File Title
1 Elevated levels of carbon monoxide and air nicotine found in baltimore hookah bars
2 Unexpected death of a loved one linked to onset of psychiatric disorders
3 Combing family genomes using powerful new tool to identify disease-causing variations
4 Identification of mechanisms of ibrutinib resistance in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
5 The loss of a cell protein favors cancer cells while harming healthy cells
6 The appeal of well-being applications often short-lived: Finnish study
7 Quicker, cheaper, and accurate embryo screening offered by new genetic sequencing methods
8 A major step towards better diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis
9 Giving children a taste for vegetables 'often and early'
10 In patients with pancreatic or ovarian cancer, phase I study of DMOT4039A
11 Depression linked to early death among seniors with diabetes
12 Bladder cancer patients carrying three specific mutations benefit from early chemotherapy
13 For patients with AIDS-related lymphomas, identification of central nervous system involvement at diagnosis does not affect overall survival
14 For HIV+ patients diagnosed with lymphoma, hepatitis C reactivation does not worsen survival outcomes
15 Saliva and common body proteins contain compounds that may fend off DNA-damaging chemicals
16 More patients with ovarian cancer are receiving chemotherapy before surgery
17 Overall survival benefit shown for patients with stage III soft tissue sarcomas
18 Study identifies factors that may 'predict smoking cessation in teens'
19 Study suggests 1 in 8 American children maltreated before age 18
20 Huge rise in e-cigarette TV advertising for young adults
21 Urban development could be a factor in the number of lives lost due to heat in future summers
22 Non-Western experiences discounted in standard approaches to menopause symptoms
23 New clinical guidelines for cancer-related fatigue
24 Risk of secondary cancers increased following radiation for prostate cancer
25 Weight loss aided by eating prunes
26 Potential dangers of chemotherapy regimen for bladder cancer patients uncovered by trial
27 It is estimated that there will be nearly 19 million cancer survivors in the U.S by 2024
28 Advanced bladder cancer patients benefit from immune therapy
29 Targeting cancer stem cells: results in phase I trial of OMP-54F28
30 New targetable form of disease revealed by responses with crizotinib in MET-amplified lung cancer
31 Promising response to new combination therapy by patients with metastatic colon cancer
32 Support of ibrutinib strengthened as second-line therapy for CLL by phase 3 study
33 Further evidence that patients admitted to hospital at weekends have higher mortality: study of 55 million people
34 Mortality risk greatest following surgery in afternoons, at weekends, and in February
35 Volatile organic compounds in exhaled breath show presence and stage of lung cancer
36 3D printing successfully used to address the ongoing challenge of making artificial blood vessels
37 Hydrogels--special substances that can be equipped to detect bacteria, carry cargo and deliver medicine
38 Rejection risk cut by coaxing iPS cells to become more specialized prior to transplantation
39 Discovery of possible basis for treating circadian clock disorders and associated metabolic problems
40 Evidence for dangers of repellent DEET in question
41 Reduced kidney function associated with higher risk of renal and urothelial cancer
42 Measles cases in the United States reach 20-year high
43 'Off-pump' heart bypass surgery may reduce risk of postoperative kidney injury, although no improvement in long-term function
44 European ADPKD forum (EAF) launches: expert group to improve the management of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease throughout Europe
