File Title
1 Researchers find the mechanism that forms cell-to-cell catch bonds
2 Mobile DNA test for HIV in development
3 Children at risk for mental disorders experience communication breakdown in brain networks supporting attention
4 A legal and ethical gray area for people with dementia
5 Trauma patients with alcohol in the systems may be protected from later complications
6 Mapping HIV transmission networks to reduce infection rate
7 How herpesviruses fight against our immune system
8 Neglected zoonotic diseases need to be tackled in developing nations
9 Beneficial effects on heart function, muscle strength and bone mineralization of football for untrained 70-year-old men
10 Gut bacteria diversity improves with exercise, study shows
11 Lifetime cancer risks from X-rays for children 'relatively low'
12 Is hair dye to blame for hairdressers' increased risk of bladder cancer?
13 How the drug atovaquone acts on malaria at the molecular level
14 Deadly complications of liver disease prevented by probiotics
15 Detecting pancreatic cancer using an endoscope with an oxygen sensor
16 Casualties reduced among young male drivers due to tougher penalties
17 Tweeting, blogging, Facebook viewed as professionally higher risk than traditional media
18 Controlling how long 'disappearing' hydrogels remain at repair site aids tissue healing
19 Link between bacteria and allergies: lower asthma risk associated with microbes in infants' homes
20 Blockages in fruit fly brains quickly form and dissolve, findings could help treat Alzheimer's and Huntington's diseases
21 After an argument with dad find friendly ears to talk it out
22 Structure of membrane protein that plays a role in signaling cell death could be new target for anticancer drugs
23 Studying escape behaviors in the fruit fly to unravel the circuits and processes that underlie decision making
24 Using silver nanoparticles to target tumors
25 A small molecule discovered that predicts treatment response for depressed patients
26 Quick drug monitoring enabled by novel light-emitting sensor proteins
27 Gene variants may promote overall health while increasing risk of gliomas
28 Suicide is leading cause of death for men 35-49 in the UK
29 Pakistan travellers must take note of new Polio threat
30 Southampton heart experts implant world's smallest pacemaker
31 Anaphylaxis Campaign highlights the danger of allergies with moving short film ahead of Father's Day
32 Australian politicians urged to take note of new end-of-life law in Quebec
33 'Jekyll and Hyde' protein linked to type 1 diabetes
34 FDA approves the first antihemophilic factor, Fc fusion protein for patients with Hemophilia A
35 New first-in-class epilepsy treatment Fycompa (perampanel) launches in Russia
36 PV-10 produced complete response in 50% of advanced melanoma patients
37 Allergy experts address pivotal questions in treatment of grass pollen allergy sufferers
38 #BloodSugarSelfie is back for Diabetes Week! This time, get your donation doubled for type 1 diabetes charity
39 Pathway between gut and liver regulates bone mass: Biological process behind role of vitamin B12 in bone formation unravelled
40 Study puts price tag on lifetime support for individuals with autism
41 Adolescent bullies, victims more likely to carry weapons
42 Statins associated with modestly lower physical activity in older men
43 Genes behind longer telomeres linked to raised risk of brain cancer
44 Pancreatic cancer diagnosis using simple endoscopic procedure
45 Tomato extract 'improves blood vessel function' in CVD patients
46 Patient in the UK receives world's smallest pacemaker
47 Light-sensitive retina created with human stem cells
48 Long-term follow-up after bariatric surgery shows greater rate of diabetes remission
49 For patients receiving metformin to treat diabetes, addition of insulin associated with increased risk of death
50 Large increase seen in insulin use, out-of-pocket costs for type 2 diabetes
51 Gene variant associated with type 2 diabetes in Latino population
52 Hydrolyzed infant formula does not reduce diabetes-associated autoantibodies in at-risk infants
53 Dose of measles virus destroys woman's incurable cancer
54 Green tea component upsets cancer cell metabolism
55 14 foods that cause gout
56 We debate Tim Noakes on which diet will save the world
57 Red wine for heart health
58 Man kills and cannibalises woman
59 The cold facts on frozen vegetables
60 Your 10 point action plan to manage your asthma
61 Asthma friendly and unfriendly sports
62 Mould in your home raises your asthma risk
63 One in six cases of adult Asthma may be linked to workplace
64 More coffee may lower your odds for diabetes
65 Dramatic diabetes surge in US kids
66 Discovery may lead to new diabetes treatment
67 Diabetes causes more heart disease in women
68 Moderate exercise key for heart health
69 Coached activities can help tweens resist 'vices'
70 Fitness experts disagree on best running techniques
71 Home-based exercise programmes more effective
72 Cruise ship returns to US after disease outbreak
73 Car drivers often unaware of motorcycles
74 New letter describes tragic scenes on sinking Titanic
75 Teen aeroplane stowaway recovering in hospital
76 Insomnia may increase suicide risk
77 New strategy to help autistic jobseekers
78 Sudden bereavement can cause psychiatric disorders
79 Levodopa beats newer drugs for Parkinson's
80 India rejects pollution findings for New Delhi
81 How do polar bears survive their high fat diet?
82 Top 10 newly-discovered species span big trees, tiny flies
83 Rhino Ambulances to the rescue
84 Many processed foods are heavily dyed
85 Obesity gene may explain why some gain weight as they age
86 Could white bread be making you fat?
87 What Tim Noakes eats
88 New drug cures constipation caused by painkillers
89 Rotavirus vaccine slashes infections in kids
90 Foreign virus targets unvaccinated kids
91 Stricter guidelines for US infant formula makers
92 New treatments make acne easier to manage
93 Cellphone exposure may harm sperm
94 The Pill may change women's mating dynamics
95 'Sow' your blood so that others may 'harvest'
96 Oral 'nicotine fix' may be safer than cigarettes
97 New stem cell development could reverse blindness
98 Overwhelmed teens struggle with diabetes management
99 Current bird flu viruses could cause pandemic
100 Paul McCartney reschedules US tour dates on doctors' orders
101 Moles may indicate higher breast cancer risk
102 Pregnant women urged to eat more fish
103 Levodopa beats newer drugs for Parkinson's
104 A healthy heart health may keep your mind sharp
105 Antarctic volcanoes add to sea level rise
106 'Booting up' the brain after anaesthesia
107 Eucalypt genome shows jet fuel potential
108 Spanish flu-like virus could emerge from birds
109 Rethinking the Colorful Kindergarten Classroom
110 Future Fossils: Plastic Stone