File Title
1 NASA and Slooh will ask amateur asteroid hunters for help
2 NASA image: Dynamic solar activity as opposing magnetic forces tangle
3 Students 'blast off' after space program saved
4 Bringing a spacecraft back from the dead
5 New supernova pops in bright galaxy M106 in the 'Hunting Dogs'
6 NASA's new rodent residence elevates research to greater heights
7 Joystick sets record price for space collectibles
8 'Potentially spectacular' meteor shower over N. America
9 Violent gamma-ray outbursts near supermassive black holes
10 Research shows collision created Chelyabinsk asteroid
11 Far out: A giant exoplanet where none has been seen before
12 US Senate panel budgets $100 million for non-Russian rocket
13 Radio galaxy discovery near Earth spurs more questions
14 Failed dwarf galaxy survives galactic collision thanks to full dark-matter jacket
15 Japan launches new satellite to survey disasters
16 Meteor shower over N. America a dud
17 Munich to Alexander: all systems go
18 Astronomers steer Hawaii's Keck telescopes from Australia
19 Image: A peppering of craters at the Moon's south pole
20 Antares rocket engine suffers significant failure during testing
21 Lunar rock samples reveal variations in water concentrations
22 Court rejects challenge to FCC broadband plan
23 Workers in tech case likely to get average of $4íK
24 Uber taxi app seeks capital at $12 billion value
25 Nature inspires drones of the future (w/ Video)
26 WSJ: Google to hatch tablet capturing 3D images
27 What shopping will look like in the future
28 Google engineers open gates to Quantum Computing Playground
29 Microsoft bets on Surface Pro 3 as laptop replacement
30 Cyber failures spark search for new security approach
31 Brazil's weak service makes WCup Tweets unlikely
32 Google, Costco and Facebook best employers
33 Location, location: Tango prototype helps quadrotor navigate (w/ Video)
34 Forget apps, old-school mobiles ring in a comeback
35 Europe's move to rein in Google would stall in US
36 Rwanda's deadly methane lake becomes source of future power
37 Sony to sell PlayStation in China through new ventures
38 French company to fight ruling in US consumer suit
39 Engineers find way to build a tunnel under the Bosporus Strait
40 S. Korea's top mobile chat app, online portal to merge (Update)
41 Hacker hero video game 'Watch Dogs' to be let loose
42 Grad students explore wireless power transfer
43 Japan to create underground ice wall at crippled nuclear plant
44 Measuring fine dust concentration via smartphone
45 Electricity use slashed with efficiency controls for heating, cooling
46 Energy-efficient technologies developed with people in mind
47 Neutron beams reveal how antibodies cluster in solution
48 Making better medicines with a handful of chemical building blocks
49 Engineering earth-abundant catalysts that mimic platinum in renewable energy technologies
50 Chemists discover structure of cancer drug candidate
51 Chemists challenge conventional understanding of how photocatalysis works
52 Not just for the heart, red wine shows promise as cavity fighter
53 Paper-based diagnostics, made with a scrapbooking tool, could curb hepatitis C pandemic
54 Catalytic system makes the synthesis of bioactive molecules easier
55 Capillary device significantly improves manufacture of quality liposomes
56 Metal-organic framework helps convert one chemical to another
57 Spicy plant cuts the mustard as nerve gas fighter
58 Chemists develop new approach to detect counterfeit medicines such as Viagra
59 A new solution for storing hydrogen fuel for alternative energy
60 Superfood chia seeds may be potential natural ingredient in food product development
61 Studies show different types of vinegar may benefit health
62 New technology may help identify safe alternatives to BPA
63 Getting into the fast lane means minor adjustments far from the catalyst's core
64 Researchers uncover secret of eumelanin pigment's ability to absorb a broad spectrum of light
65 The difference between baking soda and baking powder
66 Resin-assisted method is a pitch-perfect improvement in studying influential cysteine thiols
67 Researcher uses paper to tackle food-borne diseases
68 Self-assembling protein nets
69 Novel vanadosilicate is potential decontamination agent for cesium-tainted water
70 Breakthrough method for making Janus or patchy capsules
71 New perspectives to the design of molecular cages
72 Scientists announce top 10 new species for 2014 (w/ Video)
73 Ancient DNA ends Aussie claim to kiwi origins
74 Fruit flies show mark of intelligence in thinking before they act
75 Military base among last habitat for butterflies
76 Public urged to refrain from approaching seal pups
77 Why dogs are the new darlings of cognitive science
78 Fruit fly research to provide new insight into our body clock and its biological impact
79 Plant pathologists help thwart vexing grain disease
80 The protective milk shot: How mother's milk protects piglets from parasite infections
81 Museum launches tree identification app
82 Lack of plant diversity spurs cankerworm damage in cities
83 Slowing the insect invasion: Wood packaging sanitation yields US $11.7 billion net benefit
84 Tiny muscles help bats fine-tune flight, stiffen wing skin
85 Untangling whole genomes of individual species from a microbial mix
86 Straw from oilseed as a new source of biofuels
87 Rapid evolution aids spread of exotic plant species
88 More whales being hit by ships along US East Coast
89 Researchers map the epic evolution of a 'ring species'
90 A new molecule for high-resolution cell imaging
91 Extremely small-scale incubator microscope to examine cells in time lapse
92 Madagascar study tracks how germs jump between people and animals
93 Researchers study the genetics and biology of Brassica crop species
94 Roebuck Bay, a special place for snubfin dolphins
95 Ecological benefits of gardening wildflowers
96 Possum poo study sheds light on human epidemics
97 Study explains US cultural regionalism beyond politics
98 Fossil discovery in Alps challenges theory that all deep sea animals evolved from shallow water ancestors
99 One in three Virginia children lives in economic insecurity
100 Gangs in schools lead to more sexual harassment, according to study
101 Do assumed parenting demands affect men and women differently?
102 Wine prices outperformed art, stamps and bonds throughout 20th century
103 Paleontologists discover the most diverse dinosaur fossil site yet found in Idaho
104 Putting a number on opinion dynamics in a population
105 Dino skeleton to go on display at Creation Museum
106 GIS technology verifies Caesar and Helvetii history
107 Rewarding inventions and inventors
108 Fossil avatars are transforming palaeontology
109 Growing inequalities make science more of a 'winner takes all' field
110 New study seeks volunteers to spot 'real' Shetland accents