File Title
1 Certified Food Scientists Making Strides One Year Later
2 Findings May Advance Iron-Rich, Cadmium-Free Crops
3 Weather App Puts Kids in the Pilot Seat
4 Researchers Design Circuits Capable of Functioning at Temperatures Greater than 650 Degrees Fahrenheit
5 Nutritionist Offers Advice on Vitamins, Dietary Supplements
6 Going Inside an Ant Raft
7 BRAIN POWER: New Insight into How the Brain Regulates Its Blood Flow
8 Mexican Genetics Study Reveals Huge Variation in Ancestry
9 Smithsonian and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Join to Advance Science and Education
10 New Computer Program Aims to Teach Itself Everything About Anything
11 Grit Better Than GRE at Predicting Success in Stem Fields
12 Third Warmest May in Satellite Record Might Portend Record-Setting El Nino
13 Missouri S&T Leads the Way in Project Lead the Way Teacher Training
14 Keeping Track of Time in Cyber-Physical Systems
15 Endangered Species Baby Boom at National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute
16 Researchers Tap Social Networks of Endangered Indiana Bat to Help Manage Habitat
17 How Sperm Get Into the Zona
18 El Nino Expected to Benefit U.S. Agriculture
19 NASA's Hubble to Begin Search Beyond Pluto for a New Horizons Mission Target
20 U.S. Housing Policies Increase Carbon Output
21 Trapping Light: A Long Lifetime in a Very Small Place
22 Sensor in Eye Could Track Pressure Changes, Monitor for Glaucoma
23 WIU Faculty, Graduate Students Investigate Asian Carp Life History, Interactions
24 Researchers Create Better Methods to Detect E. coli
25 Computation Leads to Better Understanding of Influenza Virus Replication
26 Controlling Ragweed Pollen in Detroit: A No-Mow Solution for Motown?
27 Indiana State Studying How Bats Use Swimming Pools
28 Great White Shark Population in Good Health Along California Coast
29 Study Links APC Gene to Learning and Autistic-like Disabilities
30 Tests Confirm That Beloved Hawk Succumbed to Multiple Rat Poisons
31 Genetics of Sex--Beyond Just Birds and Bees
32 Study: In Wild Yak Society, Moms Are the Real Climbers
33 Single Dose Reverses Autism-Like Symptoms in Mice
34 Lighting Research Center Issues New Report: LED Lighting in a Campus Building
35 Novel Nanoparticle Production Method Could Lead to Better Lights, Lenses, Solar Cells
36 Researchers Map Gene Differences in Yellow Fever, Malaria Mosquitoes
37 Swell New Sensors
38 Ultra-Thin Wires for Quantum Computing
39 Study Shows Promise for Antioxidants Extracted From Grape Seeds, Skin
40 Technique Matters: Anonymous Peer Feedback Through Social Networking Helped Surgical Residents Improve their Robotic Surgery Skills
