File Title
1 Nano-platform ready: Scientists use DNA origami to create 2-D structures
2 Why some experimental forms of 'The Pill for Males' will never rise to the occasion
3 Common cholesterol drug greatly alters inflammatory response to common cold
4 Breakthrough in energy storage: Electrical cables that can store energy
5 Physicist builds useful light source from harmonic generation
6 University of Toronto physicists take quantum leap toward ultra-precise measurement
7 Vanishing da Vinci
8 Just add water: 3-D silicon shapes fold themselves when wetted by microscopic droplets
9 Proteins 'ring like bells'
10 Image release: A violent, complex scene of colliding galaxy clusters
11 Rice University produces carbon-capture breakthrough
12 Controlling thermal conductivities can improve energy storage
13 Opioid overdose prevention programs may reduce deaths, reports Journal of Addiction Medicine
14 Chinese scientists map reproductive system's evolution as dinosaurs gave rise to birds
15 Quantum mechanics matters: First real time movies of the light-to-current conversion in an organic solar cell
16 A single DNA tweak leads to blond hair
17 NUS scientists demonstrate rare chemical phenomenon to harvest solar energy
18 New species from the past
19 New Ichthyosaur Graveyard Found
20 Canada funds 65 innovative health projects to help save every woman, every child
21 Growing inequalities make science more of a 'winner takes all' field
22 Intuitions about the causes of rising obesity are often wrong, researchers
23 Not all diamonds are forever
24 Repeated Sexual Assault Victims Show Greater Levels of Psychological Consequences than Previously Thought, MU Study Finds
25 Heavily decorated classrooms disrupt attention and learning in young children
26 The future of sweet cherry in Australia
27 Differences in phenolic makeup of indigenous rose species and modern cultivars
28 Google Glass adaptation opens the universe to deaf students
29 High-status co-eds use 'slut discourse' to assert class advantage
30 Vocal fry hurts women in the labor market
31 Dads who do chores bolster daughters' aspirations
32 Acute concern for health, environment highlighted at UN-backed E-waste Academy in Latin America
33 UT Arlington nursing professor studying online students' stress, sense of belonging
34 Diesel bus alternative
35 Having children is contagious among high school friends during early adulthood
36 Poor sleep equal to binge drinking, marijuana use in predicting academic problems
37 Reduced neurosurgical resident hours: No significant positive effect on patient outcomes
38 The physics of ocean undertow
39 Concerns raised over EU ban on ditching unwanted fish
40 Deconstructing goal-oriented movement
41 Most NHL players peak by age 29: Study
42 Domesticated animals provide vital link to emergence of new diseases
43 Glasses-free 3-D projector
44 Beyond GDP: Birth weight, hours slept, eyeglasses among innovative yardsticks of well-being, wealth
45 Improved computer simulations enable better calculation of interfacial tension
46 Professors' super waterproof surfaces cause water to bounce like a ball
47 New analysis eliminates a potential speed bump in quantum computing
48 New analysis method uncovers factors in vehicle burglary rates
49 Drug-Target Database Lets Researchers Match Old Drugs to New Uses
50 Putting a number on opinion dynamics in a population
51 From chaos to order: How ants optimize food search
52 'Virtual human' shows that stiff arteries can explain the cause of high blood pressure
53 Sperm cells are extremely efficient at swimming against a current
54 Seafloor experts publish new view of zone where Malaysia Airlines flight 370 might lie
55 New University of Colorado study illuminates how cancer-killing gene may actually work
56 A cure for dry eye could be a blink away
57 Think fast, robot
58 New printable robots could self-assemble when heated
59 DREAM Project Crowdsources Answer to Cancer Cell Drug Sensitivities
60 Even at infancy, human can visually identify objects that stand out: York U study
61 Marijuana shows potential in treating autoimmune disease
62 More than 10% of heart attack patients may have undiagnosed diabetes
63 Chinese stroke patients fare better when hospitals follow guidelines
64 Findings show benefit of changing measure of kidney disease progression
65 New amyloid-reducing compound could be a preventive measure against Alzheimer's
66 Screening has prevented half a million colorectal cancers
67 New insight into drug resistance in metastatic melanoma
68 'Liquid biopsy' offers new way to track lung cancer
69 NIH task force proposes standards for research on chronic low back pain
70 Toxic computer waste in the developing world
71 Prototype electrolyte sensor to provide immediate read-outs
72 Farmers markets inspire WIC moms, but grocery-store produce costs less!
73 Solar panel manufacturing is greener in Europe than China, study says
74 Narcissists can feel empathy, research finds
75 Stopping statins may benefit terminally ill patients
76 Study examines political contributions made by physicians
77 Nearly 1 in 8 American children are maltreated before age 18
78 CDC report: Patients harmed after health-care providers steal patients' drugs
79 Security guard industry lacks standards, training
80 Climate change at the movies
81 Speaking 2 languages benefits the aging brain
82 Left-handed fetuses could show effects of maternal stress on unborn babies
83 Early steps toward personalized fitness: Interval training may benefit men more than women
84 Same Face, Many First Impressions
85 What Finding out a Child's Sex before Birth Says about a Mother
86 Study finds that suicides are far more likely to occur after midnight
87 Stopping the spread of breast cancer
88 A First for NASA's IRIS: Observing a Gigantic Eruption of Solar Material
89 Lasers create table-top supernova
90 International collaboration replicates amplification of cosmic magnetic fields
91 Because you can't eat just one: Star will swallow two planets
92 Astronomers find a new type of planet: The 'mega-Earth'
93 Miniature digital zenith telescope for astronomy and geoscience
94 'Quadrapeutics' works in preclinical study of hard-to-treat tumors
95 New data shows ProMark accurately predicts aggressive prostate cancer, pathology outcomes
96 New Launchers for Analyzing Resistance to Impacts and Improving Armor Plating
97 Rensselaer researchers predict the electrical response of metals to extreme pressures
98 Computer scientists develop tool to make the Internet of Things safer
99 Modeling and simulation in the big data era
100 Photos often don't reflect the real you
101 Female names make for deadliest storms
102 Red dwarfs could sterilise alien worlds
103 Immunotherapy the new tool in cancer fight
104 Lead author agrees to retract controversial stem-cell paper
105 Proton's magnetism measured with greatest precision yet
106 NSF bill with dire implications for social sciences moves forward
107 Evolution sparks silence of the crickets
108 Kavli Prizes reward cosmic inflation, memory research and imaging
109 'No evidence for or against gravitational waves'
110 Human-rights court rules that evidence must support compassionate therapy