File Title
1 More Than 50M Self-Driven Cars Will Be On The Road By 2035
2 Mixe-Zoquean Cultures May Have Had Multiple Culinary Uses For Chili Peppers
3 Aristocrat's 350-Year-Old Chocolate Recipes Discovered In England
4 It's Science: Hot Cocoa Tastes Better In An Orange Mug
5 Consumption Of Chocolate Linked To Heart Health
6 FDA Approves New High-Intensity Sweetener Advantame
7 Adding Fruit Juice To Chocolate Could Reduce Fat By 50 Percent
8 Cocoa Tree Genome Opens Door For Better Tasting, More Productive Plants
9 Explaining Tolerance For Bitterness In Chocolate Ice Cream
10 Aristocrat's 350-Year-Old Chocolate Recipes Discovered In England
11 Why Do Discounts Backfire When You Make Consumers Wait?
12 Harnessing Power By Funneling Solar Energy
13 Study Could Lead To Paradigm Shift In Organic Solar Cell Research
14 Quantum Droplet Discovered In Semiconductor
15 MIT, CUNY Researchers Observe Energy-Carrying Quasiparticles For The First Time
16 Exotic Quantum Crystal Discovered
17 Correlation Between OCD, Body Dysmorphia And Tanning Addiction
18 Gambling History Is Common Among Homeless People In Toronto
19 Scientists Identify Part Of Brain Linked To Gambling Addiction
20 Microsoft Smart Bra Could Help Curb Stress-Related Eating
21 Human Addictions May Be Solved Via Innovative Rat Gambling Study
22 New Ultrasound Device May Aid In Detecting Risk For Heart Attack, Stroke
23 Standard Assessments Miss Early Signs Of Cardiovascular Disease In Firefighters
24 Active Seniors Can Lower Heart Attack Risk By Doing More, Not Less
25 Hypertension Related To New Cancer Therapies--A New Syndrome Emerges
26 Personalizing Revascularization Strategy For STEMI Patients Is Vital
27 Starbucks App Leaves Caffeine Junkies Vulnerable
28 Starbucks To Offer Wireless Charging In Their Stores
29 Wireless Charging Expanding To Select Starbucks Locations
30 Starbucks Goes Google
31 Chinese Consumers View Starbucks As Status Symbol
32 Relationship Found Between Diet Drinks And Poor Cardiovascular Health In Older Women
33 Mediterranean Diet Offsets Genetic Stroke Risk
34 Mediterranean Diet Offers Cognitive Boost To The Aging Brain
35 Mediterranean Diet Minus Breakfast Best Choice For Diabetics
36 Mediterranean Diet Lowers Stroke Risk
37 Brain Region More Active In People Who Can Remember Their Dreams
38 Seeing Is Better Than Hearing When It Comes To Retaining Memories
39 Napping Helps Children Retain Memory, Learn New Skills
40 Focusing On Context Helps Alleviate Bad Memories
41 Shocks Shown To Induce And Improve Lucid Dreaming
42 A Novel Disease-Preventing Antioxidant Pathway
43 HIV Can Cut And Paste In The Human Genome
44 The Lancet: Functional Brain Imaging Reliably Predicts Which Vegetative Patients Have Potential To Recover Consciousness
