File Title
1 New Study Confirms Instructional Media Can't Teach Babies To Read
2 Our Brains Are Hardwired For Language
3 Some Speed Reading Apps Are Not As Helpful As They Seem
4 Merriam-Webster Dictionary Updated For 2014--New Words Include Tweep, Selfie, and Hashtag
5 China's Baidu Looking To Be A Google Glass Rival
6 Physician Entrepreneurs Are Key Contributors To New Medical Devices
7 Supreme Court Rejects Appeal Of New York Internet Sales Tax
8 Krypton Helps Accurately Date Ancient Antarctic Ice
9 Antarctica Was A Balmy 63 Degrees Fahrenheit During The Eocene
10 How Fiction Helps Us Visualize A World Changed By Warming
11 Why Isn't Antarctica Warming As Much As Other Continents?
12 Cassini Captures Its First Image Of Uranus
13 Discovery Of Solar Sibling Could Shed New Light On Our Own Sun's Formation
14 Finding An Exoplanet That Takes 80,000 Earth Years To Orbit Its Sun
15 What Would Happen If Saturn Came Extremely Close To Earth?
16 Remote Antarctic Telescope Reveals Gas Cloud Where Stars Are Born
17 New Snake Nebula Image Shows Stellar Nurseries
18 Star Cluster Study Inspires New Ideas On How Sun-Like Stars Form
19 Clues About Black Hole Formation Provided By A Stellar Explosion On The Outer Reaches Of The Universe
20 Hubble Discovers Largest Ever Globular Star Cluster Population
21 Long Arms Of Hot Gas Discovered In The Coma Cluster
22 Hubble Frontier Fields Mission Captures First Image Of Pandora's Cluster
23 Frontier Fields Project Locates One Of The Most Distant Galaxies Ever
24 Hubble Data Shows True Size Of El Gordo Monster Galaxy
25 Amateur And Professional Astronomers Join Together
26 Young Galaxy Caught Acting Like A Well-Behaved Child
27 Star Cluster Thrown Out Of Its Galaxy
28 What Can A Hypervelocity Star Tell Us About The Milky Way's Black Hole?
29 Hubble Discovers Largest Ever Globular Star Cluster Population
30 Doughnut Theory May Not Adequately Explain Hidden Black Holes
31 Australian Astronomers Discover Oldest Star With The SkyMapper Telescope
32 Chandra X-ray Observatory Sees Runaway Pulsar Firing A Record-Breaking Jet
33 Pediatricians Urge Milk Should Be Pasteurized, Never Consumed Raw
34 What Matters For Making Milk
35 Are Better-tasting Reduced-fat Desserts, Dressings And Sauces Coming Soon?
36 Eating Utensils Make For Calmer Mealtimes
37 Smaller Islands Have Shorter Food Chains
38 New Study Reveals How Falcons Hunt
39 After The Mass Extinction Amphibians And Dinosaurs Were The New Large Predators
40 Predator-Prey Made Simple
41 Training Your Self-Control May Be Key To Improved Health And Weight Loss
42 Web Surfers Are Most Health-Conscious Early In The Week
43 Contrary To Expectations, Life Experiences Better Use Of Money Than Material Items
44 Creative Activities Outside Of Work Can Improve Job Performance
45 Children Spot Objects More Quickly When Prompted By Words Instead Of Images
46 After Giving Birth Many New Mothers Spend More Time On Facebook
47 Something In The (Expecting Mother's) Water
48 NASA System Allows Astronauts To Grow Vegetables Without Gravity
49 Move Over Dolly, South Korean Company Clones First British Dog
50 Aquatic Algae Can See A Wide Spectrum Of Light
51 Leaf Chewing Links Insect Diversity In Two Tropical Forests
52 Your Plants Are Now Wi-Fi Accessible
53 World's Shiniest Fruit Uses Structural Coloring Rather Than Pigment To Dazzle
54 Plants Develop Competitive Strategies In Extreme Desert Environments
55 Phytoplankton Make Scents For Seabirds And A Cooler Planet
56 Iron Fertilization Helped Plankton Thrive During The Last Ice Age
