earthquake Science: Predicting The Next 'Big One' For San Francisco
2 Explosive History Of The 'Island Of Glass' Uncovered
3 Peak Intensity Of Tropical Storms Shifts Poleward
4 California Wildfire Update: Two Teens Arrested For Arson; Burned Body Found In Carlsbad
5 Major Increase In West Antarctic Glacial Loss: Study
6 Measuring Changes In Polar Ice Sheets Using Unmanned Aircraft
7 Warming Climate Has Consequences For Michigan's Forests
8 Hotspots Of Climate Change Impacts In Africa: Making Sense Of Uncertainties
9 Back To The Future To Determine If Sea Level Rise Is Accelerating
10 Modeling The Local Impact Of Global Climate Change
11 New Visualization Method Makes Research More Organized And Efficient
12 Simulating Climate Change Using New Technique
13 iPad App Developed To Teach Students Key Skill For Success In Math, Science, Engineering
14 NASA Reveals Herculean Process Of Handling Big Data
15 Study Shows Drop In Crime Rates Is Less Where Wal-Mart Builds
16 Trickiest Tongue Twister Provides Insight Into Speech Planning
17 Launches Handheld Scanning Device For Grocery Service
18 Green Apple: iPad Maker Touting Environmentally-Friendly Initiatives
19 Amazon Prime Can Help Fill Your Pantry For $6 Shipping
20 Long-Term Warming Trend Will Continue: NASA
21 Climate Study Finds Earth Is Warmer Than At Any Time In Past 1,400 Years
22 Extreme Summer Heat Events Linked to Global Warming
23 Climate Scientists Endorse Nuclear Energy As Way To Reduce Greenhouse Emissions
24 Astronomers Use Stellar Composition To Reveal Solar System Formation
25 Cosmic Clumps Cast Darkest Shadows Ever Recorded
26 Astronomers Confirm Existence Of Extremely Distant Galaxy Cluster
27 Exploding Wolf-Rayet Stars Found To Be Responsible For Type iIb Supernovae
28 NASA Satellite Discovers Cloudy Conditions Around Black Holes
29 Study Of Nearby Galaxy M83 Yields Surprising Find--A New Fast And Furious Black Hole
30 Direct Measurement Of Distant Black Hole's Spin Provided By Chandra And XMM-Newton
31 WISE Data Helps In Search For Seeds Of Supermassive Black Holes
32 Studying A Star Cluster In Carina
33 Complex Outflow Structure Revealed In The Binary UY Aurigae
34 Mars Rover Curiosity May Have Taken Microbial Stowaways
35 Does Converting Cow Manure To Electricity Pay Off?
36 Milking Cows In Ancient Times
37 Researchers Say Genetically Modified Cow Produces Reduced-Allergy Milk
38 Biotechnology Can Help Lessen The Effects Of Cow Farts
39 Researchers Suggest Dietary Calcium Supplements For Dairy Cows After Giving Birth
40 Lots Of Fruits And Vegetables, But Lots Of High-Fat Snacks
41 Evolution In Species May Reverse Predator-Prey Population Cycles
42 Mobile Health Apps Lack Behavior-Change Techniques
43 Study Finds Pregnant Women Show Increased Activity In Right Side Of Brain
44 Researchers Test Whether Red Queen Hypothesis Makes Species Resilient
45 Impact Of Social Conformity Effect Only Lasts Three Days, New Study Claims
46 Could Sharing Housework Hurt Your Marriage?
47 Children Of Divorced Parents More Likely To Switch, Pull Away From Religions
48 Divorce Early In Childhood Affects Parental Relationships In Adulthood
49 How Does Divorce Affect A Man's Health?
50 Heavy Drinking Leads To Higher Divorce Rate, Unless Both Partners Do It
51 Nightmares May Signal A Child Is Being Bullied
52 Depression Increases Heart Failure Risk By 40 Percent
53 Early Fatherhood Associated With High Risk Of Depression In Men
54 Study Finds That Internet Use Can Help Seniors Fight Off Depression
55 Being Around A Stressed Person Can Make You Stressed As Well
