File Title
1 Wealth and greed
2 Stanford bioengineers invent a way to speed up drug discovery
3 Limb regeneration: Do salamanders hold the key?
4 Swiftly moving gas streamer eclipses supermassive black hole
5 Astronomers use Hubble to study bursts of star formation in the dwarf galaxies of the early Universe
6 New ultrastiff, ultralight material developed
7 Researcher discovers ovarian cancer treatment
8 The Sweetest Calculator in the World
9 Tiny Molecule Could Help Diagnose and Treat Mental Disorders
10 New digital fabrication technique creates interlocking 3D-printed ceramic PolyBricks
11 RNA aptamers targeted to plasminogen activator inhibitor
12 One step to solar-cell efficiency
13 BICEP2 researchers publish nuanced account of stunning patterns in the microwave sky
14 Swiftly moving gas streamer eclipses supermassive black hole
15 A Better Imager for Identifying Tumors
16 Can we see the arrow of time?
17 NASA's Swift Satellite Tallies Water Production of Mars-bound Comet
18 Swiftly Moving Gas Streamer Eclipses Supermassive Black Hole
19 NASA's Hubble Finds Dwarf Galaxies Formed More than Their Fair Share of Universe's Stars
20 KIT Researchers Protect the Princess from the Pea
21 Experimentally testing nonlocality in many-body systems
22 Birds evolve 'signature' patterns to distinguish cuckoo eggs from their own
23 New Horned Dinosaur Reveals Unique Wing-Shaped Headgear
24 Evolutionary biology: Why cattle only have 2 toes
25 Litter-dwelling thrips live mainly in tropical and subtropical regions
26 Producing hydrogen with sunlight
27 Maybe birds can have it all: Dazzling colors and pretty songs
28 Combatting cuckoos
29 Evolution depends on rare chance events, 'molecular time travel' experiments show
30 Feel-good hormones could cause UV addiction
31 Specific Protein May Help Beta Cells Survive in Type 1 Diabetes
32 Affordable Housing Linked to Children's Intellectual Ability
33 Study: Little Evidence that No Child Left Behind Has Hurt Teacher Job Satisfaction
34 Journal Reproductive Health Matters Announces Publication of its Latest Themed Issue: Population, Environment and Sustainable Development
35 ESMO survey sheds light on common clinical practice for incompletely resected lung cancer
36 Lead abatement a wise economic, public health investment
37 The whole truth
38 Public oversight improves test scores in voucher schools
39 New data clarify relationship between diet and disease activity
40 Peer influence leads teens to start, stop smoking--but effect is stronger for starting
41 New study sheds light on what happens to 'cool' kids
42 Toddlers whose parents use subsidies to buy center-based care more likely to enroll in Head Start
43 Synchronized brain waves enable rapid learning
44 12 minutes of exercise improves attention, reading comprehension in low-income adolescents
45 Grit better than GRE at predicting success in STEM fields
46 New report offers a primer for doctors' use of clinical genome and exome sequencing
47 Connecting dead ends increases power grid stability
48 NREL Finds Up to 6-cent per Kilowatt-Hour Extra Value with Concentrated Solar Power
49 Report Reviews Estimates of Costs and Benefits of Compliance with Renewable Portfolio Standards to Date
50 Researchers find weird magic ingredient for quantum computing
51 Map of universe questioned; dwarf galaxies don't fit standard model
52 Contextuality puts the 'magic' in quantum computing
53 Hereditary disease genes found throughout the human body
54 Father's age influences rate of evolution
55 New computer program aims to teach itself everything about anything
56 Who's using your data?
57 Arctic warming linked to fewer European and US cold weather extremes, new study shows
58 Strokefinder quickly differentiates bleeding strokes from clot-induced strokes
59 Hunt for extraterrestrial life gets massive methane boost
60 Your genes affect your betting behavior
61 When genes play games
62 Quantum theory reveals puzzling pattern in how people respond to some surveys
63 E-Cigarettes Far Less Harmful than Cigarettes, says London School of Economics Researcher at INFORMS Decision/Analytics Conference
64 Transfusion after trauma can benefit or harm patients depending on their risk of death
65 Crowdsourcing the phase problem
66 Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Mammography Readings Improved by Considering Patient Risk Profile, Says INFORMS Paper
67 Criminal profiling technique targets killer diseases
68 Improving academic performance with physical fitness
69 Scientists identify additional challenges in KRAS-driven cancers
70 Football improves strength in men with prostate cancer
71 Electronic health record patient safety issues persist long after 'go live' date
72 Cochrane review of RDTs for diagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis
73 Creating friendships between African-American and Caucasian couples can reduce prejudice
74 No evidence of long-term PTSD risk in patients with awareness during surgery
75 Menthol cigarettes linked to increased smoking among teens
76 Benefits of PTSD treatment going unmeasured, says Institute of Medicine Report
77 Triggers and treatment of immediate-type allergic reactions
78 Miriam Hospital researchers analyze AUDs, sexual behavior among South African men
79 Beaumont research finds advanced CT scanners reduce patient radiation exposure
80 Support for the national health law higher in MA than in U.S. as a whole
81 Swell new sensors
82 Minimizing belief in free will may lessen support for criminal punishment
83 Not so fast--our fishy friends can also feel pain
84 Many doctors concerned about physician involvement in concealed-weapon permit process
85 New quantum mechanism to trigger the emission of tunable light at terahertz frequencies
86 Majority of Minors Engage in Sexting, Unaware of Harsh Legal Consequences
87 Counterterrorism, ethics, and global health
88 Massachusetts Healthcare Reform Does Not Have Early Impact on Racial, Ethnic, Gender and Socioeconomic Disparities in Cardiovascular Care
89 Who's your daddy? UCF team programs computer to find out
90 UV-induced beta-endorphin production causes addiction-like symptoms in mice
91 New monkey model for AIDS offers promise for medical research
92 Emerging HIV epidemics among people who inject drugs in the Middle East and North Africa
93 Study offers evidence that sunscreen use in childhood prevents melanoma in adults
94 Haters spend more time...hating?
95 Humans & monkeys of one mind when it comes to changing it
96 Kids with strong bonds to parents make better friends, can adapt in relationships
97 God on the Job: Church Attendance Is Not Enough to Affect Job Satisfaction and Commitment, Baylor Study Shows
98 The 'microbial garden' taking the shine off glaciers
99 Nearby satellite galaxies don't fit standard model
100 Mining Data Archives Yields Haul of "Red Nuggets"
101 NASA Experiments Recreate Aromatic Flavors of Titan
102 Cracks in Pluto's Moon Could Indicate it Once Had an Underground Ocean
103 Solar photons drive water off the moon
104 Groundbreaking model explains how the brain learns to ignore familiar stimuli
105 Shortage of cybersecurity professionals poses risk to national security
106 Stem cell-based transplantation approach improves recovery from stroke
107 Seeing the inner workings of the brain made easier by new technique from Stanford scientists
108 Lawrence Livermore, MIT researchers develop new ultralight, ultrastiff 3D printed materials
109 Georgia Tech Research Identifies Android Security Weaknesses Caused by Performance Design