File Title
1 Exotic state of matter--a 'random solid solution'--affects how ions move through battery material
2 Researchers create nanoparticle thin films that self-assemble in one minute
3 New class of nanoparticle brings cheaper, lighter solar cells outdoors
4 Anti-microbial coatings with a long-term effect for surfaces
5 Technology using microwave heating may impact electronics manufacture
6 Charging portable electronics in 10 minutes
7 Developers present conductive coatings for flexible touchscreens
8 Sixteen nanometres in 3D
9 DNA-linked nanoparticles form switchable 'thin films' on a liquid surface
10 Developing terahertz detectors with carbon nanotubes: Improvements in MRIs on the horizon
11 Nanotube forests drink water from arid air
12 Researchers develop method to measure positions of atomic sites with new precision
13 Antibodies from the desert as guides to diseased cells
14 High-performance MoS2 field-effect transistors
15 Iridescent films made from wood pulp cellulose may replace toxic dyes
16 Elastic wire-shaped lithium ion batteries with high electrochemical performance
17 Nano-imaging probes molecular disorder
18 How carbon cousins shaped warfare and can electrify the future
19 Trapping the light fantastic
20 Nanoscale composites improve MRI: Researchers merge magnetic particles to detect, fight disease
21 Nanoparticles aid the microscopic detection of a protein relevant for cancer
22 Researchers use virus to reveal nanopore physics
23 Team bolsters batteries with nanotubes
24 Nanoshell shields foreign enzymes used to starve cancer cells from immune system
25 Novel nanoparticle production method could lead to better lights, lenses, solar cells
26 Chemical sensor on a chip
27 Manipulating and detecting ultrahigh frequency sound waves
28 Viewing deeper into the quantum world
29 Tiny new synthetic diamonds increase strength of girl's best friend
30 Study finds weird magic ingredient for quantum computing
31 Eavesdroppers begone: New quantum key distribution technique is impervious to noise
32 Model system used to illustrate phase transition of a mixture of active and passive particles
33 Development of new ion traps advances quantum computing systems
34 Long-range tunneling of quantum particles
35 Quantum computation: Fragile yet error-free
36 Reimagining silicon
37 Precise magnetic data to establish the unusual nuclear shape of beryllium-11
38 Breakthrough for information technology using Heusler materials
39 Einstein vs. quantum mechanics, and why he'd be a convert today
40 2014 World Cup ball has better aerodynamics: NASA
41 Pairing up single atoms in silicon for quantum computing
42 Theory says there may be disk of dark matter at center of galaxy
43 Theorists propose globally networked entangled atomic clock
44 Market crashes are anomalous features in the financial data fractal landscape
45 Trapping light: A long lifetime in a very small place
46 Explained: How does a soccer ball swerve?
47 A faster path to optical circuits
48 Quantum theory reveals puzzling pattern in how people respond to some surveys
49 Ice in fuel cells imaged directly for the first time
50 Superconducting secrets solved after 30 years
51 3D printer to fly to space in August, sooner than planned
52 Decontamination system to up research on space station
53 NASA experiments recreate aromatic flavors of Titan
54 Tour of Boeing's CST-100 Spaceliner to LEO
55 Herschel sees budding stars and a giant, strange ring
56 Cracks in Pluto's moon could indicate it once had an underground ocean
57 Ice and fire forge a reservoir for life on Mars
58 Introducing Earth's bigger, older brother: planet Kapteyn b (w/ Video)
59 Experts cast doubt on Big Bang bolstering discovery
60 Astrophysicists ask public to rank sunspots
61 Game-changing science with the SKA discussed in Sicily
62 France 'eyes Airbus-Safran tie-up for launch rockets'
63 Red dwarf stars tell us how planets form
64 Image of solar activity shows two bright bands circling the Sun
65 Airbus, Safran do launcher deal to compete with SpaceX
66 Italians to send ISSpresso machine to ISS
67 Binary stars are more common than we thought
68 Enter the Dragon: Mega-Earth in Draco smashes notions of planetary formation
69 Hubble to begin search beyond Pluto for a New Horizons mission target
70 Hunt for extraterrestrial life gets massive methane boost
71 NASA's Messenger spots giant space weather effects at Mercury
72 Opportunity peers out from 'Pillinger Point'
73 Webb's fully integrated 'heart' lowered into the chamber (w/ Video)
74 Solar photons drive water off the Moon
75 Automating laboratory-on-a-chip to cut healthcare costs
76 Tech giants seek to halt overseas snooping by US
77 BlackBerry announces new messaging security
78 US top court to rule if threats on Facebook are free speech
79 EU, South Korea join forces for faster mobile service
80 Alibaba's growth slips to slowest pace in six years
81 World's top electric car makers 'talk collaboration'
82 Domino's introduces a 'Siri' to take mobile orders
83 Sensor in eye could track pressure changes, monitor for glaucoma
84 Researchers develop high-quality 3-D metal parts using additive manufacturing
85 Commuting times stay constant even as distances change
86 Filmmakers to get thrill-ride scenes with IMAX 3D digital camera
87 Researchers develop fuel cells for increased airplane efficiency
88 Mexican energy reform must not be hindered by weak regulatory governance, expert says
89 Stylr app is Wal-Mart tech lab's latest buy
90 Strengthening carbon fiber for vehicle use
91 High-performance computing programming with ease
92 Sales of Nest smoke detector resume at lower price
93 Apple reaches settlement in e-book price fixing case, report says
94 Seeking reality in the future of aeronautical simulation
95 Could you run your car on coffee?
96 Amazon could shake up sector with smartphone
97 Bitcoin faces biggest threat yet: a miner takeover
98 Smart glasses for people with poor vision being tested in Oxford
99 Smartphone adapted to measure person's gait, reduce falls
100 Four-color theorem linked to crystal's magnetic properties
101 UCL licences research to Collagen Solutions for next generation collagen products
102 'Onion' vesicles for drug delivery developed
103 New biometric watches use light to non-invasively monitor glucose, dehydration, pulse
104 In the spotlight: The fight over preservatives in personal care products
105 Natural oil adsorbent for produced water treatment
106 American Chemical Society's highest honor goes to pioneer of diagnostic 'DNA chips'
107 White bread helps boost some of the gut's 'good' microbes
108 New composite protects from corrosion at high mechanical stress
109 Gauging local illicit drug use in real time could help police fight abuse
110 Toward 24-7 glucose monitoring to help manage diabetes