File Title
1 How Will Driverless Cars Affect Our Urban Future?
2 Google Partners Up With Continental For Self-Driving Car
3 More Than 50M Self-Driven Cars Will Be On The Road By 2035
4 Google's Self-Driving Car Is Getting Smarter On City Streets
5 TacoCopter: Separating Fact From Fiction
6 Can Eating Chocolate Actually Make Your Thinner?
7 Chocolate Bars Get A New Fruit-Healthy Makeover
8 Researchers Develop Method For Authenticating Premium Chocolate
9 Terahertz Pulse Increases Electron Density 1,000-fold
10 Smartphones May Soon Get X-Ray Like Vision
11 Super Fast Wi-Fi, Courtesy Of Japan
12 Single Pixel Terahertz Imaging Advanced With Laser Guided Codes
13 Trapping T-Rays For Better Security Scanners
14 McDonald's Outnumbered By Tanning Facilities In Florida: Study
15 Middle-Aged Adults Experiencing Increase In Skin Cancer Incidence
16 Correlation Between OCD, Body Dysmorphia And Tanning Addiction
17 Indoor Tanning By Teens Linked To Unhealthy Weight Control Methods
18 The Debate Continues: New Study Claims Diet Drinks May Actually Help With Weight Loss
19 An Area's Level Of Poverty Or Wealth May Affect The Distribution Of Cancer Types
20 Chest CT Helps Predict Cardiovascular Disease Risk
21 Hot Flashes/Night Sweats Solutions: Estrogen Therapy Vs. Venlafaxine
22 Sex-Specific Changes In Cerebral Blood Flow Begin At Puberty
23 Inhaling Hypertonic Saline Decreases Hospital Admissions In Children With Bronchiolitis
24 Conflicting Conclusions In 2 Bronchiolitis Studies; Editorial Explains Why
25 Social Media Rumors To Be Assessed Using Online Lie Detector
26 Survey: Over Half Of All Americans Have Doubts About The Big Bang
27 High-Tech Motion Sensor Maker Teams Up With Best Buy
28 Monsanto Scores Yet Another Supreme Court Victory
29 Sprint Spark Uses Untapped Spectrum For Faster LTE
30 CES 2014: Intel Renames Security Brand To Wash Itself Of John McAfee
31 EARTH Magazine: Climate, Terroir And Wine: What Matters Most In Producing A Great Wine?
32 Brain Waves May Tell How Much We Would Pay For A Cup Of Coffee
33 Study Shows Pest-eating Birds Mean Money For Coffee Growers
34 World's Coffee Supply In Danger Due To Roya Fungus
35 Coffee Could Be Extinct Before The End Of The Century
36 A Mechanism Of How Biodiversity Arises
37 Report Answers Questions About The Human Microbiome And Its Role In Health, Obesity
38 Bacterial 'Syringe' Necessary For Development Of Marine Animals
39 Architectural Design Dictates How Bacteria Thrive In Our Ecosystem
40 Computer Reads Thoughts Using MRI Images And An Algorithm
41 New Paradigm For Nanoscale Resolution MRI Experimentally Achieved
42 NIST Calibration Tools To Encourage Use Of Novel Medical Imaging Technique
43 Stenting Blocked Bowel Arteries Saves Lives
44 Atherosclerotic Disease Heredity Mapped In Nationwide Study
45 Can The Mediterranean Diet Lower Risk Of Peripheral Artery Disease?
46 Higher Education May Be Protective Against MS-Associated Cognitive Deficits
47 Left Vs. Right: University Says Neither When It Comes To Brain Dominance
48 Lumosity Study Examines Effects Of Cognitive Training In Students
49 Scientists Discover Brain's Anti-Distraction System
50 New Memory Model Explains How Neurons Select Memories
51 You Took The Words Right Out Of My Brain
52 Researchers Find 'Seeing Jesus In Toast' Phenomenon Perfectly Normal
53 Protein Improves Efficacy Of Tumor-Killing Enzyme
54 Eating Cooked Meat Increases Odds Of Developing Alzheimer's Disease
