File Title
1 Utah officials work to prevent more eagle deaths
2 Churches back science standards teaching evolution
3 Tech giants seek to halt overseas snooping by US
4 Shaky stats fuel power plant debate
5 Obama at NY fundraisers, including gay donor gala
6 Obama setting aside massive Pacific Ocean preserve
7 Elon Musk takes on carbon with solar, battery bets
8 Vilsack in Europe to make US case on farm trade
9 Facebook slings new photo/video messaging app
10 UK wins grant to limit impact from waste sites
11 SanDisk to buy Fusion-io to boost flash storage business
12 Infosys founder plays down top management exits; focuses on innovation
13 Obama says climate change deniers ignoring science
14 Slidell neighborhood dolphin dies
15 Obama to join inventors at White House Maker Faire
16 4 U. Va. researchers to share $550,000 grant
17 Kansas governor squawks over prairie chicken suit
18 Sandoval says he'll funnel $3.5 million to mental health
19 Miss. may have 1st case of mosquito-borne virus
20 North Carolina editorial roundup
21 California lawmakers reject sugary drink warnings
22 California bill to require warning labels on sugary drinks dies
23 Audit: California agency not ensuring limo safety
24 Texas medical group starts vets' care registry
25 Burned Ukrainian boy jubilant over ability to walk
26 Big Tobacco squares up as EU rules aim to track every cigarette
27 Novartis says slimmer structure to boost profitability
28 U.S. government confident new vaccine will help fight pig virus
29 Death toll from West Africa Ebola hits 337: WHO update
30 US: New Jersey has high health exchange premiums
31 Canada approves pipeline to Pacific Ocean, with conditions
32 Cause of death still a mystery in China-made pet food scare
33 Xcel Energy seeks $138 million electric rate increase
34 Scientists warn of tourism threat to Antarctica
35 Crews battling Navajo fire brace for more wind
36 Indonesia's 'haze' pollution defenses not enough, says green group
37 Conservationists sue over rare Fla. snail habitat
38 Red wolf born at Land Between the Lakes
39 In NC hamlet, residents worry over coal ash ponds
40 Climate change threatens tourism as ski slopes thaw, seas rise
41 Washington residents rail against oil shipments
42 Experts seek to remove fox from endangered list
43 Parties agree to resolve W. Va. mine runoff lawsuit
44 SC groups worry about washed-out sandbags
45 UNESCO warns Australia over Great Barrier Reef
46 Alabama AG to testify against environmental rules
47 Thefts from grave sites reported in Iron Mountain
48 Help spot invasive trees in photos of Kauai forest
49 Stylr app is Wal-Mart tech lab's latest buy
50 Bitcoin faces biggest threat yet: a miner takeover
51 Apple settles e-book antitrust case with U.S. states, others
52 Oregon moves toward lawsuit over health exchange
53 WEX Inc. acquires North Dakota health tech firm
54 Illinois puts $2.5 million into tech center expansion
55 Irish judge says cannot order Facebook data probe under current EU rules
56 Hong Kong panel recommends reform of rule that lost the city Alibaba's IPO
57 Billionaire founder lines up next challenge: beating Alibaba
58 BlackBerry to announce app licensing deal with Amazon--sources
59 In deal with Amazon, BlackBerry to offer 240,000 Android apps
60 Scripps Florida Scientists Unravel the Molecular Secret of Short, Intense Workouts
61 A New Way to Make Laser-Like Beams Using 250x Less Power
62 New Method Reveals Single Protein Interaction Key to Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation
63 Vanderbilt Scientists Discover That Chemical Element Bromine Is Essential To Human Life
64 Making Artificial Vision Look More Natural
65 What a 66-Million-Year Old Forest Fire Reveals About the Last Days of the Dinosaurs
66 Brain Circuit Problem Likely Sets Stage for the "Voices" That Are Symptom of Schizophrenia
67 Turbulent Black Holes: Fasten Your Seatbelts...Gravity Is About to Get Bumpy!
68 Scientists Find New Targets that Could Increase Effectiveness, Reduce Side Effects in Breast Cancer Treatments
69 Iowa State, Ames Lab Researchers Find the Mechanism That Forms Cell-to-Cell Catch Bonds
70 Silent Mutations Speak Up
71 Improved Blood Glucose Control Slows Progression to End-Stage Renal Disease in Type 1 Diabetes
72 Is Glaucoma a Brain Disease?
73 Brain Traffic Jams That Can Disappear in 30 Seconds
74 Expert Pitch: Two WIU Scientists Study Impact of Asian Carp
75 A Tiny Molecule May Help Battle Depression
76 Quick Getaway: How Flies Escape Looming Predators
77 Newly Identified B-Cell Selection Process Adds to Our Understanding of Antibody Diversity
78 Facing a Violent Past: New Study Suggests Evolution of Faces a Result of Need to Weather Punches During Arguments
79 Researchers Pinpoint New Role for Enzyme in DNA Repair, Kidney Cancer
80 Iowa State University Researchers Test Accuracy of Fitness Bands and Find Way to Correct Self-Report Errors
81 New Class of Nanoparticle Brings Cheaper, Lighter Solar Cells Outdoors
82 Retracing Citrus' Earliest Roots to Find Clues for Healthier Future
83 Restoring Grasslands
84 Grain Legume Crops Sustainable, Nutritious
85 Funky Ferroelectric Properties Probed with X-Rays
86 Magnetic Cooling Enables Efficient, 'Green' Refrigeration
87 Malaria: Blood Cells Behaving Badly
88 First-in-Nation State Climate Assessment Released by Vermont
89 Researchers Use Human Stem Cells to Create Light-Sensitive Retina in a Dish
90 N/A
91 LRRK2 Inhibitors May Be Key to Combating Parkinson's Disease
92 To Recover Consciousness, Brain Activity Passes Through Newly Detected States
93 New Field Guide for Africa's Mammalian Eden
94 New Permafrost Is Forming Around Shrinking Arctic Lakes, but Will It Last?
95 New Formula Assigns Dollar Value to Natural Resources
96 Perennial Corn Crops? New Plant-Breeding Tool Could Help Make It Happen
97 NYU and UCSF Researchers Develop a Framework for Monitoring Oral Cancer
98 Real or Fake? Research Shows Brain Uses Multiple Clues for Facial Recognition
99 UF/IFAS to Host Public Event to Discuss Genetically Engineered Foods
100 Providing Broader Access to Leading-Edge Imaging Technologies at Janelia Research Campus
101 Evolution and Venomous Snakes: Diet Distinguishes Look-Alikes on Two Continents
102 Improvements in MRIs, Passenger Screening, Other Image-Detection Applications on the Horizon
103 DNA-Linked Nanoparticles Form Switchable "Thin Films" on a Liquid Surface
104 Guarding Against "Carmageddon" Cyberattacks
105 Lighting Research Center Authors National Academies Report on New Roadway Lighting Technologies
106 White Bread Helps Boost Some of the Gut's 'Good' Microbes
107 Gigantic Explosion Buried in Dust: Alma Probes Environment Around Gamma Ray Bursts
108 Why Aren't Product Designers Considering Activity Trackers for Older Adults?
109 Zebrafish Model Helps Identify Drug Compound That Reverses Lethal Form of Cardiomyopathy
110 New USTAR Center for Chemical Biology Launches Research Program to Outsmart Diabetes