File Title
1 New sensor to detect harmful bacteria on food industry surfaces
2 Scientists create clearer glass with permanent, superhydrophilic ceramic coating
3 The electric charge of mineral surfaces changes in flowing water
4 Producing hyperpolarized xenon gas on a microfluidic chip
5 New membrane-synthesis pathways in bacteria discovered
6 Glucose monitoring for diabetes made easy with a blood-less method
7 Next generation of bioplastics could be made from trees
8 How cormorants emerge dry after deep dives
9 Researchers 'cage' water to see it change form
10 Celebrating the work of a neglected scientific pioneer
11 New discoveries could help neutralize chemical weapons
12 Computation leads to better understanding of influenza virus replication
13 Quantum biology: Algae evolved to switch quantum coherence on and off
14 Nanomechanical detection of methamphetamines and designer drugs
15 If you own, use or manage a swimming pool, Indiana State's bat research center needs your help
16 Animal trapping records reveal strong wolf effect across North America
17 Resistant mosquitoes may fly in to fight dengue in Australia
18 Endangered species baby boom at National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute
19 Birth of four foals from genotyped, cryopreserved embryos
20 Researchers tap into social networks of endangered Indiana bat to aid in habitat management
21 How sperm get into the zona
22 Quokka 'pellets' best determiner of population abundance
23 High-altitude weight loss may have an evolutionary advantage
24 'Super' banana to face first human trial
25 Can we save critically endangered lemurs by learning about their social system?
26 Controlling ragweed pollen in Detroit: A no-mow solution for Motown?
27 Researchers create better methods to detect E. coli
28 Great white sharks plentiful off US west coast
29 Antarctic species dwindle as icebergs batter shores year-round
30 Caterpillars that eat multiple plant species are more susceptible to hungry birds
31 Discovery of a bud-break gene could lead to trees adapted for a changing climate
32 Team applies new theory to learn how and why cells differentiate
33 When genes play games: Algorithm helps explain sex in evolution
34 Introducing synthetic features to living organisms without genetic modification
35 Tropical eden revealed: In Southeast Suriname, scientists document new biodiversity and pristine ecosystems
36 Researchers map gene differences in yellow fever, malaria mosquitoes, to help prevent disease
37 To fight malaria, we now have genetic weapons that can track and kill
38 Discovery of a tiny new animal in Antarctica's Victoria Land
39 Squirrels counter evolutionary impact of fire on lodgepole pine
40 'Never take a gamble with a penalty kick' urges leading football researcher
41 'Pocket sauropod' sheds light on giant's evolution
42 Researchers unearth largest Silurian vertebrate to date--meter long Megamastax
43 Job interviews reward narcissists, punish applicants from modest cultures
44 The supreme leader sails on; but where did it all go wrong for FIFA?
45 Company aims to transform reading instruction
46 N/A
47 Coalition's deficit reduction has made UK tax base more regressive
48 High number of fatalities despite unchanged level of armed conflicts
49 How independent boards, managerial discretion, CEO tenure affect shareholder wealth
50 Could politics trump economics as reason for growing income inequality?
51 In managing boundaries between work and home, technology can be both 'friend' and 'foe'
52 Most millennial moms who skip college also skip marriage
53 Best of Last Week--Map of universe questioned, violent history of our faces and resistant bacteria found in food
54 Sweden returns pre-Incan funeral shroud to Peru (Update)
55 Q&A: How aluminum changed the world, for good and bad
56 New project to investigate vanishing pubs in England
57 Forced marriage of people with learning disabilities is abuse too
58 Reference resources find their place among open access and Google, study finds
59 Timing stock repurchases pays
60 Gamers know grammar, and aren't afraid to use it: study
61 Working women have more influence at home, study says
62 Marriage legalization could lead to dissolution of same-sex relationships, new study shows
63 Self-motivated participation in learning activities increases the well-being of adults
64 Historians become scientists to reveal the real reason for a decline in violent crime
65 Surfing the Web in class? Bad idea
66 Mutations during initial infection allows bacteria to evade immune response
67 Research focuses on how food marketing creates a false sense of health
68 Synchronized brain waves enable rapid learning
69 Being in a group makes some people lose touch with their personal moral beliefs, researchers find
70 Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in food products for the first time
71 How leptin, the 'satiety hormone,' reverses diabetes
72 Gun violence and mental illness: Study addresses perception vs. reality
73 Unexpected origin for important parts of the nervous system
74 Study finds some people finish difficult tasks first
75 Broccoli sprout drink enhances detoxification of air pollutants in clinical trial in China
76 Team uses new technique to uncover the building blocks of kidney regeneration
77 Sleep quality and duration improve cognition in aging populations
78 Anesthesiologists identify top 5 practices that could be avoided
79 In military personnel, no difference between blast and nonblast-related concussions
80 Omega-3 inhibits blood vessel growth in age-related macular degeneration
81 Strokefinder quickly differentiates bleeding strokes from clot-induced strokes
82 Team explains how stiffness in breast tissue contributes to invasive carcinoma
83 Study shows chikungunya mutation places several countries at risk of epidemic
84 Chemical strategy hints at better drugs for osteoporosis, diabetes
85 Modified iPhone shows promise against type 1 diabetes
86 Your genes affect your betting behavior
87 How our brains store recent memories, cell by single cell
88 Getting rid of old mitochondria: Some neurons turn to neighbors to help take out the trash
89 Study links APC gene to learning and autistic-like disabilities
90 Gene 'switch' reverses cancer in common childhood leukaemia model
91 Genetic pathway can slow spread of ovarian cancer
92 How viruses can overwhelm the liver's defences
93 Study reveals conditions linked to deadly bird flu and maps areas at risks
94 Boost for dopamine packaging protects brain in Parkinson's model
95 Potential cholesterol lowering drug has breast cancer fighting capabilities
96 After Pluto, what's next for NASA's New Horizons probe?
97 Hubble to seek out new destinations for New Horizons
98 Hubble telescope to hunt for Pluto-bound NASA probe's next target
99 Nearly a Century Later, Edwin Hubble's Legacy Lives On (Op-Ed)
100 Researchers Discover Way To Contain Light With Nanocavities
101 Trapping light now possible for longer time than previously thought
102 Fascinating Breakthrough in Trapping Light for Nanoseconds in a Silicon Nanocavity
103 Trapping light? Yes, thanks to God-like nanocavities
104 Bachelor Party Finds Ancient Mastodon Skull in New Mexico (VIDEO)
105 Bachelor Party Celebrates One Last Night Of Freedom, Finds 3 Million-Year-Old Mastodon Skull
106 Party finds 10-million-year-old skull
107 Bachelor party goes to beach, finds mastodon skull
108 Actor Leonardo DiCaprio tells a State Department conference that the world's oceans need new protections to save them
109 Obama to Use Executive Powers to Save the Oceans
110 John Kerry speaks of 'vital security' of climate change use rules for ocean