File Title
1 Woolly clues from the sheep genome
2 Study plots solar system's rapid timeline
3 3-D fossil eggs reveal how pterosaurs lived
4 CSIRO chief awarded Queen's Honour
5 Male faces 'buttressed against punches' by evolution
6 Rats shown to feel regret over bad decisions
7 Climate change helps seas disturb Japanese war dead
8 Bad sleep 'dramatically' alters body
9 Traces of another world found on the Moon
10 Aspirin 'not best' for preventing strokes
11 Upset at UN climate talks as ministers go missing
12 Blind cavefish are able to 'count'
13 Farm wildlife protection plan 'fails'
14 China's experts divided over carbon emissions peak
15 UN urges action to protect forests' genetic diversity
16 Invisible nanoparticle barcode could fight crime
17 Inmarsat plans EU-wide 'hybrid' network for plane wi-fi
18 Human remains found inside monster Australian crocodile
19 Sleep's memory role discovered
20 South Georgia: The lost whaling station at the end of the world
21 Nitrogen: The bringer of life and death
22 Holy sites 'may offer clues to antibiotic resistance'
23 Baby tech: Will new gadgets result in paranoid parents?
24 Trojan Horse: Ofsted says schools were targeted
25 Taliban claim deadly attack on Karachi airport
26 Germany's deepest cave rescue drama near Berchtesgaden
27 Clegg: We'd tax wealthiest, balance books and fix roads
28 Duo get life for Anna Politkovskaya murder
29 Scottish independence: Final countdown to independence vote
30 The cornucopia of anti-homeless sleeping design
31 Uber versus black cabs: Battle lines drawn
32 UK child poverty plans doomed to failure, report says
33 Hillsborough: Postal staff refuse to deliver free Sun copies
34 Eurofighter accident at Spain's Moron base near Seville
35 Malaysia backpacker Gareth Huntley: Police discount fight reports
36 Stephen Lee guilty of snooker cue fraud sale to Facebook fan
37 Tracy Morgan 'critical but responsive' after six-car crash
38 Male monkey cares for dying partner
39 The 100 most distinct and rare birds
40 Sao Paulo police tear gas protesters
41 Orchid View care home scandal review 'not enough'
42 Computer AI passes Turing test in 'world first'
43 Smart TVs subverted by radio attack
44 Sony 'overtakes' rival Nintendo in console sales
45 Minecraft-maker releases Cliffhorse spoof video game
46 Tesla boss Elon Musk hints at technology giveaway
47 CIA launches Twitter and Facebook accounts
48 Smart loos at Heathrow Terminal 2
49 Google blunder over D-Day doodle
50 Heartbleed fix finds more security bugs in server code
51 Vodafone reveals direct government wiretaps
52 Verizon accuses Netflix of misleading consumers
53 Could Ramallah become an Arab World tech hub?
54 Battery tech playing catch-up with energy-hungry mobiles
55 What was Alan Turing really like?
56 Books 'promoting stoning' found at Olive Tree Primary School
57 Breast cancer survivors 'do not exercise enough'
58 Does female fertility 'drop off a cliff'?
59 Measuring devolution: Is the NHS fit for the future?
60 Dropping the 'N' in NHS
61 Father's plea over baby feed death
62 Care changes may mean thousands lose out, say charities
63 King's Lynn parents' cruelty arrest over obese child
64 Fewer than half the population know who runs Welsh NHS, says poll
65 Phone problems at Ysbyty Gwynedd sees operations cancelled
66 Gloucestershire council targets social care in 75 million pounds cuts plan
67 Sex education 'not taught properly by schools'
68 Princess Alexandra Hospital 'foot wash' emergency doctor struck off
69 Employers urged to encourage lunch breaks for staff
70 Facing a violent past: Evolution of human ancestors' faces a result of need to weather punches during arguments, study suggests
71 Milky Way may bear 100 million life-giving planets
72 Turing Test success marks milestone in computing history
73 I shouldn't have eaten there: Rats show behavior of 'regret' in choosing the wrong 'restaurant'
74 Newborns exposed to dirt, dander, germs may have lower allergy, asthma risk
75 How we use the 'GPS' inside our brain to navigate
76 New evidence links air pollution to autism, schizophrenia
77 For forests, an earlier spring: Climate change leads to increased growing season and allows forests to store more carbon dioxide
78 Quick getaway: How flies escape a looming predator
79 Warming climates intensify greenhouse gas given out by oceans
80 Complex neural circuitry keeps you from biting your tongue
81 Brain circuit problem likely sets stage for the 'voices' that are symptom of schizophrenia
82 A new model of liver regeneration: Switch causes mature liver cells to revert back to stem cell-like state
83 Magnetic moment of the proton measured with unprecedented precision
84 Mitochondrial DNA of first Near Eastern farmers is sequenced for the first time
85 Rising tobacco epidemic in Asia linked to elevated risk of death
86 Quest for long-lasting blood: Scientists developing one-size-fits-all artifical blood
87 Beer brewing waste could help bone regeneration
88 Iron supplements improve anemia, quality of life for women with heavy periods
89 Most breast cancer patients may not be getting enough exercise
90 Researchers pinpoint new role for enzyme in DNA repair, kidney cancer
91 Targeting tumors using silver nanoparticles
92 New molecule enables quick drug monitoring
93 Tiny molecule may help battle depression
94 Longer telomeres linked to risk of brain cancer: Double-edged sword, gene variants may promote overall health while increasing risk of gliomas
95 Angry faces back up verbal threats, making them seem more credible
96 Fruit flies: Brain traffic jams that can disappear in 30 seconds
97 Biologists pave the way for improved epilepsy treatments
98 Ability to identify source of pain varies across body
99 Smokers, passive smokers more likely to suffer hearing loss, study shows
100 Sleep apnea tied to diabetes in large study
101 Three gene networks found in autism, may present treatment targets
102 Alcohol may protect trauma patients from later complications
103 Is glaucoma a brain disease? Scientists find that jigsaw effect in glaucoma patients proves it is
104 Children at risk for mental disorders experience communication breakdown in brain networks supporting attention
105 Vitamin D and the nursing mother
106 Couples sleep in sync when wife is satisfied with their marriage
107 Sleep after learning strengthens connections between brain cells and enhances memory
108 Immune system molecules may promote weight loss
109 Fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged, old immune system
110 Molecular secret of short, intense workouts clarified