File Title
1 Tailored light treatment can improve sleep, depression and agitation in people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia
2 Trying to quit? e-cigarettes are more than just hot air
3 Link discovered between genes and adversity in incarcerated sample
4 Stress measured and advice delivered by app to help parents cope in real time
5 Naloxegol may be the answer to opioid-induced constipation
6 Hard-to-heal fractures--new treatment strategies
7 Nanotechnology has potential to revolutionise orthopaedics--experts call for research into safety
8 Our own treacherous immune genes can cause cancer after viral infection
9 British Safety Council supports new law designed to protect those who step in to help others
10 Biomarkers accurately distinguish mesothelioma from non-cancerous tissue
11 Severe intellectual disability diagnosed by analysis of entire genome
12 Doing more means changing less when it comes to gene response, new study shows
13 Basis of allergic reaction to birch pollen identified
14 Elucidating the pathogenic mechanism of meningococcal meningitis
15 Shisha smoking could carry similar risk of cardiovascular disease as cigarettes
16 'Map of pain' reveals how our ability to identify the source of pain varies across the body
17 Doctor warns headaches during pregnancy could 'mask' serious conditions
18 Toward a better drug against malaria
19 Flexi device set to smooth waters in birthing process
20 Synthetic small molecule may help chemo get into brain
21 Switch discovered that causes mature liver cells to revert back to stem cell-like state
22 Prolonged fasting 're-boots' immune system
23 Can exposing newborns to more dirt and germs lower allergy, asthma risk?
24 Four new genes added to the 'inherited breast cancer' risk list
25 Genes behind food preferences 'may aid weight loss and disease prevention'
26 Slow-wave sleep improved with hypnosis, study suggests
27 Community flu rates fall when hospital workers get vaccines
28 Loyola achieves 68% decrease in central line bloodstream infections
29 Identification of new gene involved in Parkinson's disease may result in new treatments
30 The body's antiviral interferon response can cause hemorrhagic fevers
31 Acute bacterial skin infections treated effectively by new antibiotic
32 Survey on moving toward quality patient-centered care conducted by GW Cancer Institute
33 Bariatric surgery not only helps reduce weight, but lowers cancer risk among obese people
34 Expression of genetic obesity risk may be influenced by saturated fat intake
35 Could resveratrol supplements harm the fetus during pregnancy?
36 Night owls are more likely to be couch potatoes
37 Research on marijuana's negative health effects: review summarized by NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse
38 Rhythmic brain activity used to track memories in progress
39 Scientists design self-assembling protein nanomachines
40 New diagnostic tool developed for dementia
41 Obesity and diabetes may be treated by activating the immune system
42 2-year national rare disease gene discovery project outcomes
43 Single protein interaction key to embryonic stem cell differentiation
44 XTEN half-life extension technology presented at next generation protein therapeutics summit
45 A young boy's journey to SDR for cerebral palsy
46 Insufficient exercise compromises survival for breast cancer survivors
47 Reducing costs for patients and their families with new drugs that shorten TB treatment regimens
48 Entitlement predicts sexism in men and women: study by psychologists
49 Researchers discover 'seeds' of stem cells' development
50 A wife's satisfaction in marriage affects how couples sleep together
51 Parkinson's-affected brains that receive neuron transplants appear healthy after 14 years
52 Simulations deem new diagnostic imaging techniques to be safe
53 Psoriasis symptoms may be improved by stimulating a protein in skin cells
54 Mass spectrometry reveals dynamics of the pervasive pathogen cytomegalovirus
55 Mapping of cellular traffic control system has implications for diabetes, cancer and diverse neurological pathologies
56 How we use the GPS inside our brain to navigate offers insight into memory loss in Alzheimer's
57 Family of genes that normally protect against viral infections cause mutations that lead to cancer following HPV infection
58 What makes Purkinje neurons unique?
59 How obesity leads to type 2 diabetes, cancer
60 How doctor is paid can affect diabetes care
61 Study links air pollution to autism, schizophrenia
62 Multiple silent mutations greatly impact protein translation
63 Keeping RNA household in order: YbeY is essential for fitness and virulence of V. cholerae
64 Dental pulp stem cells may lead to heat stroke treatment
65 New gene found in Parkinson's disease research could lead to new treatment
66 What are the health benefits of collard greens?
67 Chemistry for search-and-rescue missions: Science Elements podcast
68 Stem cells spurring hippocampal cell regrowth tied to Wnt pathway and its link to Alzheimer's disease treatment
69 Important physical evidence that sleep helps consolidate and strengthen new memories
70 The chemical element bromine found to be essential to human life
71 A new way discovered to control genetic material altered in cancer
72 Study could help improve retinal prosthetic devices
73 In Huntington's patients, healthy tissue grafted to the brain also develops the disease
74 Compassion and moral judgments about euthanasia
75 Aggression may be increased by alcohol-related terms
76 Dogs and humans will benefit if research leads to new bladder cancer assay
77 Older women are more vulnerable to breast cancer, but why?
78 Mobile phone program doubles the chances that smokers will quit
79 Large study links sleep apnea with diabetes
80 Infection discovered in malaria-transmitting mosquito, finding could lead to new strategies for malaria control
81 Research points to brain's glutamate signaling in autism, ADHD, schizophrenia
82 Jigsaw effect in glaucoma patients proves it is a brain disease
83 Fractures in the elderly: A major challenge for health systems in the future
84 Deadly diseases, anthrax, brucellosis and bovine tuberculosis, overlooked for too long, scientists say
85 AFFiRiS announce results of a Phase II study in Alzheimer patients
86 Gestures research suggests language instinct in young children
87 Iron supplements improve anemia and quality of life for women with heavy periods
88 Detection of MERS virus by airport scanners still several years from becoming effective, says GlobalData analyst
89 Scripps Florida scientists find new targets that could increase effectiveness and reduce side effects in breast cancer treatments
90 Can virtual reality therapy help alleviate chronic pain?
91 Orthopaedics in crisis and conflict situations: Evidence not heroism
92 Prostate cancer diagnosis may be more accurate with semen test
93 Sleep strengthens memory after learning
94 New research suggests our facial shape evolved from violence
95 Rats 'experience regret, too'
96 PAHO/WHO reminds travelers to get vaccinated against measles and rubella before going to the 2014 FIFA World Cup
97 Increase screening rates to prevent cervical cancer, experts suggest
98 Experts explain merits and shortcomings of Medicare data release
99 One-third of English adults have prediabetes
100 In type 1 diabetes, improved glucose control slows progression to end-stage renal disease
101 A disruption in a brain circuit may contribute to the auditory hallucinations of schizophrenia
102 Promising results for new pancreatic cancer therapy
103 Biologists pave the way for improved epilepsy treatments, relief for victims of a range of neurological disorders
104 Carers of patients with advanced cancer helped by early palliative support services
105 Scientists unravel the molecular secret of short, intense workouts
106 A weakness discovered in metastatic cancer cells
107 TB blood test could eliminate unnecessary treatment
108 Study finds demographics drive fitness partner decisions online
109 Novel approach found to reactivate latent HIV
110 Scientists refine technique for attacking hard-to-reach pancreatic tumors