File Title
1 Star Wars Science: Revealing Real-World Physics Behind Plasma Shields
2 Google Looking Beyond Glass, Eyeing Contact Lenses
3 Live Cell Imaging Reveals Distinct Alterations Of Subcellular Glutathione Potentials
4 Researchers Show Fruit Flies Have Latent Bioluminescence
5 Research Produces Strong Evidence For A New Class Of Antidepressant Drugs
6 Brain Mechanism Discovered Linking Food Smell And How Much We Eat
7 Researchers Say 'Caffeine Use Disorder' Is A Major Health Concern
8 Relaxation Helps Pack DNA More Easily Into A Virus
9 Study Identifies How Signals Trigger Cancer Cells To Spread
10 Scientists Discover Potential New Target For Cancer Immunotherapy
11 Overworked Cellular Machines May Explain Gaucher Disease Link To Parkinson's Disease
12 Research Team Discovers New Kind Of Signalling Mechanism In Plant Cells
13 Scientists Advance Understanding Of Brain Receptor; May Help Fight Neurological Disorders
14 N/A
15 A 'Rocking' Receptor: Crucial Brain-Signaling Molecule Requires Coordinated Motion To Turn On
16 United States' Cultural Heritage At Risk Due To Changing Climate
17 Unclouding Our Future View Of Climate
18 ESA's Soil Moisture And Ocean Salinity Mission Boosts Food Security
19 El Nino: 2014 Resembling 1997
20 Warming And Ash From Fires Drove 2012 Greenland Ice Sheet Melt
21 Finding Common Ground Fosters Understanding Of Climate Change
22 Not Just The Koch Brothers: New Drexel Study Reveals Funders Behind The Climate Change Denial Effort
23 NASA Releases New Climate App
24 New Method May One Day Turn Low-Grade Heat Into Electricity
25 Doughnut Theory May Not Adequately Explain Hidden Black Holes
26 Full Dark-matter Jacket Allows Failed Dwarf Galaxy To Survive Galactic Collision
27 Laser Light Waves Need More Bass
28 Your Next Smartphone Case Or Electric Vehicle Body May Be A Battery
29 Relieving Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety With Improved Batteries
30 Bio-Organic Technology Could Charge Smartphone Batteries In 30 Seconds
31 Lithium-ion Battery Problems Solved Using Pomegranate Inspired Design
32 Life On Cheese--Scientists Explore The Cheese Rind Microbiome
33 Snacking Contributes To Fatty Liver And Abdominal Obesity
34 Early Obesity Linked To Increased Probability Of Severe Obesity Later In Life
35 Cyberbullying Affects Rich And Poor Alike
36 Shared Custody Is Becoming The Norm
37 Racism--Not What The Doctor Ordered
38 Study Explores Why Gay, Lesbian Teens Binge Drink
39 Discrimination Associated With Mental Health Woes In Black Teens
40 Protecting Olive Oil From Counterfeiters
41 Cardiovascular Risk Factors Predominant During Cold Winter Months
42 WHO Officially Labels Air Pollution As Carcinogenic
43 Long Term Exposure To Air Pollution Linked To Coronary Events
44 Air Pollution Forces France To Offer Free Weekend Public Transportation
45 WHO Pegs Air Pollution As Top Environmental Hazard, Resulting In Millions Of Deaths Annually
46 Iron Helps Prevent Formation Of Coastal Dead Zones
47 How Does Snowfall Affect A River's Flow?
48 Magnets And Kids Are A Dangerous Duo
49 Researchers Develop Lego-Like Robots That Can Transform Into Furniture
50 Exoskeleton Used To Remote Control Robot
51 Parental Controls May Need To Be Included In Robots
52 Engineers Show Simplicity Is Key To Co-operative Robots
53 People Prefer Robots That Care For You, Not Those That Need Caring For
54 Robotic Therapist Helps Train Kids With Autism Disorder
55 First Text Message Sent 20 Years Ago Today
