File Title
1 'Waves' spotted on Titan's seas
2 Stress link to heart attack uncovered
3 Russia's Popigai Meteor Crash Linked to Mass Extinction
4 Million-Year-Old Fossils Show Hippos Going for a Swim
5 Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Higher Risk of Premature Death
6 Earth's Oldest Rocks Hold Essential Ingredient for Life
7 Oil Drilling Contaminated Western Amazon Rainforest, Study Confirms
8 Drug Use Linked with Brain Differences in Teens
9 5-Million-Year-Old Arctic Fox Ancestor Found in Tibet
10 Breast MRIs May Find Cancer Elsewhere
11 Why the FAA's Newly Approved Drone Flights Are 'Problematic'
12 Human Ancestors Got Herpes from Chimps
13 Yes, You Can Get Your Cat to Behave
14 5 Ways Fatherhood Changes a Man's Brain
15 After Puberty, Kids' Gender Determines Reaction to Caffeine, Study Says
16 Remains of 'End of the World' Epidemic Found in Ancient Egypt
17 Earth's Most Abundant, but Hidden Mineral Finally Seen, Named
18 Girl's Uncontrollable Laughter Caused by Brain Tumor
19 US Navy Aims to Launch Spy Drones from Ships
20 Mauna Loa Volcano May Be Rumbling Back to Life
21 'Jellyroll' Ice Sculptures Discovered Under Greenland Ice Sheet
22 Social Web: Female Spiders Adopt 'Warrior' or 'Nanny' Roles
23 Mount Etna Erupts in Fiery Display
24 Prolonged Sitting Linked to Increased Risk of Certain Cancers
25 High Blood Pressure: How Low Should You Go?
26 1st 'Scent Message' to Be Beamed from NYC to Paris Tomorrow
27 Deep-Diving 'Exosuit' Lets Scientists Explore 2,000-Year-Old Shipwreck
28 President Obama Urges Action on Climate at Graduation Address
29 4 Baby Horses Born from Frozen Embryos
30 Does 'Offsetting' Work to Make Up for Habitat Lost to Mining? (Op-Ed)
31 Rough Day at Work? Call of Duty Can Help You Recover (Op-Ed)
32 Celestial Showstopper: The Only Venus Transits I'll Ever See (Op-Ed)
33 Skull Model Shows Artistry, but Is It a Leonardo da Vinci?
34 Motherless Male Zebra Finches Prefer Same-Sex Mates
35 New Synthetic Diamonds Are Hardest Gems Ever Created
36 US MERS Patients Did Not Spread Virus in Hospitals or Homes
37 Brown Bears Caught Performing Oral Sex
38 When Slime Ruled: Evolutionary Pause Tied to Earth's Stuck Plates
39 North Korean Leader Pays Visit to Naval Submarine
40 Why Coconut Water Could Replace Your Sports Drink
41 Pay for Coffee Using Only the Palm of Your Hand
42 'Relationship OCD' May Hurt Sex Life
43 World Cup: What Is that Foaming Spray Used by Refs?
44 President Obama to Expand Protection of Pacific Waters
45 Path of a Pandemic: Map Shows How H1N1 Swine Flu Spread
46 Human Language Rooted in Monkey 'Song,' Scientists Suggest
47 New Record for Earth's Farthest North Spring, and It's a Gusher
48 You've Got Smell: 1st 'Scent Message' Sent from NYC to Paris
49 King Richard III's Tomb Design Unveiled
50 What Is It Really like Under the Indian Ocean?
51 Rats, Regret and What Might Have Been (Op-Ed)
52 What Happens to Your Body When You Get Ebola?
53 Do Superheroes Model Damaging Gender Roles to Kids?
54 Small Earthquake Shakes Oklahoma City
55 Bachelor Party Stumbles upon Rare Mastodon Skull
56 Doggy Kisses: Oxytocin May Make Fido More Affectionate
57 How to Shrink a Dinosaur: Fossils Reveal Evolution of 'Pocket Sauropods'
58 'Big G': Scientists Pin Down Elusive Gravitational Constant
59 Slow-Motion Earthquakes Caused by Natural Fracking?
60 New Upgraded Military Helicopter Whirls into British Fleet