57 Four New Species Of 'Killer Sponges' Discovered
58 Understanding Marine Life's Ability To Adapt To Climate Change
59 'Microplastic' Waste Poisoning Marine Ecosystems
60 Rapid Warming Threatens Rich Seafloor Communities In Antarctica
61 Marine Archaea Can Supply Essential B-12 Vitamins In The Ocean
62 Revealing Secret World Of The Plastisphere
63 Researchers Warn Against Abrupt Stop To Geoengineering Method
64 NASA Budget Cuts Could Threaten Asteroid Retrieval, Manned Mars Missions
65 NASA's Plans For The Future And Present
66 Attracting Wild Bees To Farms Helps To Enhance Crop Pollination
67 Invasive Pests Not Impacting East African Honeybees For Now
68 Dancing Bees Show Researchers The Way To The Best Environmental Schemes
69 Researchers Point To Digital Gains In Human Recognition
70 Automated Age-Progression Software Shows How A Child Will Age
71 International Standards Significantly Reducing Insect Stowaways In Wood Packaging Material
72 'Let It Go,' But Not In The Boardroom
73 Life Expectancy For Those With Mental Illness Is Lower Than That Of Heavy Smokers
74 New Cellular Study Indicates Schizophrenia Begins In The Womb
75 Neurovance's EB-1020 SR For Adult ADHD Shows Stimulant-Like Efficacy In Phase 2a Trial
76 Tackling Test Anxiety May Help Prevent More Severe Problems
77 Want To Secure Your Tweet? Do The Twitter Two-Step
78 WhatsApp Tops 400M Active Users Per Month, Bests Twitter's 230M
79 Cell Phone Use, Texting More Likely To Cause Accidents Than Other Forms Of Distracted Driving
80 Court Holds Texters Liable For Accidents, Even If They Aren't There
81 The Perils Of Texting While Driving
82 Couples May Split Due To Inappropriate, Overused Texting
83 From Chaos To Order: How Ants Optimize Food Search
84 Pacific Salmon Rely On The Earth's Magnetic Field To Navigate
85 Researchers Reduce Coercivity Of Material By Patterning Surface
86 Grasp Of SQUIDs Dynamics Facilitates Eavesdropping
87 Researchers See Rare-earth-like Magnetic Properties In Iron
88 New Sony Cassette Tape Could Store 185 Terabytes Of Data
89 Distracted Driving Among Teens Threatens Public Health And Safety
90 One San Francisco Designer's Crusade Against Distracted Driving
91 Nearly One In 10 Motorists Killed Daily Due To Distracted Driving: CDC
92 Russia Reveals Diamond-Rich Prehistoric Asteroid Crater
93 First Steps Taken In Creating Diamond Transistors
94 Could There Be Vast Oceans Of Water Beneath The Earth's Mantle?
95 Sophisticated Symbiotic Viruses Help Each Other Survive, Says Microsoft
96 Internet Explorer Security Flaw Patched By Microsoft, Includes XP
97 Mac Adware And Spyware On The Rise
98 Social Marketing At The Movies
99 Controlling Invasive Weeds Can Help Attempts At Reforestation In Panama
100 Increasing Homogeneity Of World Food Supplies Warns Of Serious Implications For Farming And Nutrition
101 Gluten-Free Crackers Made With Hemp Flour And Decaffeinated Green Tea Leaves
102 Future Heat Waves Could Threaten Global Food Supply
103 US Corn Yields Are Increasingly Vulnerable To Hot, Dry Weather
104 Breakthrough Shows How DNA Is 'Edited' To Correct Genetic Diseases
105 NASA's ACCESS II Alternative Jet Fuel Flight Tests Begin Today
106 Plant Material Stored In Impact Glass Could Reveal Much About Ancient Earth, Mars
107 Researchers Find New Evidence Of Water In A Martian Crater
108 New Study Finds That Lava Carved The Giant Valleys Of Mars
109 Over 350 People Eliminated From Mars One Candidate List
110 Driverless Cars Now Legal In The State Of California