File Title
1 Zebrafish model study explains clinical phenotype similarity in megalencephalic leukoencephalopathy patients
2 FDA launches openFDA to provide easy access to valuable FDA public data
3 Study shows increasing rates of premature death and violent crime in people with schizophrenia since 1970s
4 Investigational immunotherapy MPDL3280A (anti-PDL1) shrinks tumours in 43% of people with advanced bladder cancer
5 Researchers deliver double dose of lung cancer discoveries
6 Healthcare providers needed for survey on patient health behaviors
7 Driving ability and neurological diseases: New studies on accident risk
8 New research: Brain tumour patients with poor quality of life, but less psychological distress than expected
9 Using brain waves to steer a wheelchair
10 CDC report: Patients harmed after health care providers steal patients' drugs
11 'Clever' DNA may help bacteria survive
12 New insight into drug resistance in metastatic melanoma
13 Researchers use new simple cost effective technology to unravel cancer through standard imaging
14 New study data find Avastin (bevacizumab) and cetuximab help patients with KRAS wild-type advanced bowel cancer live similar length of time
15 'Phantom' superbugs cloak themselves to avoid detection
16 Norovirus spread by restaurants, say CDC
17 Heart disease without coronary plaque buildup linked to heart attack risk
18 Doctors reluctant to discuss end-of-life care with heart failure patients
19 What is science doing to improve the health and lives of cancer survivors?
20 Stress hormone receptors in taste buds 'may help explain emotional eating'
21 Preterm risks for subsequent births after short intervals between pregnancies
22 How high blood pressure in middle age may affect memory in old age
23 Weight gain following antidepressant use examined
24 Depression with atypical features associated with obesity
25 Air pollution linked to irregular heartbeat and lung blood clots
26 Public health often ignored in transportation policy: major roads built in poorest neighborhoods
27 Increased risk of rare, deadly condition faced by obese, older, Caucasian women on dialysis
28 Prenatal maternal stress predicts asthma and autism traits
29 Dramatic geographic differences found in MRSA rates
30 Detailed images of humans' tiny cellular machines captured
31 Transition to ICD-10 may mean financial, data loss for pediatricians
32 Impact of Montmorency tart cherries on inflammation and oxidative stress after high-intensity cycling
33 Mucin concentration contributes to a sticky situation in cystic fibrosis
34 Engineered aptimer targets malignant and tumor-associated T cells
35 Children of divorced parents 'more likely to be overweight or obese'
36 Promising long-term results for combination immunotherapy for advanced melanoma
37 Life-threatening community-acquired pneumonia in infants prevented by pneumococcal conjugate vaccine
38 No significant positive effect on patient outcomes from reduced neurosurgical resident hours
39 Stroke patients in China fare better when hospitals follow guidelines
40 Treatment outcomes for preventive oral health services delivered to young children by non-dental primary care providers
41 New path discovered to stop breast cancer cells from invading organs
42 Recent advancements in the quest for the bionic arm
43 Abnormalities may explain poor antibody response in those who are infected with HIV but untreated
44 Memory complaints in young adults linked to poor health and lifestyle factors
45 A single shot of antibiotic 'could be new MRSA treatment'
46 For the first time tumor chromosomal translocations reproduced in human cells
47 Half a million cancers prevented by colorectal cancer screening
48 Promising treatment target molecule identified in mouse model of Alzheimer's
49 Suggested new health services to cope with increase in centenarians
50 A molecular 'scaffold' comes apart in dementia and motor neuron disease, offers potential new target for drug discovery
51 Exposure to elevated levels of steroid hormones in the womb may cause autism
52 Tiny self-assembling tools may one day deliver drugs to targeted areas of the body or even perform autonomous microsurgery
53 'Significant gap' in detection of malnutrition in Canadian hospital patients: Survey
54 Pilot study looks into popularity of e-cigarettes, despite lack of evidence about safety
55 Modest delays in treatment have substantial impact on effectiveness of transcatheter aortic valve replacement
56 Painless wearable microneedle device may reduce trips to doctors' offices
57 Deaths may be reduced by opioid overdose prevention programs
58 Physical fitness linked by brain signals to better language skills in children
59 Standards for research on chronic low back pain proposed by NIH task force
60 New device "NIRFLI" may enable earlier detection and better management of cancer therapy and lymphedema
61 Exposure to antidepressants in the womb may influence autism risk
62 Predicting breast cancer metastatic risk
63 The most aggressive cancer cells isolated by new device
64 Coordinated approach improves quality of primary care
65 For diagnosis of rare adrenal tumors, experts recommend blood, urine testing
66 Study shows Zykadia shrank tumors in the majority of patients with ALK+ NSCLC, regardless of prior ALK treatment
67 Data shows LBH589 significantly improved progression-free survival in patients with multiple myeloma
68 'Liquid biopsy' offers new way to track lung cancer
69 Liver cancer vaccine effective in mice
70 Study finds coordinated approach improves quality of primary care
71 Pivotal Phase III data show polycythemia vera patients on Jakavi achieved significant improvement in disease control
72 New study reveals significant burden of RSV disease among U.S. preterm infants born at 32-35 weeks
73 Mechanism of cell death unraveled--perspectives for treating degenerative and inflammatory diseases
74 AstraZeneca's Medimmune presents encouraging immunotherapy data at ASCO 2014
75 More palliative care options needed for dialysis patients
76 The American Academy of Ophthalmology offers guidance to help improve public understanding of cataracts
77 UK agency's update on "three-person IVF" leaves safety questions unresolved--Parliamentary vote would be premature, says public interest group
78 New diabetes intervention programme launched for general practice
79 Infections in joint surgery: High risk for fracture patients
80 People who are severely overweight need joint replacement twice as often and face double the risk of complications
81 Lack of patient safety can endanger the art of medicine
82 New mouse model 'opens doors to better understanding of endometriosis'
83 Stem cells show potential for brain damage repair
84 Lung cancer breath test looking more promising
85 Study finds public awareness of head and neck cancers low
86 YbeY is essential for fitness and virulence of Vibrio cholerae and keeps the RNA household in order
87 Researchers develop search engine for identifying functionally linked genes
88 Prevention of fatty liver disease in mouse model
89 It takes complex neural circuitry to keep you from biting your tongue
90 Researchers make progress in detecting glucose levels in saliva
91 The dangers of gun ownership by the elderly
92 How multiple sclerosis is described and understood--redefined by international committee
93 Enzyme discovery holds promise for SARS, MERS vaccine
94 Moderate doses of MDMA 'fatal in warm environments'
95 Brain integration correlates with greater creativity
96 Challenges faced by courts when linking genetics to criminal behavior
97 Erythritol, the main component of Truvia sweetener, could be a safe and effective insecticide
98 Stem cells have the potential to repair brain damage
99 More fructose found in sodas than labels reveal
100 Researchers decode how the brain miswires, possibly causing ADHD
101 Researchers unravel mechanism of cell death, offering potential for treating inflammatory diseases
102 Genome experts show value of 'next-generation sequencing' in diagnosing infection, save life of critically ill boy
103 Blueprint for new heart disease therapies
104 New line of pigs do not reject transplants, will allow for future research on stem cell therapies
105 Understanding the first step of mussel adhesion could lead to better surgical and underwater glues
106 Mouse study: father's pre-conception alcohol consumption could influence son
107 Call for comprehensive inclusion of patient reported outcomes in cardiovascular clinical trials in Europe
108 Keeping bread fresh for longer: new edible film made with essential oils
109 Screening for risk of violence in military veterans using five-question clinical tool
110 Cannabis affects sperm size and shape in young men