61 Depression and Heart Disease Linked in Middle-Age Women
62 Parents of Children with Autism Less Likely to Have More Kids
63 Fish-Eating Spiders Lurk on Every Continent Except Antarctica
64 3D-Print a Brain with Free Government Library
65 Dr. Oz's 'Miracle' Diet Pills: 5 Controversial Supplements
66 They're Back! Endangered Fish Spawns in Grand Canyon
67 Microchip that Birthed Modern Computing Could Fetch $2 Million
68 Nearly a Century Later, Edwin Hubble's Legacy Lives on (Op-Ed)
69 The Three Policies that Can Counter Global Warming (Op-Ed)
70 The Emotional Lives of Crayfish (Op-Ed)
71 X-rays Shine Light on Atoms at Work in a Chemical Reaction
72 Creatures Living on Tiny Ocean Plastic May Be Cleaning our Seas (Op-Ed)
73 Endangered Gorillas Protected from Oil Drilling in African Park
74 Chilean Mountain to Be Blasted for New Telescope
75 Free Will May Just Be the Brain's 'Background Noise,' Scientists Say
76 West Nile Cases Down in 2013
77 Fentanyl Linked to Rise in Overdose Deaths in Rhode Island
78 Happy Summer! Surprise Snowstorm Clobbers Rockies
79 Ancient Skulls Reveal 'Mixed' Neanderthal-Like Lineage
80 First 'Quantum Computer' No Faster than Classic PC
81 Tiny Mountaintop Blast Marks Start of Construction for Huge Telescope
82 Clinically Dead? the Blurred Line Between Life and Death
83 Transparent Brain Technique Made Easier
84 Old Money: Rare Roman 'Nero' Coin Unearthed in England
85 Obama Gets First 3D-Printed Presidential Portrait
86 75 CDC Scientists May Have Been Exposed to Anthrax
87 Fitness Trackers for Kids Hit the Market
88 Ancient Parasite Uncovered in Mesopotamian Tomb
89 Historic Microchip Fails to Sell at NYC Auction
90 Newfound Dinosaur Sported 'Wings' on its Head
91 Reference: Jaguar Facts: Biggest Cat in Americas
92 Implanting the World's Smallest Pacemaker, Inside the Heart
93 Pork Producers Prohibit Painful Pig Pens (Op-Ed)
94 Shaman's Herbal Hallucinogen a Fatal Lure for New Age Tourists
95 Underwater Cave Full of Ancient Bones to Be Mapped in 3D
96 What is Antimatter?
97 Mental-Health Patients at Greater Risk for Becoming Homicide Victims
98 Stephanie Kwolek, Pioneering Inventor of Kevlar, Dies at 90
99 Spouse's Voice Aids Hearing in 'Cocktail Party' Noise
100 Trophy Wife Myth Busted: People Choose Partners like Themselves
101 Reference: Snake Facts & Types of Snakes
102 Great White Sharks Are Making a Comeback off US Coasts
103 A Simple Question that Can Save a Child's Life (Op-Ed)
104 Saturday, Solstice Marks Official Start of Summer
105 Would You Compromise Your Computer for One Cent an Hour? this Study Says You Might (Op-Ed)
106 Picasso's Ghost: Mysterious Man Found Hidden in Famous Painting
107 After Sandy, New York Plans to Rebuild by Blue-Green Design (Op-Ed)
108 Reference: Mongolian Death Worm: Elusive Legend of the Gobi Desert
109 Fewer Patients Kill Themselves in Mental Health Units but There are Bigger Benefits to Home Care (Op-Ed)
110 Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
111 Mysterious 'Magic Island' Unveiled as Saturn's Moon Warms
112 Worst Spots for Weather Extremes Found
113 Plan to Build 'CSI Elephant' Uses DNA Forensics to Track Poachers (Op-Ed)
114 Indoor Tanning Linked with Skin Cancer Before Age 50
115 Mysterious Earthen 'Mima' Mounds Created by Plants, Not Animals
116 'Smart Glass' Could Transform Smartphone Cameras