File Title
1 Was Bowe Bergdahl a Deserter?
2 Gecko-Inspired Tech Lets Humans Scale Walls Like Spider-Man
3 Ancient Mayan Altars, Sculpted Artwork Discovered in Guatemala
4 Human Faces May Have Evolved to Take a Punch
5 Rare Stradivarius Violin Could Fetch $10 Million at Auction
6 Boom! Enormous Supernova Explosion Created in the Lab
7 Chimps Outsmart Humans in Simple Strategy Game
8 Drastic New England Lobster Decline May Be Linked to Warmer Waters
9 29 Million in US Have Diabetes, CDC Says
10 First Commercial Drone Use Approved in US
11 Bowe Bergdahl: Exploring the Psychology of Desertion
12 Aging Muscles May Just Need a Little 'Love Hormone'
13 A New Spin on Mapping U.S. Tornado Touchdowns
14 Mini-Retina Created with Stem Cells
15 Surprise! Icebergs Spotted in Lake Superior
16 Vibrating Clothes Could Help Blind People Navigate
17 More Moles, Higher Breast Cancer Risk, Studies Say
18 What, Me Fat? Most Americans Don't Think They're Overweight, Poll Finds
19 Samsung Gear 2: Smartwatch Review
20 Skipping Red Meat May Lower Breast Cancer Risk
21 'Good Health' Genes Linked to Increased Risk of Brain Cancer
22 Weird Case of Look-Alike Snakes Surprises Researchers
23 King Penguins' Genes Explain Ancient Island-Hopping
24 Suction is Key to Diving Beetle's Loving Embrace
25 Parade of Creatures Colonized Land After Dinosaur Demise
26 Ant Sperm Bundle Up to Outrace the Competition
27 The Air You're Breathing? A Diatom Made That
28 Reference: Hamster Facts: Diet, Habits & Types of Hamsters
29 Reference: What Is Earth Science?
30 Reference: What Is a Proof?
31 Health Check: How Food Affects Mood and Mood Affects Food (Op-Ed)
32 Married Men More Likely to Get Health Screenings
33 Simply Copying Nature is No Way to Succeed at Inventing--Just Ask Leonardo da Vinci (Op-Ed)
34 Nuclear Industry Launches PR Push to Cover Its Assets (Op-Ed)
35 Ancient Long-Necked 'Sea Monsters' Rowed Their Way to Prey
36 Earth-Moon Smashup Happened Earlier Than Thought
37 Rare Sherlock Holmes & J.D. Salinger Items Hit Auction Block
38 Resveratrol Supplements May Harm Fetus, Primate Study Suggests
39 Tiny Fish May Be Ancestor of Nearly All Living Vertebrates
40 High-Protein Diet May Lower Stroke Risk
41 Poor Heart Health Linked to Cognitive Impairment
42 5-Million-Year-Old Arctic Fox Ancestor Found in Tibet
43 Intense Solar Storm Could Hit Earth on Friday the 13th
44 Cellphone Radiation Might Be a Drag on Sperm
45 Why Humanity Must 'Rewild' (Op-Ed)
46 Reference: What Is Kinetic Energy?
47 Ethanol Production, Plagued by Yogurt Bacteria, Getting Viral Cure
48 Visualizing the Motion of Corals
49 'Cool Kids' Don't Stay Cool Forever, Study Suggests
50 'Shark Girl' Fights Against Fear in New Documentary
51 Frog Licks Bigger Prey Thanks to Super-Sticky Tongue
52 The Origins of Unlucky Friday the 13th
53 Penguins Once Thrived in Warmer Temps, But Now Face Climate Crisis
54 World Cup Exoskeleton Demo: Hope or Hype?
55 423-Million-Year-Old Fish Was Once Earth's Largest Vertebrate
56 Superstitions Collide: Full Moon Rises on Friday the 13th
57 Pew Pew Pew! US Military Developing Laser Weapons to Down Enemy Drones
58 Like Magic! Tiny Particles Can Pass Through Long-Distance Barriers
59 Found! Hidden Ocean Locked Up Deep in Earth's Mantle
60 Warm or Cold? Dinosaurs Had 'In-Between' Blood
61 Why Extroverts Could Cause Problems on a Mission to Mars
62 Condom Use Drops Among US Teens
63 Digging into Probiotics: Experts Look at Foods' Bacteria & Health Claims
64 N/A
65 Peering Inside the World Cup's Brazuca Ball
66 Human and Chimp Genes May Have Split 13 Million Years Ago
67 Free for All: Tesla Motors Makes Electric Car Patents Open Source
68 On the Trail of Drug-Defying Superbugs
69 New Test Spots Malformed Proteins Linked to Mad Cow Disease
70 Why Do We Fear Friday the 13th?
71 NASA Spacecraft Will Sniff Out Earth's Carbon Dioxide
72 Gay Men Who Use Hook-Up Apps Have Higher STD Risk
73 Another Titanic Change is Needed to Save More Lives at Sea (Op-Ed)
74 Time to Discard the Metric that Decides How Science is Rated (Op-Ed)
75 Thanks, Dad: Owl Monkeys Are Caring Fathers, Too
76 Russia's Popigai Meteor Crash Linked to Mass Extinction
77 Million-Year-Old Fossils Show Hippos Going for a Swim
78 Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Higher Risk of Premature Death
79 Animals 'Predict' 2014 World Cup Winning Teams
80 Earth's Oldest Rocks Hold Essential Ingredient for Life
81 Paralyzed Man Takes First Kick of 2014 World Cup
82 Oil Drilling Contaminated Western Amazon Rainforest, Study Confirms
83 Drug Use Linked with Brain Differences in Teens
84 N/A
85 Why the FAA's Newly Approved Drone Flights Are 'Problematic'
86 Human Ancestors Got Herpes from Chimps' Ancestors
87 Yes, You Can Get Your Cat to Behave
88 Einstein vs. Quantum Mechanics...and Why He'd Be a Convert Today (Op-Ed)
89 Deadly Airborne Flu Virus Created in Lab--Not as Bad as It Sounds (Op-Ed)
90 5 Ways Fatherhood Changes a Man's Brain
91 Cancer-gene data sharing boosted
92 Bacteria implicated in stress-related heart attacks
93 Fetal-cell revival for Parkinson's
94 Snakes mimic extinct species to avoid predators
95 Sound clue in hunt for MH370
96 Searching chromosomes for the legacy of trauma
97 Research training: Homeward bound
98 Stars of South American science
99 South American science: Big players
100 Origins of Arctic fox traced back to Tibet
101 Secrets of ant rafts revealed
102 Spanish physicist brings radical politics to Brussels
103 Dinosaurs neither warm-blooded nor cold-blooded
104 Sweeping diversity seen in Mexican genomes
105 Spider mating plugs become better with age
106 European Medicines Agency set to publish clinical-trial reports
107 Jordan's stem-cell law can guide the Middle East
108 Good practice
109 A growing problem
110 Open goal
111 Big Bang blunder bursts the multiverse bubble
112 Fellowships: Turning brain drain into brain circulation