File Title
1 US sets up honey bee loss task force
2 White House orders creation of 'Pollinator Health Task Force' to protect bees
3 U.S., stung by bee decline, sets plan to save pollinators--UPDATE 1
4 Fact Sheet: the Economic Challenge Posed by Declining Pollinator Populations
5 Obama orders review of pesticides' effect on bees
6 White House task force charged with saving bees from mysterious decline
7 MPs say UK government 'too slow' on marine conservation
8 Iraq crisis: Shia militia show of force raises tensions
9 Guildford Four's Gerry Conlon dies
10 Left-wing leaders back Juncker for top Europe job
11 Ukraine crisis: Putin gives ceasefire qualified backing
12 Glasgow 2014: Man tries to grab Queen's Baton during Kilmarnock relay
13 How the color-blind see art with different eyes
14 The art of burning calories if you're disabled
15 Victorian Strangeness: the man who hoped to die in a railway crash
16 Stonehenge summer solstice celebrations see thousands gather
17 Kevlar inventor Stephanie Kwolek dies
18 Royals defend Kensington Palace apartment repairs cost
19 Fire at Barnsley ASOS fashion warehouse 'deliberate'
20 Toddler rescued from car by Derbyshire police officer
21 Pakistani village gives girls pioneering sex education class
22 'National roaming' plan to tackle mobile phone blackspots
23 New research shows Western Amazon under threat from oil pollution
24 Caterpillars that eat multiple plant species are more susceptible to hungry birds
25 Animal trapping records reveal strong wolf effect across North America
26 Discovery of a bud-break gene could lead to trees adapted for a changing climate
27 Great white shark population in good health along California coast, UF study finds
28 Migratory Birds Help Spread Plant Species: UConn Study
29 Researchers create better methods to detect E. coli
30 Winter's Over & It's Time to Grow Again--How Does a Tree Know?
31 Study reveals conditions linked to deadly bird flu and maps areas at risks
32 Chemical pollution of European waters is stronger than anticipated
33 Researchers tap into social networks of endangered Indiana bat to aid in habitat management
34 Why Species Matter
35 The noisy world of mud crabs
36 Stanford breakthrough provides picture of underground water
37 Fish-eating spiders discovered around the world
38 Fish-eating spiders discovered in all parts of the world
39 Researchers map fishing resources to assist land managers, anglers
40 Nanoparticles from dietary supplement drinks likely to reach environment, say scientists
41 BU-lead study shows surprising spread of spring leaf-out times
42 Innovative technologies in rural areas improve agriculture, health care
43 Iconic Minnesota conifers may give way to a more broad-leafed forest in the next century
44 Children consuming a Mediterranean Diet are 15% less likely to be overweight
45 Humans have been changing Chinese environment for 3,000 years
46 Researchers Develop Genetic Control Mechanism for Major Livestock Pest
47 Leafing out and climate change
48 New analysis contradicts findings published in Science
49 Vanishing da Vinci
50 Finding the lost art of Angkor Wat
51 Scientist uses fossils to prove historic Ohio millstones have French origins
52 Mitochondrial DNA of first Near Eastern farmers is sequenced for the first time
53 Seafarers brought Neolithic culture to Europe, gene study indicates
54 What amino acids in shells can tell us about Bronze Age people
55 Skulls with mix of Neandertal and primitive traits illuminate human evolution
56 Wind turbine payback
57 Overshadowed by climate change
58 MIPT Develops Unique Greenhouse Gas Meter
59 iDing Livestock Gut Microbes Contributing to Greenhouse Gas Emissions
60 Urban Water Management Workshop stresses more collaboration and innovation
61 $2.4 million NIH center grant to develop a cleaner, healthier environment in Detroit
62 A call to better protect Antarctica
63 Scientists take first dip into water's mysterious 'no-man's land'
64 Re-routing flights could reduce climate impact, research suggests
65 Familiar yet strange: Water's 'split personality' revealed by computer model
66 Astronomers pierce galactic clouds to shine light on black hole development
67 Far north at risk unless Ontario adopts new, inclusive planning process: Report
68 New research reveals that emperor penguins are more willing to relocate
69 Science magazine publishes study on new fossil human skulls from Spanish site
70 Strict diet suspends development, doubles lifespan of worms
71 Cleveland Clinic researchers discover protein that inhibits tumor growth
72 The genes tell crows to choose partners that look alike
73 Scientists identify link between stem cell regulation and the development of lung cancer
74 New mobile app from CFRI, UBC researchers provides faster, more accurate measurement of respiratory rate
75 Evolution of equine influenza led to canine offshoot which could mix with human influenza
76 Exploring How the Nervous System Develops
77 Neurons Get Their Neighbors to Take Out Their Trash
78 Drug Shows Promise for the First Time Against Metastatic Melanoma of the Eye
79 A New Tool to Confront Lung Cancer
80 The pig whipworm genome may aid to treat autoimmune diseases
81 A bacterial ballistic system
82 Treatment for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Military and Veteran Populations: Final Assessment
83 Researchers identify mitochondrial mutation linked to congenital myasthenic syndrome
84 Molecule regulates production of antibacterial agent used by immune cells
85 Children's Research Institute finds key to identifying, enriching mesenchymal stem cells
86 Inner Ear Stem Cells Hold Promise for Restoring Hearing
87 Researchers find gene critical for development of brain motor centre
88 Antidepressant use during pregnancy may lead to childhood obesity and diabetes
89 E-cigarettes in Europe used mostly by the young, current smokers, would-be quitters
90 Thieving chimps changing the way African farmers feed their families
91 Survey suggests that self-reported health of young adults has improved
92 Hyperthyroidism patients more likely to take extended sick leave than healthy peers
93 References resources find their place among open access and Google, study finds
94 Self-motivated participation in learning activities increases the well-being of adults
95 Social inequality intensifies amongst low-scoring pupils
96 Surfing the Web in class? Bad idea
97 'Vital signs' of teaching captured by quick, reliable in-class evaluation
98 Former athletes finish first in race for top jobs
99 Death by prescription painkiller
100 Job loss linked with higher incidence of depression in Americans compared with Europeans
101 How a new approach to funding Alzheimer's research could pay off
102 Study shows cost-effectiveness of smoking cessation counseling during hospitalization
103 Stem pipeline problems to aid STEM diversity
104 When it comes to numbers, culture counts
105 Quest for education creating graying ghost towns at top of the world
106 Federal funding cliff could cause health safety net clinics to shrink by one-quarter
107 Report shows citizen-designed county redistricting worked
108 New cocaine tracking system could lead to better drug enforcement
109 For cancer patients, new tool predicts financial pain
110 Citing 'urgent, acute' mental health issues, especially in Africa, experts petition gov'ts to act