File Title
1 Silicon alternatives key to future computers, consumer electronics
2 Design of self-assembling protein nanomachines starts to click
3 Nanoscale salt baskets up close (w/ Video)
4 Evolution of a bimetallic nanocatalyst
5 Shatterproof screens that save smartphones
6 Opening a wide window on the nano-world of surface catalysis
7 N/A
8 Targeting tumors using silver nanoparticles
9 Rational hybridization of N-doped graphene/carbon nanotubes for oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reaction
10 Stem cells are a soft touch for nano-engineered biomaterials
11 Designing ion 'highway systems' for batteries
12 Exotic state of matter--a 'random solid solution'--affects how ions move through battery material
13 Researchers create nanoparticle thin films that self-assemble in one minute
14 New class of nanoparticle brings cheaper, lighter solar cells outdoors
15 Method of nickel-carbon heterofullerenes synthesis presented
16 Anti-microbial coatings with a long-term effect for surfaces
17 Technology using microwave heating may impact electronics manufacture
18 Charging portable electronics in 10 minutes
19 Developers present conductive coatings for flexible touchscreens
20 Sixteen nanometres in 3D
21 Developing terahertz detectors with carbon nanotubes: Improvements in MRIs on the horizon
22 DNA-linked nanoparticles form switchable 'thin films' on a liquid surface
23 Nanotube forests drink water from arid air
24 Researchers develop method to measure positions of atomic sites with new precision
25 Antibodies from the desert as guides to diseased cells
26 Magnetic moment of the proton measured with unprecedented precision
27 Researchers build optical invisibility cloak for a diffusive medium
28 Snapshots of atoms make it into physics textbooks
29 Herding in the stock market may inspire human-guided trading algorithms
30 Quarks in six-packs: Exotic Particle Confirmed
31 A new way to create compact light sources
32 Measuring the dimensions of the key features of a shaving product
33 New design surpasses the coherent interaction limit
34 Malaria: Blood cells behaving badly
35 Compact proton therapy for fight against cancer
36 Funky ferroelectric properties probed with X-rays
37 Snowballs to soot: The clumping density of many things seems to be a standard
38 Magnetic cooling enables efficient, 'green' refrigeration
39 Elucidating optimal biological tissue shape during growth
40 Revealing the fast atomic motion of network glasses with coherent X-rays
41 Chemical sensor on a chip
42 Viewing deeper into the quantum world
43 Study finds weird magic ingredient for quantum computing
44 Eavesdroppers begone: New quantum key distribution technique is impervious to noise
45 Manipulating and detecting ultrahigh frequency sound waves
46 Tiny new synthetic diamonds increase strength of girl's best friend
47 Model system used to illustrate phase transition of a mixture of active and passive particles
48 Development of new ion traps advances quantum computing systems
49 Long-range tunneling of quantum particles
50 Quantum computation: Fragile yet error-free
51 NASA scientist creates expanded list of habitability possibilities for other worlds
52 Climate change may prevent contact with alien civilisations
53 The solar wind breaks through the Earth's magnetic field
54 ESA image: Station over Darmstadt
55 Actor Seth Green shows how NASA is with you in the air and on the road
56 NASA announces two upcoming undersea missions
57 ESA astronauts return to NEEMO underwater habitat
58 A telescope is born: Australia SKA Pathfinder
59 National panel urges 'putting human boots' on Mars
60 NASA postpones Mars 'flying saucer' test on Earth (Update)
61 Smoke on space station traced to water heater
62 Move fast on rocket choice, Europe space chief says
63 Sunday emits three X-class flares in 2 days
64 Mining data archives yields haul of 'red nuggets'
65 Gigantic explosions buried in dust: ALMA probes environment around dark gamma-ray bursts
66 Astronaut John Glenn, 92, has heart procedure
67 Map of universe questioned: Dwarf galaxies don't fit standard model
68 Image: Inside the International Space Station's Destiny Laboratory
69 NASA postpones Mars 'flying saucer' test on Earth
70 Gorgeous warp ship design delights the internet
71 NASA hopes to launch 'flying saucer' after delay (Update)
72 Image: Grand swirls from Hubble
73 Radio signals from Jupiter could aid search for life
74 Red dwarf planets face hostile space weather within habitable zone
75 Open data is open for business
76 Researchers introduce highest performing III-V metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors
77 Engineering an affordable exoskeleton
78 Researchers design circuits capable of functioning at temperatures greater than 650 degrees fahrenheit
79 Researchers work to shorten modeling and simulation testing
80 Review: Two keyboards designed for your living room
81 Lighter cars with new robotic welding method
82 Why Apple is pitching for the health market
83 At E3, not everyone diving headfirst into VR
84 New generation of aerial robots for high-risk service tasks
85 Review: Huawei's Mate2 phone good at $299
86 Twitter COO Ali Rowghani resigns (Update)
87 Content kingmaker--quality or webpage position?
88 Shape-memory alloys for the building industry
89 Batmobile revs up action in 'Arkham Knight' video game
90 Amazon launches music streaming for Prime members (Update)
91 Data center reset: HP Apollo 8,000 features water-cooled system
92 World Cup debut for 'unhackable' goal technology
93 BMX biker helmet reads your brain waves and plots level of concentration on smartphone
94 Kinect for Windows helps decode the role of hand gestures during conversations
95 US pushing local police to be mum on surveillance
96 Data breaches create insurance costs
97 Tesla gives up patents to 'open source movement'
98 New computer program aims to teach itself everything about anything
99 Review: Microsoft wants you to fire Siri
100 Team developing mobile DNA test for HIV
101 The effect that the Bilbao atmosphere is having on Chillida's sculptures studied
102 MDMA godfather Alexander Shulgin's legacy
103 Better tissue healing with disappearing hydrogels
104 Researchers discover how a cluster of water molecules adapts to the presence of an extra proton
105 New process designed to make Na-ion batteries an effective alternative to Li-ion
106 New molecule enables quick drug monitoring
107 Revamped technique improves fuel testing process
108 Ionic liquid boosts efficiency of CO2 reduction catalyst
109 Chemists find a way to escape from flatland
110 Four-color theorem linked to crystal's magnetic properties