45 Study finds risk of recurrence low in smallest HER2+ breast cancer tumors
46 FDA approves first generic versions of celecoxib
47 New treatment option for young women with hormone-sensitive breast cancer
48 Study finds that suicides are far more likely to occur after midnight
49 VELCADE Phase 3 study results presented for patients with mantle cell lymphoma
50 Antipsychotic medication taken during pregnancy does affect babies, study shows
51 No sign of 'obesity paradox' in obese patients with stroke
52 New virtual platform measures the level of addiction to tobacco
53 Psychiatric comorbidities are common in people with epilepsy, but underestimated and often untreated
54 Scientists discover how deadly ebola virus 'punches' its way into human cells
55 Digital 4, Marketing for Medical Devices, August 11-13, 2014, Minneapolis
56 Findings show benefit of changing measure of kidney disease progression
57 More than 10% of heart attack patients may have undiagnosed diabetes
58 Does marijuana use cause sleep problems?
59 Patients with terminal illnesses benefit from stopping statins
60 Immunotherapy trials reveal 'encouraging' results for melanoma treatment
61 Many breast cancer patients don't get treatment for heart problems
62 Community program helps lower blood pressure among minorities
63 Preventive placement of ICDs in patients with less severe heart failure associated with improved survival
64 For older adults with pneumonia, treatment including azithromycin associated with lower risk of death, small increased risk of heart attack
65 Study finds high risk of recurrence of two life-threatening adverse drug reactions that affect the skin--SJS and TEN
66 Place and cause of death in centenarians: a population-based observational study in England, 2001 to 2010
67 10-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine is effective for preventing community-acquired pneumonia in infants in Latin America
68 Brain cells that control appetite influenced by leptin
69 Hormone discovered that controls supply of iron in red blood cell production
70 Success Of 'Quadrapeutics' shown in preclinical study of hard-to-treat tumors
71 100,000 lives could be saved across Europe each year by improving bystander resuscitation following cardiac arrest outside hospital
72 Newly identified brain cancer mutation will aid drug development
73 New genetic cause of male reproductive birth defects identified
74 Exposure to secondhand tobacco or cooking smoke in childhood increases pain and complications after tonsillectomy
75 The quality of child anesthesia improved by parental presence
76 Progression-free survival and overall survival in adults with low-grade brain cancer improved by chemotherapy following radiation treatment
77 Sperm-inspired robots for drug delivery, IVF, cell sorting and other applications at the microscopic level
78 In metastatic prostate cancer, drug combination extends survival by more than a year
79 Worsening cystic fibrosis symptoms indicated by increased mucins
80 Study suggests that expanded health coverage may improve cancer outcomes in young adults
81 The reliability of melanoma diagnosis improved by Myriad myPath melanoma test
82 Men experience more pain after major surgery while women feel more pain after minor procedures
83 Generic version of drug to treat blindness could save medicare billions
84 $5 billion in savings could be achieved by simple change to Medicare Part D
85 Bug Off campaign highlights the importance of Insect repellents as tropical tourism increases
86 Poor sleep takes huge toll on academic problems
87 Pregnant women with hypertension are at high risk for undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea
88 Researchers identify first piece of new brain-repair circuit
89 Diabetic drug 'slows aging process and increases lifespan,' study suggests
90 Does skipping breakfast impact weight loss?
91 Compound 'may form basis of Alzheimer's prevention drug'
92 Wanting to find out a child's sex before birth may reveal a lot about the mother
93 First Impressions affected by facial expressions
94 Statins greatly alter inflammatory response to common cold
95 Sustained cessation of sperm production not achieved by hormonal male contraception via testosterone in mouse model
96 Men made more new proteins in their muscles during interval training than women
97 MicroRNA-155 is a key player in the functioning of the blood-brain barrier
98 Favouring left-hand in the womb may indicate maternal stress on unborn babies
99 Molecular mechanism may expain cystic fibrosis and diabetes link
100 Helicobacter pylori in the stomach may protect you from obesity
101 Study suggests fast food cues impair ability to savor experiences
102 Social integration improves lung function in elderly
103 Potential treatment for autoimmune disease--marijuana
104 Nonadherence to leukemia maintenance medication in childhood triples relapse risk
105 Alternative to epilepsy surgery offered by MRI-guided laser procedure
106 The value of vitamin, mineral supplements: the debate is far from over
107 Researchers examine health benefits of yoga for asthma sufferers
108 Manipulation of light exposure may be a novel method of altering food intake and metabolism
109 Standardized postoperative prevention program led to an 84% drop in the rate of DVT
110 Data from Phase 3 TESLA study and Phase 2/3 TAUSSIG study presented at EAS 2014