File Title
1 Origins of Inebriation Revealed
2 Photo Future: 7 High-Tech Ways to Share Images
3 Ebola Vaccine Shows Promise in Chimp Study
4 What Is Sodomy?
5 Diet Soda Beats Water for Weight Loss, Industry-Funded Study Finds
6 Why Spider Fangs Are Nature's Perfect Needles
7 Future Drones Could Mimic Birds and Bats
8 'Extraordinarily Rare' Crusade-Era Seal Discovered in Jerusalem
9 Dog People vs. Cat People: Who's More Outgoing? More Intelligent?
10 Apple to Unveil 'Smart Home' Software Next Week, Rumors Say
11 'Global Warming' Scarier Than 'Climate Change,' Surveys Find
12 New Seafloor Map Could Help Flight 370 Search
13 World Science Fest Spotlights the Brain, Big Bang & More
14 Earth's Oldest Life? Probably Not, New Study Says
15 Zebras Tracked Migrating 300 Miles, a Record African Transit
16 Aliens? Yes Please. UFOs? No Thanks
17 Carbon Dioxide Passes Global 400 ppm Milestone
18 Can Exercise "Snacks" Stabilize Blood Sugar? (Op-Ed)
19 Brain Cells Make Some Mice Resilient to Stress
20 Humans Sacrificed Brawn for Brains, Study Suggests
21 Earliest Evidence of Flower Pollination by Birds Unearthed
22 Hidden Paintings Revealed at Ancient Temple of Angkor Wat
23 What Do Women Want In Men? It's Not That Simple
24 How's Your Poker Face? Why It's So Hard to Sniff Out a Liar (Op-Ed)
25 Handcuffs, Bear-Traps and Spikes Lift the Lid on Some Unique Insect Sexual Habits (Op-Ed)
26 Irreversible Changes Now Affect Antarctica and the World (Op-Ed)
27 Shark Sanctuary Established in British Virgin Islands
28 American's Visit to China's Forbidden City Revealed in Old Journal
29 Ancient 'Fish Lizard' Graveyard Discovered Beneath Melting Glacier
30 The Navajo Nation's Shifting Sands of Climate Change
31 3rd Case of MERS in US Was False Alarm, CDC Says
32 Antarctic Iceberg Flotilla Caused Huge Sea-Level Rise
33 Giant Waves Breaking Up Antarctica's Sea Ice
34 Five Alaska Wolf Pups Rescued by Firefighters
35 Greenland Summer Thaw: Will It Be a Big Melt?
36 DARPA Developing Brain-Zapping Implants for Injured Soldiers
37 Meteotsunami to Bear's Cage: 10 Weather Terms to Know this Season
38 UFO Sighting? No, Just Google's 'Rogue' Balloon
39 The Fiercer Sex: Why Female Scorpions Sting More Quickly
40 Full Moon Lures Ferocious Muskie Fish to Bite
41 Women Catch Baby Bug from High School Friends
42 Severe Sunburns Early in Life Linked to Higher Melanoma Risk
43 Black to the Future: Carbon Fiber Research Seeds New Innovation (Op-Ed)
44 The Private Tragedy of Living with a Mass Killer in the Family (Op-Ed)
45 Student Arrests Push Universities to Shed Fossil-Fuel Investments (Op-Ed)
46 Are Warts Contagious?
47 Infants May Benefit From Advanced Cochlear Implants
48 Reference: Who Were the Ancient Goths?
49 Reference: The Pros and Cons of Prenatal Genetic Testing
50 Reference: Nikola Tesla: Biography, Inventions & Quotes
51 The Autism-Epilepsy Connection (Op-Ed)
52 Less Than Half of Americans Think People Are Born Gay, Poll Shows
53 World Cup Soccer Ball Is Nice and Stable, Study Finds
54 Here's Why You Yawn
55 Reference: Manhattanhenge: Facts About NYC's Special Sunsets
56 Spiders Pose as Bird Poop to Evade Predators
57 'Cosmic Inflation' Pioneers Snag Prestigious Kavli Prize
58 Surgeons Can Now Do Brain Surgery Through the Nose
59 Can Drones Offer New Ways to Predict Storms, Save Lives?
60 US Measles Cases Reach 20-Year High
61 'Coral Corridors' Sheltered Fish from Climate Change
62 Extinction Rates Soar to 1,000 Times Normal (But There's Hope)
63 Bye Bye, Root Canals? Lasers Could Replace Dentist's Drill
64 University of Arizona Gets Ultra-Fast Supercomputer
65 Who Uses Heroin? Not Who You Might Think
66 New Samsung Fitness Tracker Paves Way for Wearable Health
67 Benchmarking Carbon Pollution From 100 Top Power Producers (Op-Ed)
68 Animal Sex: How Jellyfish Do It
69 How Twisted Was King Richard III's Spine? New Models Reveal His Condition
70 Why Does the Moon Shine?
71 Explainer: What is Electronic Skin?
72 Cosmic Inflation: Have Scientists Indeed Found the Smoking Gun? (Q+A)
73 Your Favorite Novel Is Now A Soundtrack
74 Latest Game Consoles Suck Up Electricity, Even at Rest
75 Every Four Minutes, Another American Home or Business Goes Solar (Op-Ed)
76 To Prevent Sexual Assault, Campus Culture Must Change (Op-Ed)
77 Eat More Early, Eat Less at Night (Op-Ed)
78 Joe Satriani's 'Strange Beautiful Music: A Musical Memoir' (US, 2014): Book Excerpt
79 Elon Musk's Vision: 5 Innovative Ideas That Could Change the World
80 Artifacts Ahoy! Old Cannon, Saddam's Gold AK-47 Among Naval Treasures
81 Sugary Drinks May Slow Down Sperm
82 Caveman Campsite Unearthed at Construction Site in London
83 Why Older Moms May Be More Likely To Have Kids with Autism
84 Volcanic Evidence Opens New Maya Mystery
85 Is US Military Using Drones to Spy on North Korea & China?
86 CO2 Monitoring Could Be 'Space-Based' in Future
87 Zebras Hold New Record for Longest African Migration
88 Can Porn Shrink Your Brain?
89 Ancient Lyme Disease Bacteria Found in 15-Million-Year-Old Tick Fossils
90 4 Unusual Ways Music Can Tune Up the Brain
91 How to Have an Energetic Day (Without Stimulants)
92 Easy-Bake Robots? 3D-Printed Bots Could Self-Assemble When Heated
93 Oral Allergy Syndrome: 6 Ways to Avoid an Itchy, Tingling Mouth
94 Plant Detectives Dig Into How Cells Grow
95 Reference: Hay Fever & Seasonal Allergies: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment
96 Reference: Sweet Potatoes: Health Benefits, Risks & Nutrition Facts
97 Reference: Watermelon: Health Benefits, Risks & Nutrition Facts
98 Reference: History of Chemistry / Famous Chemists
99 Reference: What is a Transistor?
100 Political Lies, White Lies and Damned Lies (Op-Ed)
101 Health Check: How Do You Choose Strong Painkillers?
102 Can Men Lactate?
103 31-Day Underwater 'Aquanaut' Mission Begins Sunday
104 Philosopher Explores Ethics of Brain Technologies
105 Combatting TBI by Engineering Resilience in the Brain
106 Engineers Model Better Navigation Systems After Brain's Adaptability
107 Good Vibrations Bring Braille into the 21st Century (Op-Ed)
108 Exercise Beats Diet in Reducing Breast Cancer Risk
109 Most Oral HPV Infections Are in Men
110 The Crab-Castrating Parasite That Zombifies Its Prey