56 200,000 Early Deaths A Year Due To Air Pollution, Says Study
57 Urban Gardeners May Be Unaware Of How Best To Manage Contaminants In Soil
58 Scientists Find Missing Piece Of Air Particle Equation Hiding In The Walls
59 Pollutants From Coal-Burning Stoves Strongly Associated With Miscarriages In Mongolia
60 Leaks From Oil And Gas Operations Confirmed By Airborne Measurements
61 Cooperative SO2 And NOx Aerosol Formation In Haze Pollution
62 Lack Of Plant Diversity Spurs Cankerworm Damage In Cities
63 Hydrologists Find Mississippi River Network's Buffering System For Nitrates Is Overwhelmed
64 New Species Of Sea Bass Identified Based On Larval, Adult Specimen
65 New Fish Species From Deep Reefs Of The Southern Caribbean
66 Iron From Melting Ice Sheets Could Have A Major Impact On Global Warming
67 US And China Top Global Warming List, But Not All Emitters Are Equal
68 Thyroid Cancer Cells Are Less Aggressive In Space
69 New Construction Robots Inspired By Building Habits Of Termites
70 Science Knowledge Lacking In America--Only 74 Percent Know The Earth Revolves Around The Sun
71 Nearly Half Of All US Jobs Are Threatened By Robotics
72 Festo Unleashes Its Bionic Kangaroo
73 How Did The Desert Locust Lose Its Memory?
74 Swarm Sensing Project To Monitor Australian Honey Bees Using Tiny Sensors
75 Ping-Pong Sized Robots Could Collaborate On Major Projects
76 Swarms Of Tiny Robot Helpers May Be The Wave Of The Future
77 Online Gaming Improves Robotic Swarm Algorithms
78 Clapping Is Apparently Contagious, Spreads Like An Infection
79 Why Do We Gesticulate?
80 Accuracy Of Face Identification Is In The Eye And Brain Of The Beholder
81 Brain Development Differs In Children Who Stutter
82 Same-day Delivery Is Wal-Mart's Next Frontier
83 New Test Makes Parkinson's-Like Disorder Of Middle Age Detectable In Young Adulthood
84 New Screening Method Could Detect Autism In 9 Month Old Infants
85 Student Designs Toolkit To Make Cities Inclusive Of Adults With Autism
86 Newly Discovered SIM Card Vulnerability Could Compromise Millions Of Mobile Phones
87 Warning: Walking And Texting May Cause You To Walk Like A Robot
88 New Project Aims To Offer Free Global WiFi Service From Outer Space
89 EU Votes To Ban Roaming Charges, Enact Net Neutrality
90 Massive Data Leak Discovered In Three Large US Data Providers
91 Symantec Reclaims 500íK Computers From ZeroAccess Botnet Army
92 Google Shield To Protect Free Speech From DDoS Attacks
93 Pony Botnet Steals Two Million Passwords From Social Network Users
94 Microsoft, FBI, Int'l Law Agencies Work Together To Disrupt Botnets
95 Robotic Jellyfish Shredder Takes On Growing Marine Menace
96 Shifting Jellyfish Numbers Linked To Climate Fluctuations
97 Experts Say Reports Of Increasing Jellyfish Populations Unjustified
98 Robot Jellyfish Soon To Patrol Oceans
99 Building Better Robots Based On Natural Jellyfish Movement
100 No Significant Danger From Magnetic Fields Of Electric Cars
101 Electronic Signals May Disrupt Bird Migration
102 Exploring The Magnetism Of A Single Atom
103 Researchers Create Softening, Shape-Changing Implanted Devices
104 New Insight Into Thermoelectric Materials May Boost Green Technologies
105 Older, Wealthy Men Are Worst At Texting And Driving
106 High Use Of Mobile Phones Linked With Poor Fitness
107 Nearly 10 Percent Of Driving Time Occurs While Distracted: Study
108 Netflix Maintains ISPs Are Not Throttling Streaming On User Accounts
109 Comcast Looks To Smooth Regulatory Concerns Over TWC Merger By Dropping Nearly Four Million Subscribers
110 Time Warner, Comcast Top The Heap Of Most Hated US Companies