45 Fox Chase Study Identifies The Process In Which Heat Shock Protein 90 Contributes To Metastases In Ovarian Cancer
46 Tumor-Suppressor Connects With Histone Protein To Hinder Gene Expression
47 N/A
48 California Condor Population Still Under Threat From Lead Poisoning
49 Two New Owl Species Confirmed In Philippines
50 Molecular Clock Of The Common Buzzard
51 Chilean M8.2 Earthquake May Be Forewarning Of A Larger Event
52 Scientists Explore One Of Earth's Deepest Ocean Trenches
53 Warm US West, Cold East: A 4,000-Year Pattern
54 Species Such As The Cyber-Centipede Get Big Help From Big Data
55 Women's Health Initiative Reports $37.1 billion Economic Return On Combined Hormone Therapy Clinical Trial
56 Two Meals More Effective For Treating, Controlling Type 2 Diabetics
57 Newly Discovered Compound Slows Natural Degradation Of Insulin In The Body
58 Free Will Seems A Matter Of Mind, Not Soul
59 Making Driving Safer Using Emotion Detectors
60 How Can We Teach Our Children To Be Safer?
61 Gratitude Makes For More Satisfaction: Baylor University
62 New Computer Model Can Recognize 21 Distinct Emotional Expressions
63 New Whale Fossil Species Sheds Light On Evolution Of Echolocation
64 Massive Underbite Of An Ancient Porpoise
65 Genetic Similarities In Echolocation Discovered In Bats And Dolphins
66 Convergent Evolution Provided Bats And Whales With Surprisingly Similar Echolocation Abilities
67 Bats Rely On Vision To See Ahead, Echolocation To Catch Insects: Study
68 Communicating At A Katydid's Jungle Cocktail Party
69 Vocal Training Could Help Alleviate Voice Loss In The Elderly
70 Elephants And Humans Share Similar, Yet Distinct, Vocal Abilities
71 Mating 'Belch' Of The Male Koala Created By Novel Organ
72 What Singers Can Learn From Beatboxers
73 Researchers Probe Acoustic Differences Between Real And Fake Laughter
74 Language By Mouth And By Hand
75 Fast Prediction Of Axon Behavior
76 A Drugstore Within
77 Google Is Helping Deaf Students 'Hear' With New 'Signglass' Project
78 Brain Anatomy Differences Between Deaf, Hearing Depend On First Language Learned
79 Moms Use Picture Books To Expose Toddlers To Rich Information About Animals
80 Penn Psychologists Show That Quality Matters More Than Quantity For Word Learning
81 Anthropologist Makes First Ever Link Between Language Sounds And Geography
82 Kids Learn More From Wordless Picture Books Than Picture-Vocabulary Books
83 Women In Science--Universities Don't Make The Grade
84 Mysterious Flotsam Came From Deepwater Horizon Rig
85 UMass Amherst Biologists Say That 'Oddball Science' Has Proven Worth
86 Too Many Decorations In A Classroom Can Disrupt Attention And Learning In Young Children
87 E-Reading Americans On The Rise, Yet Print Books Remain Most Popular
88 To Read Or Not To Read? That Depends On The Community
89 Reading Ability Can Be Measured Through Brain Scans
90 Simple Change By Teachers Could Increase Reading Skills Later For Preschoolers
91 Researchers Uncover Dire Wolf Fossils Near Las Vegas
92 Beetles That Taste Like Mustard
93 Vitamin E In Canola And Other Oils Hurts Lungs
94 Move Over Brita, Cilantro Is Nature's Water Purifier
95 Ketchup Glides From New Non-Stick Bottle
96 Mustard Evolved To Give Predators An Unpleasantly Spicy Meal
97 Kids More Inclined To Eat Veggies When Dip Is Included
98 Migrating Stem Cells Possible New Focus For Stroke Treatment
99 Mainz And Freiburg Immunologists Discover Immune System Precursor Cells That Fight Infection
100 'Virtual Human' Shows That Stiff Arteries Can Explain The Cause Of High Blood Pressure
101 Melatonin Makes Old Bones Stronger
102 Slowing The Insect Invasion: Wood Packaging Sanitation Policy Yields US $11.7 Billion Net Benefit
103 Poorer Nations Threatened By Hidden Crop Pest
104 Exploding Toxic Termites: Oh Yeah, It's A Real Thing
105 The Added Value Of Serving Local And Sustainable Produce
106 Using Knowledge And Proven Insecticides To Bait Mosquitoes
107 Chicago Number 1 On Orkin's List Of Top 50 Bed Bug Cities
108 Sewage Treatment Removes Widely Used Home And Garden Insecticides From Wastewater
109 Attract-and-kill Approach Developed To Tackle Argentine ants
110 A Novel Disease-Preventing Antioxidant Pathway
111 Sustainable Fish Makes For Healthier Seafood
112 Fruit Flies Confirm That Organic Food Is Healthier
113 People Consume Fruits, Vegetables More Often When They Have Easy Access To Them
114 Australia's Huge Wild Camel Population Now Considered Pests