File Title
1 Social marketing at the movies
2 Self-expression helps reinforce occupational sex segregation
3 Risk is much more than a game
4 My kingdom for a grave: court rules on Richard III burial site
5 The deep roots of economic inequality
6 Appeal of well-being apps often short-lived according to Finnish study
7 Essay explores male authority in religous, social movements
8 New Paleolithic sites discovered in Hanzhong Basin, Central China
9 New Enantiornithine bird with scansorial adaptations discovered from the Lower Cretaceous of China
10 The incredible shrinking dinosaur
11 Best of Last Week--Onset of mass investigated, wormhole time travel possibility and net encryption cracked in two hours
12 One molecule to block both pain and itch
13 Blocking pain receptors found to extend lifespan in mammals
14 How the gut feeling shapes fear
15 Many mental illnesses reduce life expectancy more than heavy smoking
16 Researchers profile active genes in neurons based on connections
17 Infants are well equipped to make highly demanding social judgements
18 Cognitive test can differentiate between Alzheimer's and normal aging
19 Sound and vision: Visual cortex processes auditory information too
20 Diabetes prevented with just two minutes' exercise, academics discover
21 Releasing the neuronal brakes for learning
22 Caveman instincts may explain our belief in gods and ghosts
23 Gene mutation found for aggressive form of pancreatic cancer
24 Study identifies how signals trigger cancer cells to spread
25 Scientists discover potential new target for cancer immunotherapy
26 Mice with 'mohawks' help scientists link autism to two biological pathways in brain
27 Brain imaging reveals clues about chronic fatigue syndrome
28 Researchers discover immune system's rules of engagement
29 The control of dendritic branching by mitochondria
30 Novel drug target linked to insulin secretion and type 2 diabetes treatment
31 'Hypo' attacks in type 1 diabetes could be managed more effectively
32 New study adds weight to connection between fat taste and obesity
33 Neurons can use local stores for communication needs
34 New processes identified for killing cancer cells
35 Processed foods and soft drinks push up Asian salt, fat and sugar
36 Did standing up change our brains?
37 Discovery could pave way to new treatment for rare jaw tumor
38 Study identifies cell-cycle phase that primes stem cells for action
39 Iodine deficiency common in pregnancy, pediatricians warn
40 Researchers find MS drug erases painful memories in mice
41 Sex-specific changes in cerebral blood flow begin at puberty, study finds
42 Spotlight shines on Earth-like planets
43 'Fly-eyes' could reduce glass fogging
44 Gay dad's brain acts like mum and dad
45 Rich Biodiversity Of Species Makes Annual Top Ten List Of Discoveries
46 Students With Low IQ Learn To Read At 1st-grade Level After Persistent, Intensive Instruction
47 Your High School Grade Point Average Could Affect Your Income
48 Virtual Pet Used To Increase Physical Activity For Kids
49 Keeping Kids Engaged In STEM Topics
50 Lawsuit Launched Against Google Over AdSense Fraud
51 Sprint Fined $7.5 Million For Failure To Abide By "Do Not Call" List
52 Merger Deal Worth $67 billion Confirmed By AT&T And DIRECTV
53 Lawsuits Dropped As Part Of Settlement Between Apple And Google
54 European High Court Orders Google To 'Forget' Some Users
55 Feds Interrogate Moviegoer For Wearing Google Glass
56 New Technology May Allow For ATM Transactions Using Google Glass
57 India May Enforce $5 Billion Antitrust Fine On Google
58 Google Receives First 'Right To Be Forgotten' Requests
59 Ultra-Thin Light Detectors
60 Samsung's Galaxy Gear Could Soon Feature Graphene Technology
61 Facebook Working On Drones, Satellites And Lasers To Help Further's Goals
62 Rapid Synthesis Technique Developed For Bilayer Graphene And High-performance Transistors
63 Not Everything About Graphene Is Good
64 Revolutionary 'Metamaterial' Has Potential To Reshape Neurosurgery
65 Protecting Olive Oil From Counterfeiters
66 Spaser Technology Could Make A Printable Smartphone Possible
67 Silicon Valley-Based Robot Maker Secures Investment From Google
68 Google Developing Prototype Tablet Capable Of 3D Imaging
69 Not All Diamonds Are Forever
70 Mystery Behind Water's Role In Graphene Finally Tapped
71 New Boron Nanomaterial Could Be A Very Real Possibility
72 Silk And Diamonds Makes New Imaging And Drug Delivery Tool
73 Researchers Invent 'Sideways' Approach To 2-D Hybrid Materials
74 Apple Calls For Samsung Product Ban And Retrial In California Lawsuit
75 Metaio Develops New Device That Turns The World Into Your Touchscreen
76 'Ask' Feature Dialed Back By Facebook After Privacy Concerns Arise
77 Groundbreaking Earth-To-Moon Broadband Uplink To Be Detailed At CLEO: 2014
78 DNA Nanotechnology Places Enzyme Catalysis Within An Arm's Length
79 Promising Approach To Slow Brain Degeneration In A Model Of Huntington's Disease Uncovered
80 Innovative Strategy To Facilitate Organ Repair
81 Buried Fossil Soils Found To Be Rich In Carbon
82 Public Opinion On Climate Change Not Altered By Scandals
83 With Climate Changing, Southern Plants Do Better Than Northern Locals
84 Internal Medical Devices Powered Via Newly Developed Wireless Chips
85 Flexible Supercapacitor Raises Bar For Volumetric Energy Density
86 Thin-film Battery For Portable, Wearable Electronics
87 Eco-Atkins Diet May Help Lower Heart Disease Risk As Well As Promote Weight Loss
88 Ebola Vaccine Is Safe And Can Produce Strong Immune Response In Chimpanzees: Study
89 Novel Drug Target Linked To Insulin Secretion And Type 2 Diabetes Treatment
90 UN Officials Warn Refugees Are Struggling To Access Cancer Treatment
91 Many Common Household Products Contain DNA-Damaging Nanoparticles: Study
92 No Excuses: Use Proper Sun Protection
93 Clearing The Air With Pollution-busting Laundry Additive
94 Illinois Researchers Combine Weak Chemical Forces To Strengthen A Novel Imaging Technology
95 Tin-Based Solar Cell Could Be The Next Big Thing In Photovoltaics
96 Google-Owned Meka Robotics Work To Advance Human-Robot Interaction
97 Researchers Give Robots The Gift Of Navigation
98 Swiss Researchers Develop A Bionic Arm With Lightning Fast Reflexes
99 Comcast Could Impose Data Caps On Its Customers
100 Tablet Sales Slow For First Time Since Apple's iPad Release In 2010
101 Emergency Rooms See A Rise In Non-Prescription Xanax Visits
102 New Fuel-cell Concept Makes Biodiesel Sustainable
103 Advanced Light
104 Protective Proteins Reduce Damage To Blood Vessels
105 NASA Software Brought Down To Earth With New Catalog
106 Zuckerberg Files Tracks Everything Uttered By The Facebook CEO
107 Facebook Data Centers Offer Users Look Into Water, Power Usage
108 New Facebook Patent Lawsuit Over Like Button
109 Skinny Lens Makes Cheap Surveillance Camera For Home Use
110 Laser Light Waves Need More Bass