File Title
1 World Needs Trillions For Green Technology Investments
2 Ethical Diamond Claims Should Go Beyond The Kimberley Process
3 License To Ill
4 When Will A Message Of Social Responsibility Backfire?
5 Soda Companies Misleading In Corporate Social Marketing
6 Rising Treatment Costs Drive Up Health Care Spending
7 Symantec Report Says Android And Small Businesses Most Targeted By Hackers In 2012
8 Physical Contact Plus Ethical Marketing Equals Increased Consumer Preference
9 AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile To End Unsolicited Messaging Service Fees
10 Variant Of Longevity Gene Could Enhance Cognitive Abilities
11 More Activity: Less Risk Of Gestational Diabetes Progressing To Type 2 Diabetes
12 Pregnant Women Experience Strong Emotional Reactions To Music, As Evidenced By Their Blood Pressure
13 Team Converts Sugarcane To A Cold-Tolerant, Oil-Producing Crop
14 Stanford Scientists Model A Win-Win Situation: Growing Crops On Photovoltaic Farms
15 Corn-Based Biofuel Production Could Generate More CO2 Than Gasoline
16 Manned Missions To Mars Are Closer To Reality: Elon Musk
17 US-Russia Tensions Over Ukraine Crisis Could Lead To An End Of ISS Operations For NASA By 2020
18 NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Captures Images Of Big New Crater
19 Engineers Ready NASA's Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator
20 Workshop For Study On Applications For Large Space Optics Hosted By NASA
21 Unmanned Military Convoy Completes Successful Demonstrations
22 Newly Discovered Species Of Grasshopper Named After Grammy Winner
23 Identified For The First Time What Kind Of Explosive Has Been Used After The Device Has Been Detonated
24 ESA's New X-ray Optics To Observe The Hot Universe
25 Unique Semiconductor Paves The Way For New And Enhanced Applications
26 Rainbow-catching Waveguide Could Open New Possibilities For Energy Technologies
27 Study Examines UV Nail Salon Lamps, Risk Of Skin Cancer
28 Researchers Find Minimal Skin Cancer Risk From Nail Salon Lamps
29 Doctors Should Routinely Evaluate Patients' Physical Activity Habits
30 Regular Exercise Boosts Teens' Academic Performance, Especially Girls
31 Study Highlights Benefits Of Exceeding Physical Activity Recommendations
32 Varsity Sports Keep The Doctor Away
33 Exercise Found To Reduce Risk Of Cancer-Related Deaths In Men
34 People Pay More Attention To The Upper Half Of Field Of Vision
35 Caffeine-Based Gold Compounds Are Potential Tools In The Fight Against Cancer
36 Italian Adolescents Wrongly Believe Energy Drinks Are Comparable To Soda And Sports Drinks
37 Global Coffee Production Sees A Decline In Shade Grown Varieties
38 Can Coffee Stave Off Suicide?
39 Heart Function Disrupted Under Influence Of Energy Drinks: Study
40 Teens Who Consume Energy Drinks Are At Higher Risk Of Substance Abuse
41 Explaining Australia's New Wave Of Animal Extinctions
42 Genetic Diversity Is Key To Tiger Conservation
43 Global Bird Conservation Guided By Evolutionary Distinctness
44 Large Carnivores With Large Geographic Ranges Better-Studied
45 DNA Clamp To Grab Cancer Before It Develops
46 Polynesian Chickens May Have Flown The Coop, But They Didn't Make It To South America: Study
47 Scientists Working On Facial Reconstruction Method Using Genetic Material
48 New Functions For 'Junk' DNA?
49 Amino Acid Fingerprints Revealed In New Study
50 Research Shows Bacteria Can Remain On Airplane Surfaces For Days
51 Not Just For The Heart, Red Wine Shows Promise As Cavity Fighter
52 Soil Bacteria May Provide Clues To Curbing Antibiotic Resistance
53 Ditch The Soap And Water? AOBiome Wants You To Wash With Bacteria Instead!
54 Development Of A Novel Dual JAK/Src Kinase Inhibitor