41 Ahoy! New Physics Imaging Device Will Help Reveal Sunken Past
42 Stress Hormone Linked to Short-Term Memory Loss as We Age
43 Exposure to TV Violence Related to Irregular Attention and Brain Structure
44 Wildlife Researchers Map Fishing Resources to Assist Land Managers, Anglers
45 Food Safety Specialist Says Food Poisoning Cases Underreported
46 The Rise And Fall Of Prehistoric Penguin Populations, And What It Means To Modern Penguins
47 Dinosaurs Took A Middle Road Between Warm- And Cold-Blooded
48 Chimpanzees Show Impulsive Behaviors In Cooperating For Food
49 An Ocean's Worth Of Water May Be Sitting In North American Mantle
50 Biomarkers May Determine How Long Oil Lingers In The Environment
51 Microbial Garden Taking The Shine Off Glaciers
52 Study Of White Sharks In The Northwest Atlantic Offers Optimistic Outlook For Recovery
53 Eucalyptus--A Global Tree For Fuel And Fiber
54 World's Best Dad? Owl Monkeys Win The Title Hands Down
55 A First In Europe: Four Foals Born From Genotyped, Cryopreserved Embryos
56 NASA Flight Simulations May Soon Become More Realistic
57 Refreezing Meltwater Could Be Speeding Up Greenland Ice's Journey To Sea
58 Extremely Cold Conditions Not Expected To Increase Due To Climate Change
59 Starbucks Offers Online College Classes To Its Employees For Free
60 How Did Algae Evolve To Switch Quantum Coherence On And Off?
61 Physics Of Nanopores Revealed By Virus
62 Infectious Diseases Play A Part Of Declining Chesapeake Blue Crab Population
63 Wolves Have An Effect On Coyotes, Foxes Across North America
64 Antarctic Species Decline When More Icebergs Are Around
65 Human Behavior In Taking Surveys Identified With Quantum Theory
66 Archaeologists Uncover Remains Of Ancient Egyptian Plague Victims
67 Earth And Moon Are Older Than Previously Thought
68 Astronomers Analyze Dark Gamma-Ray Burst Environments
69 New NASA Space Observatory To Study Carbon Conundrums
70 3D Printer Headed For Space Station Is Ready for Launch
71 Experimental HiMAT Aircraft Has A New Home At NASA Armstrong
72 Herschel Sees Budding Stars And A Giant, Strange Ring
73 Multiple Telescopes Provide A Detailed View Of Near-Earth Asteroid Dubbed "The Beast"
74 Astronomers Discover Nearly 200 Previously Unknown 'Red' Galaxies
75 Despite Inhospitable Temperatures, Mars Lacks Frigid Wind Chills
76 XMM-Newton Sees A Cosmic Collision In The Bullet Group
77 NASA Experiments Recreate Aromatic Flavors Of Saturn's Moon Titan
78 New Horizons Mission To Analyze Pluto's Moon For Evidence Of Underground Ocean
79 Giant Space Weather Effects At Mercury Spotted By NASA's Messenger
80 Heart Of James Webb Space Telescope Lowered Into Chamber
81 NASA Update On Asteroid Redirect Mission
82 NASA's New Horizons To Utilize Hubble In Search Of Deep Space Object
83 Italian Firms Join Forces To Bring Espresso To The International Space Station
84 Scientists Develop New Technique That Uses Methane To Search For Extraterrestrial Life
85 Planetary Nebulae Observed Releasing Water-Building Molecules
86 Titan Flybys Test The Talents Of NASA's Cassini Team
87 Red Meat Intake In Early Adulthood Linked To Breast Cancer Risk
88 Moles May Be An Indicator Of Breast Cancer: Studies
89 Personal Breathalyzer Paints Troubling Picture Of Drinking Trends
90 A Meaningful Need Arises For Elderly-Based Activity Trackers
91 Eating White Bread Encourages Growth Of Beneficial Gut Bacteria
92 New Type of Cancer Discovered By Mayo Clinic Researchers
93 Modern Bird Genes Have Potential To Cause A Pandemic Similar To 1918 Spanish Flu
94 Diet Higher In Certain Types Of Protein May Be Linked To Lower Stroke Risk: Journal
95 Cigarette Smoking Down Amongst Teens, But Nearly Half Admit To Texting While Driving
96 Activist FoodBabe Scores Another Win: Beer Makers Begin Listing Their Ingredients
97 Eating Processed Meat Linked To Increased Heart Failure Risk In Men
98 Food Marketing Often Creates A False Sense Of Health
99 New Study Suggests Text Messages Could Help Patients Control Diabetes
100 Detoxification Of Air Pollutants Enhanced By Broccoli Sprout Beverage: Clinical Trial In China
101 New Method Of Reversing Type 1 Diabetes In Mice Could Eventually Help Humans
102 Diabetes Patients May Get Better Results With Bionic Pancreas
103 California Public Health Dept. Responds To Whooping Cough Outbreak
104 Bleeding Strokes Quickly Differentiated From Clot-induced Strokes Using Strokefinder
105 Embryonic Stem Cells Offer Promising Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis
106 Sensor In Eye Could Watch For Glaucoma And Track Pressure Changes
107 Prescription Pain Killer Deaths Outnumber Heroin, Cocaine Overdoses
108 Researchers Create Better Methods To Detect E. Coli
109 Getting Rid Of Old Mitochondria
110 Low Dose Of Targeted Drug Might Improve Cancer-Killing Virus Therapy
111 Fecal Transplants Restore Healthy Bacteria And Gut Functions
112 Long-Term Study Suggests Ways To Help Children Learn Language And Develop Cognitive Skills
113 Single Dose Reverses Autism-Like Symptoms In Mice
114 Too Many Decorations In A Classroom Can Disrupt Attention And Learning In Young Children