File Title
1 Mighty Winter Storm Moves Offshore in Stunning Shot from New Zealand
2 Sinister! Threats from the Left Are Scarier
3 What Is Pastrami?
4 Kids' Choice: Winners of Alan Alda's 'What Is Color' Challenge Announced
5 Blond Hair Gene Identified
6 Your Brain in 2050: A Mishmash of Biology and Implants?
7 'Round-the-World' Solar Plane Takes First Flight
8 How Would Humans Know If They Lived in a Multiverse?
9 Venice's Red Roofs Seen from Space
10 Sperm-Inspired Robots Could Aid In Vitro Fertilization
11 900-Lb. Ancient Croc Tore Through Turtles, Battled Monster Snakes
12 Gender Bias May Make Female Hurricanes Deadlier
13 Exercising May Help with 'Chemo Brain'
14 Learning a New Language at Any Age Helps the Brain
15 Brace for Record Heat as El Nino Approaches
16 1 in 8 US Kids Gets Maltreated
17 Uploading the Mind: Could a Digital Brain Feel Pain?
18 4 Myths About E-Cigarettes
19 Trendy 'Paleo' Diet May Not Suppress Appetite
20 7 Strategies for Outdoor Lovers with Seasonal Allergies
21 Nobel Prize of Neutron Discoverer to Be Sold at Auction
22 Plastic Legacy: Humankind's Trash Is Now a New Rock
23 New Stick Insect Species Discovered in China
24 New Algorithm Can Make Your Selfie Look Like a Professional Photo
25 Basis Carbon Steel Edition: Fitness Tracker Review
26 Einstein in Love: Letters Illuminate Genius' Dark Side
27 Vanishing da Vinci Portrait Could Be Saved by Science
28 Deadly Wall of Dust Devours Tehran in New Photo
29 3D-Printed Blood Vessels Could Be Used for Transplants
30 100 More MERS Cases Found in Saudi Arabia Review
31 Restaurants Most Common Source of Foodborne Norovirus Outbreaks
32 Godfather of Psychedelic Drugs Dies
33 UK's Royal Air Force Recreates Iconic D-Day Photos
34 US Military's Skin Sensors Could Reveal Science of Sweat
35 EPA Aims To Slash Power Plant CO2 by 30 Percent
36 Tree Bark May Hold Key To New Melanoma Treatment
37 Some Antibiotics May Slightly Increase Colon Cancer Risk
38 Centenarians: Study Reveals What They Die of, and Where
39 Fitness Trackers Help Monitor Cancer Patients
40 EPA's Carbon Emissions Crackdown: 5 Important Facts
41 3 New Ozone-Munching Gases Found in Atmosphere
42 Why Koalas Hug Trees
43 Humans Blamed for Extinction of Mammoths, Mastodons & Giant Sloths
44 Dinosaur Fossil Smuggler Gets 3-Month Sentence
45 Geologists Help 'Godzilla' Hide Out in World's Deepest Ocean Trench
46 MERS Victim Caught Deadly Disease from Camel
47 11-Million-Year-Old Weird Worm Lizard Discovered
48 Artificial Sweetener Could Be Used As a Safer Insecticide
49 Breath Test Promises to Sniff Out Lung Cancer
50 Google Invests Billions on Satellites to Expand Internet Access
51 $2 Million Competition Aims to Monitor Ocean Health
52 Children of Divorce May Be More Likely to Be Overweight
53 Tiny Frogs Use Concrete Storm Drains as Megaphones
54 Genome Sequencing Reveals Severe Intellectual Disability in Patients
55 How Marijuana Affects Health
56 Explainer: What is Vitiligo?
57 Parasitic Wasp Turns Roaches into Zombie Slaves using Neurotoxic Cocktail
58 Reference: Tick Bites: Symptoms & Treatment
59 'Reckless Disregard' (US 2014): Book Excerpt
60 Can People Remember Their Birth?
61 4 in 10 Americans Believe God Created Earth 10,000 Years Ago
62 'Powerhouse' Produce: Researchers Rank the Top Fruits and Vegetables for Health
63 First 3D Flying-Reptile Eggs Discovered in China
64 Watercress Named Top 'Powerhouse' Veggie
65 More Baby Boomers Were Hospitalized for Flu This Year
66 The Slenderman Stabbing: Are Urban Legends Really to Blame?
67 Breath-Holding Superstition May Have Caused Car Crash
68 El Nino Likely: 70 Percent Chance by Summer
69 Fossils of Dinosaur-Era Forest Fire Discovered in Canada
70 Catfish 'See' Their Next Meal with Acid-Sensing Whiskers
71 Smokers Say E-Cigs Are Just 'Cooler' than Other Inhalers
72 Adorable Animal Babies: Meet Wandering Wolf's First Pups
73 Artist Creates Living Replica of Van Gogh's Ear
74 China's Plans to Bulldoze Mountains Could Cause Environmental Problems
75 China Is Tearing Down Mountains to Build Cities
76 Exclusive: China is bulldozing mountains to build cities
77 Faced with a shortage of land, officials in Lanzhou City, in China's Gansu province, embarked on a project in 2012 to bulldoze more than 700 mountains.
78 China bulldozes mountains to create land for cities
79 God is big
80 Hubble's latest deep field imagery is the most colorful picture of the universe we've ever taken
81 Fossilized Plant Life Sheds Light on Prehistoric Wildfire
82 Prehistoric Fire Fossils Reveals More Information About Dinosaur Extinction
83 Researchers discover evidence of 66-million-year-old forest fire
84 Scientists Gain Insights on Pre-historic Wildfires from Fossils
85 Canada: Fossils From Forest Fire Capture Dinosaurs' Final Days
86 Neurotic Robots Act More Human
87 How New Robots Are Smarter Than Ever
88 Scientists Want Robots to Mimic Human Brain
89 What happened to the robots? The future of robots and robotics explained
90 Lunar Rock Chemistry Argued to Reveal How the Moon Formed
91 5 most incredible discoveries of the week
92 Earth was hit by giant object as big as Mars 4.5b years ago
93 Apollo rocks hint at Moon's violent birth after collision on Earth
94 Not Just for Boys: Lego Develops Collection with Female Scientists
95 LEGO to Launch Female Scientist Minifigure Collection
96 LEGO to Release New Minifigure Set Featuring Three Female Scientists
97 'Beast' asteroid to zoom past Earth early Sunday
98 What would happen if the 'beast' asteroid hit Earth?
99 Beast Asteroid to Fly by Earth on Sunday
100 Sierra Nevada Corp.'s Dream Chaser Takes Shape as a Real Space Taxi
101 The future of NASA
102 NASA's Top-10 Innovations (Countdown)
103 National Academies to NASA: Admit it, we want to go to Mars
104 White House: Climate Change Is Ruining Our Health
105 UN agency spotlights 'climate-smart' approach to galvanize rural renewal
106 White House: Climate Change Threatens Health
107 Can the Va. GOP rise to the challenge of climate change?
108 'Cosmos' co-creator Ann Druyan looks back in wonder on her odyssey
109 Conservatives Use Racism To Try To Discredit Neil deGrasse Tyson and Cosmos
110 The Final Journey of the Legendary Cosmos