55 Researchers Identify Key Proteins Responsible For Electrical Communication In The Heart
56 Discovery May Lead To New Drugs For Osteoporosis
57 Beta-Catenin Alters T Cells In Lasting And Harmful Ways
58 Protein Discovery Could Boost Efficacy Of Bone Marrow Replacement Treatments
59 Intracellular ABC Transporters Allow Leaf Beetle Larvae To Accumulate Defensive Substances When Feeding
60 High-Resolution 3-D Imaging Draws New Picture Of Golgi's Whereabouts During Cell Division
61 Why Some Petunias Are Blue
62 Cilia Use Different Molecular Motors For Different Jobs
63 Researchers Discover Critical Protein For Healthy Cell Growth In Mammals
64 Neuroscientists Discover Adaptation Mechanisms Of The Brain When Perceiving Letters Of The Alphabet
65 How Does Touch Trigger Our Emotions, And How Does It Affect Those With Autism?
66 Home-Based Walking Program Eases Clogged Leg Arteries
67 Training Brain Patterns Of Empathy Using Functional Brain Imaging
68 Mice With 'Mohawks' Help Scientists Link Autism To 2 Biological Pathways In Brain
69 Putting A Brake On Tumor Spread
70 Study Reveals Workings Of Working Memory
71 How The Brain Stores Memories By Time
72 Brainy Courage Of The Rainbowfish
73 Memory Area Of Brain In Older Women Boosted With Regular Aerobic Exercise
74 Researchers Discover Achilles Heel Of The Plasmodium And Aim A Molecular Arrow To Destroy It
75 New Parkinson's Disease Chemical Messenger Discovered
76 Researchers Discover Possible New Target To Attack Flu Virus
77 South Korean Man To Launch Homemade Satellite
78 Lockheed Unveils 'Son Of Blackbird,' New Hypersonic Spy Plane
79 Stealth Properties Of Owl Wings Could Lead To Quieter Aircraft, Wind Turbines
80 New Conceptual Configuration For Air-breathing Hypersonic Airplanes
81 A Look Back At The X-29A In 'Sweeping Forward'
82 NASA Book Reveals New Twist In Flight Research
83 New Computer Model May Accurately Predict Path Of Forest Fires
84 California's Aging Levees Being Watched Over By NASA Radar
85 Researchers Empower Parents To Inspire First-Generation College-Goers
86 Economics = MC2--A Portrait Of The Modern Physics Startup
87 California Groundwater Reliance Linked To Increased Earthquake Activity
88 Accidental Find Offers Big Potential For Research On Alaska's Glaciers
89 Pulling The Plug In East Antarctica Could Result In Domino Effect Of Sea Level Rise
90 Scientists Complete First-Ever Global Inventory Of Glaciers
91 New Study Declares That The Loss Of West Antarctic Glaciers Is 'Inevitable'
92 Winners And Losers: Study Looks At Alaskan Birds' Vulnerability To Climate Change
93 Risk Factor For Depression Can Be 'Contagious'
94 Research Finds Psychological Vulnerable Older Adults Are More Susceptible To Experience Fraud
95 Helping The Aged During Natural Disasters
96 One-third Of Central Catalan Coast Vulnerable To Storm Impact
97 How To Have Your Own Backyard Weather Station
98 Researchers Evaluate Best Weather Forecasting Models
99 Transoceanic Flights Avoid Storms With Help From New NASA-Funded Forecast System
100 Universally Understood Expressions Of Emotion Are Mainly Specific To Western Culture
101 Brain's Reward System Responsible For Love, Or Hatred, Of Music
102 Owl Monkeys Don't Cheat
103 Study Suggests People Possess An Innate, Unconscious Lie Detector
104 Unique Call Allows Male Bats To Lay Claim On Insect Prey
105 College Kids Need To Change Unhealthy Ways
106 Tackling Test Anxiety May Help Prevent More Severe Problems
107 Keeping Kids Engaged In STEM Topics
108 Appeals Court Says Police Must Obtain Warrant Before Attaching GPS Unit To Your Car
109 People Care About The Source Of Cash, Attach Less Value To 'Tainted' Wealth
110 Pointing Is An Infant's First Communicative Gesture