55 Future Submarines May Draw Inspiration From Stingray Mobility
56 Smooth Sailing: Rough Surfaces That Can Reduce Drag
57 Hypersonic Record Set A Decade Ago By NASA X-43A Scramjet
58 NASA's High Speed Project Aims To Tackle Sonic Boom
59 Study Uncovers Secret Of The Owl's Amazing Rotating Head
60 High Cortisol Levels May Be A Biomarker Linked To Greater Risk-Taking In Night Owls
61 Detection Dogs Better At Finding Spotted Owls Than Traditional Vocalization Searches
62 Huge Salmon-Eating Owl Needs Huge Trees
63 New Tool Models Noise Pollution And Its Effects On Wildlife
64 First Foundation Poured For MeerKAT Antenna
65 California's Two Largest River Basins At Near-Record Low Water Levels
66 The Search For Water On Two Planets
67 Massive Iceberg Could Disrupt Shipping Lanes In The Southern Ocean
68 New Fish Species From Deep Reefs Of The Southern Caribbean
69 Greenland Could Become Greater Contributor To Sea Level Rise Than Previously Expected
70 Long Unchanged Alpine Glacier Is Now Melting At Unprecedented Rate
71 Arctic Ice And The Voyage Of The Titanic
72 Biodiversity Quality Is Key To Preserving Salt Marsh Ecosystems
73 National Park Service Collaborates With Outside Experts To Conserve Migratory Wildlife
74 Nine Steps To Save Waterways Identified By Researchers
75 Monitoring The State Of Global Rainfall And Drought
76 Distinctive Male Peacock Love Call Allures Females From Afar
77 Male Lizards Steer Clear Of Females With Similar Throat Bands
78 Study Finds Pregnant Women Show Increased Activity In Right Side Of Brain
79 Humans Display Four, Rather Than Six, Basic Emotions
80 Researchers Demonstrate How Echolocation Can Be Learned
81 New Electric Fish Discovered In Remote South America
82 Nectar Bat Uses Stealthy Moves To Catch Its Evening Dinner
83 Bats And Male Frogs Sense Mating Call Waves Through Ripples
84 Children More Apt To Bring A Gun Or Knife To School When Bullied
85 US Regulators Seek New Open Internet Rules For Net Neutrality
86 ACA Could Change Costs For Auto, Malpractice And Other Insurance
87 Suicide Is Widely Deemed Immoral Because It 'Taints The Soul,' Study Shows
88 Moral Disengagement Happens More Often In The Afternoon, Mornings Makes Us More Honest
89 Humanity's Highest Virtue May Have Its Roots In Selfishness And Greed
90 Moral Decisions May Depend On The Situation
91 There Is Nothing So Sweet As A Voice Like Your Own
92 1 World, 1 Sound
93 Language By Mouth And By Hand
94 Eye Movements Reveal Reading Impairments In Schizophrenia
95 Days Spent Reading To Dogs During Summer May Help Avoid Decline Of Reading Skills
96 Reading Comprehension Not Always Easy
97 Bad Health Linked To Poor Reading Skills
98 What Is A 'Tweet'? Now You Can Look It Up!
99 Perceptions Of Health Improve With Pension Receipt
100 Taxpayers' Social Security Numbers Posted Online By IRS
101 Americans Don't Contribute Enough To Retirement Funds
102 Phone Scheme Has Netted IRS Impersonators At Least A Million Dollars
103 Understanding How Climatic Relationships Led To Major Ice Age Cycles
104 APEX Captures Stunning Image Of Dust Near Orion's Belt
105 Astronomers Need Your Help Looking For Space Anomalies
106 Astronomers Capture Rare Glimpse Of Star-Forming Region In Visible Light
107 Spitzer's Citizen Science Zoo Displays New Animals
108 Largest Survey Of Cosmic Dust In Local Universe Completed By Herschel
109 Astronomers Find Densest Galaxy Yet Discovered
110 Pale Rose In The Sky