56 MIT Develops Unprecedented System That Lets Robots Work Together
57 Scientists Discover Bending Rules For Animal Propulsion
58 Soft-Bodied, Robotic Fish Described In Premiere Issue Of Soft Robotics Journal
59 Basis For Electronics That Stretch At The Molecular Level Developed By Nanoengineers
60 Mobile Technology Spurs 'Reading Revolution' In Developing Countries
61 Many Internet Service Providers Offer Slower-Than-Advertised Service
62 New Study Reveals Corporate Social Responsibility Can Lead To Better Customer Service
63 Shale Development Generally Helps Local Government Coffers
64 Abundant Shale Gas Will Not Likely Alter Climate Predictions
65 Cisco To Invest $150 Million In Global Startups, Internet Of Things
66 Biofuel Alternative For High-Energy Rocket Fuel Produced From Engineered Bacteria
67 Meeting Climate Targets May Require Reducing Meat And Dairy Consumption
68 Ask Yourself: Will You Help The Environment?
69 Fueling Aviation With Hardwoods
70 Green And Yellow--Straw From Oilseed As A New Source Of Biofuels
71 LNG Tanks Manufactured By NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility For Lockheed Martin
72 Algorithms Plus F/A-18 Jet Equal Vital Testing For SLS Flight Control System
73 Space Station Mission Operations And Integration Services Contract Awarded By NASA
74 Want To Share That Tune? No Worries, Facebook Can Do It For You
75 Heating Water Ultrafast
76 Terahertz Dance Of Amino Acids
77 UV-Radiation Data To Help Ecological Research
78 OCULLAR Can Observe Ocean Color Day And Night
79 Light Converted To Sound For Weapons Detection, Medical Imaging Using New 'T-ray' Technology
80 Marijuana's Effects on the Brain
81 Bodyguard For The Brain
82 Cannabis Based Medicines Being Tested, Must Wait For FDA Approval
83 Scientists Take The 'High' Out Of Pot
84 Marijuana May Deflect Obesity
85 Cracker Jacks With Caffeine Draw The Ire Of Consumer Advocacy Group
86 Wrigley Pulls Alert Energy Gum As FDA Launches Probe Into Caffeine-Laced Food
87 Caffeine-Based Spray Said To Be Alternative To Coffee, Energy Drinks
88 For A Holiday Energy Boost, Grab A Cup Of Coffee Or Tea
89 Coffee, Energy Drinks Common Caffeine Sources For Adolescents
90 N/A
91 Married Couples Tend To Have Similar DNA
92 Untangling Whole Genomes Of Individual Species From A Microbial Mix
93 Scientists Synthesize First Functional 'Designer' Chromosome In Yeast
94 Scientists Insert Man-Made Chromosome Into Yeast
95 Scientists Disagree On Responsible Research
96 Scientists Figure Out Staying Power Of HIV-Fighting Enzyme
97 Genetically Altering E. Coli With New Semi-Synthetic DNA Base Pairs
98 Heart Attack Patients May Soon Have Side Effect-Free Drug Option
99 New Method Sneaks Drugs into Cancer Cells Before Triggering Release
100 Capillary Device Significantly Improves Manufacture Of Quality Liposomes
101 Research Breakthrough Paves The Way For Understanding Serious Diseases
102 New Study On Comb Jellies Could Be A Zoological Game Changer
103 Fruit Flies Take Time To Think Before Making Difficult Decisions
104 Which Way Is Up?
105 Controlling Fruit Fly Movements With A Mind-Altering Device
106 Scientists Advance Understanding Of Brain Receptor; May Help Fight Neurological Disorders
107 Research Team Discovers New Kind Of Signalling Mechanism In Plant Cells
108 New Details On Microtubules And How The Anti-Cancer Drug Taxol Works
109 High Tech Telecom Satellite Destroyed After Russian Rocket Launch Fails
110 Lowering Risk Of Midair Collisions For Small Aircraft