File Title
1 Use of gestures reflects language instinct in young children
2 You catch (and kill) more flies with this sweetener
3 Sperm size, shape in young men affected by cannabis use
4 Poor health, lifestyle factors linked to memory complaints, even among younger adults
5 New class of nanoparticle brings cheaper, lighter solar cells outdoors
6 No limits to human effects on clouds
7 Better tissue healing with disappearing hydrogels
8 Evolution of a bimetallic nanocatalyst
9 Endoscope with oxygen sensor detects pancreatic cancer
10 Opening a wide window on the nano-world of surface catalysis
11 Shatterproof screens that save smartphones
12 Exotic particle: Exotic bound states comprising more than three quarks confirmed
13 Electrical control of nuclear spin qubits: Important step towards quantum computers
14 Optical invisibility cloak built for diffusive media (like fog or milk)
15 Turbulent black holes: Fasten your seatbelts...gravity is about to get bumpy!
16 New isotopic evidence supporting moon formation via Earth collision with planet-sized body
17 Surprisingly strong magnetic fields can match black holes' pull: Long-neglected magnetic fields have an unexpected presence
18 Astronomers discover first Thorne-Zytkow object, a bizarre type of hybrid star
19 NASA should maintain long-term focus on Mars as 'horizon goal' for human spaceflight
20 Light from huge explosion 12 billion years ago reaches Earth
21 Black hole 'batteries' keep blazars going and going
22 First light for SPHERE exoplanet imager: Revolutionary new VLT instrument installed
23 Astronomers discover two new worlds orbiting ancient star next door: One may be warm enough to have liquid water
24 Discovering a hidden source of solar surges
25 Interactive teaching methods help students master tricky calculus
26 Overcoming barriers to successful use of autonomous unmanned aircraft
27 Design of self-assembling protein nanomachines starts to click: A nanocage builds itself from engineered components
28 Looking for the best strategy? Ask a chimp
29 Of dinosaurs and mathematics: Classification of a dinosaur bone found in Australia reexamined
30 Are squiggly lines the future of password security?
31 Passwords No More? Mechanisms Enables Users to Log in Securely Without Passwords
32 Quantum criticality observed in new class of materials
33 Shaken, not stirred: Control over complex systems consisting of many quantum particles
34 App paired with sensor measures stress, delivers advice to cope in real time
35 New England lakes recovering rapidly from acid rain
36 More than just a hill of beans: Phaseolus genome lends insights into nitrogen fixation
37 Retracing early cultivation steps: Lessons from comparing citrus genomes
38 Probiotics prevent deadly complications of liver disease, study finds
39 Herpesviruses undercover: How the virus goes undetected by body's immune system
40 New species of ancient chirping giant pill-millipedes from Madagascar already threatened
41 Deadly diseases overlooked for too long, scientists say
42 Saving trees in tropics could cut emissions by one-fifth, study shows
43 Breakthrough study solves plant sex mystery: Genetic hierarchy in plant sperm cell formation undressed
44 New insights into biomass breakdown provided by scientists
45 Thermal monitoring of volcanic activity from space
46 Climate change: Termites, fungi play more important role in decomposition than temperature
47 How do phytoplankton survive scarcity of critical nutrient?
48 New EU reforms fail European wildlife, experts argue
49 First 3-D pterosaur eggs found with their parents
50 What a 66-million-year old forest fire reveals about the last days of the dinosaurs
51 Invasive lizards could threaten Florida's nesting reptiles
52 Protecting mainland Europe from an invasion of grey squirrels
53 Report supports shutdown of all high seas fisheries
54 Doing more means changing less when it comes to gene response, new study shows
55 Asymmetric continental margins and the slow birth of an ocean
56 Gene study shows how sheep first separated from goats
57 First intact skull of Mediterranean worm lizard found: Skull of new species sheds light on Mediterranean worm lizard evolution
58 Scientist uses fossils to prove historic Ohio millstones have French origins
59 Finding the lost art of Angkor Wat: Paintings hidden for 500 years
60 Humans, not climate, to blame for Ice Age-era disappearance of large mammals, study concludes
61 Medieval manholes: plumbers led the way in utility maintenance
62 Ancient reefs preserved tropical marine biodiversity
63 Vanishing da Vinci: Nondestructive way to determine state of degradation of ancient works of art
64 New ichthyosaur graveyard found
65 New ball to showcase talent in World Cup
66 Air pollution linked to irregular heartbeat, lung blood clots
67 Divorce may be linked to higher risk of overweight/obesity among kids involved
68 Report highlights successful efforts to stem deforestation in 17 countries
69 Courts face challenges when linking genetics to criminal behavior
70 When hospital workers get vaccines, community flu rates fall, study shows
71 Genes, adversity linked to crime in incarcerated sample
72 New proactive approach unveiled to detect malicious software in networked computers and data
73 Increasing rates of premature death, conviction for a violent crime in people with schizophrenia since 1970s, study shows
74 Count of new CFCs in the atmosphere rises from four to seven
75 Research demonstrates how much we distrust people who are mean with money
76 Wood-waste biofuel to cut greenhouse gas, transform shipping industry
77 Slowing the insect invasion: Wood packaging sanitation yields US $11.7 billion net benefit
78 Electricity use slashed with efficiency controls for heating, cooling
79 Circuits and sensors direct from the printer
80 U.S. foreclosures drive up suicide rate, study finds
81 Climate negotiation as a bargaining game
82 Threats seen to 3 billion birds in vast Canadian forest
83 Sockeye salmon vs. Pebble Mine: Protecting a fragile ecosystem in Alaska from destruction
84 Switch from cattle fields to 'carbon farms' could tackle climate change, save endangered animals cheaply
85 Multilingual or not, infants learn words best when it sounds like home
86 Poor sleep equal to binge drinking, marijuana use in predicting academic problems
87 Early childhood stimulation intervention in Jamaica yields better pay in adulthood
88 Heavily decorated classrooms disrupt attention and learning in young children
89 Keywords hold our vocabulary together in memory
90 Your high school GPA could affect your income
91 Smart drugs pose special risks to developing brain of young people
92 Underage college men discount dangers of driving after marijuana use
93 Bullying may have long-term health consequences
94 How the brain builds on prior knowledge
95 How to erase a memory--and restore it: Researchers reactivate memories in rats
96 Marijuana shows potential in treating autoimmune disease
97 Subtle change in DNA, protein levels determines blond or brunette tresses, study finds
98 NASA's Dirty Secret: Moon Dust
99 Astronomers find a new type of planet: The 'mega-Earth'
100 Anti-diabetic drug slows aging and lengthens lifespan, animal study suggests
101 Chemical element bromine is essential to life in humans and other animals, researchers discover
102 Australia's deadly eruptions were reason for the first mass extinction
103 How de-roling may help actors shed intense roles
104 Dad's alcohol consumption before conception could influence sons' drinking
105 Dutch student team build 40 meter ice basilica in Finland in three weeks
106 Students' heart-shocking 'shirt' may save lives when paramedics are not nearby
107 Cleaning the air with roof tiles
108 Newly discovered insect 'Supersonus' hits animal kingdom's highest-pitch love call
109 Flowers' polarization patterns help bees find food
110 Crooning in the concrete jungle: Taiwan's frogs use drains to amplify mating calls