File Title
1 Slowing the insect invasion: Wood packaging sanitation yields US $11.7 billion net benefit
2 Untangling whole genomes of individual species from a microbial mix
3 Lack of plant diversity spurs cankerworm damage in cities
4 Rapid evolution aids spread of exotic plant species
5 Bacterial adaptation contributes to pneumococcal threat in sickle cell disease patients
6 Male, female sex cell determination requires lifelong maintenance, protection
7 Biofilm defense: Mechanisms and actions of a new class of broad-spectrum antimicrobials
8 Delegating dirty work is key to evolution: Working cells allow organisms to evolve
9 Protein that may lead to malaria vaccine discovered
10 Collecting biological specimens essential to science and conservation, experts argue
11 Babbling brooks adding to climate change?
12 10 'golden rules' of strategic flood management revealed by water scientists
13 Deep Earth recycling of the oceanic floor: New insight into the temperature of deep Earth
14 Earth's lower mantle may be significantly different than previously thought
15 Near-normal or below-normal 2014 Atlantic hurricane season predicted
16 Near-normal or above-normal Eastern Pacific hurricane season predicted
17 Near-normal or above-normal Central Pacific hurricane season predicted
18 Wondering about state of the environment? Just eavesdrop on bees
19 Symbiosis or capitalism? A new view of forest fungi
20 European farmers: Importance of adapting to climate change
21 Ape ancestors' teeth provide glimpse into their diets and environments: Helped apes move to Eurasia, may have led to extinction
22 Evolution of venomous centipedes: First widespread look by researchers
23 Fossils prove useful in analyzing million year old cyclical phenomena
24 N/A
25 Oldest most complete, genetically intact human skeleton in New World
26 Richest marine reptile fossil bed along Africa's South Atlantic coast is dated at 71.5 mya
27 First diplodocid sauropod from South America found
28 Over 100 new species discovered by team in drive to document biodiversity
29 Ancient giant sperm from tiny shrimps discovered at Riversleigh World Heritage Fossil Site
30 Evolutionary biologists glimpse early stages of Y-chromosome degeneration
31 Surprising global species shake-up discovered
32 Antibiotic crisis needs united global response, experts say
33 There is still hope for the climate: Regional cures for planetary fever
34 Gender, age, place of residence influence development of depressive symptoms among elderly, study indicates
35 Scientists have identified for the first time what kind of explosive was used after detonation
36 Experiments using virulent avian flu strains pose risk of accidental release
37 Public interest in climate change unshaken by scandal, but unstirred by science
38 More than two-thirds of healthy Americans are infected with human papilloma viruses
39 Power plant emissions verified remotely at Four Corners sites, largest point source pollution in U.S.
40 Altruism, egoism: Brain exercises cognitive analysis
41 Weight bias plagues U.S. elections, study finds
42 U.S. foreclosures drive up suicide rate, study finds
43 Climate negotiation as a bargaining game
44 Threats seen to 3 billion birds in vast Canadian forest
45 Sockeye salmon vs. Pebble Mine: Protecting a fragile ecosystem in Alaska from destruction
46 Switch from cattle fields to 'carbon farms' could tackle climate change, save endangered animals cheaply
47 Green clouds on the horizon for computing
48 Unemployment common after breast cancer treatment
49 Amazon rainforest survey could improve carbon offset schemes
50 Taking a walk may lead to more creativity than sitting
51 How to avoid water wars between 'fracking' industry and residents
52 Keywords hold our vocabulary together in memory
53 Your high school GPA could affect your income
54 Smart drugs pose special risks to developing brain of young people
55 Underage college men discount dangers of driving after marijuana use
56 Bullying may have long-term health consequences
57 How the brain builds on prior knowledge
58 Sports, energy drink consumption linked to negative behaviors
59 Scores of bullying victims bringing weapons to school
60 Big sisters do better: New study of siblings finds eldest girls have the edge
61 Many Ivy League students don't view ADHD medication misuse as cheating: 18% use stimulants to help them study
62 Taste test: Could sense of taste affect length of life?
63 I like your genes: People more likely to choose a spouse with similar DNA
64 Engineers build world's smallest, fastest nanomotor: Can fit inside a single cell
65 E-cigarettes expose people to more than harmless vapor, should be regulated
66 Scientists discover how to turn light into matter after 80-year quest
67 New algorithm shakes up cryptography
68 Caught in the act: Study probes evolution of California insect
69 Single episode of binge drinking can adversely affect health, according to new study
70 Training brain patterns of empathy using functional brain imaging
71 Stem cells as future source for eco-friendly meat
72 Coffee bean roasting acoustics
73 Marriage of convenience with a fungus: Equal for all plants, or just some?
74 More male bugs in a warmer world? Temperature influences gender of offspring in bugs
75 266 reported hurt as quake rattles Greece, Turkey
76 More whales being hit by ships along US East Coast
77 Volunteers help dig up dinosaurs in Utah
78 Exotic bugs get new home at Houston Zoo
79 More whales being hit by ships along East Coast
80 APNewsBreak: VA OKs more private care for veterans
81 Natural foods retailer to farmers: Let cows graze
82 Girls connect through catastrophic head injury
83 Mosquito-borne chikungunya virus spreads in the Caribbean
84 Busch wants workouts to fuel run at the 'Double'
85 Wildfire in northern Arizona grows significantly
86 Meteor shower over N. America a dud
87 Japan launches new satellite to survey disasters
88 Wounded wildlife pose dilemmas for intervention
89 Incumbent Oden, Peterson face off for Alabama PSC
90 US was major backer of blocked dissident website: Cuba
91 U.S. may act to keep Chinese hackers out of Def Con hacker event
92 Tackling poverty: DC community tries new approach
93 Twitter to take India election innovations global
94 Cyber failures spark search for new security approach
95 Atlantic hurricanes look less plentiful this year, say federal forecasters.
96 Small Alaska Town Eyes Big Waves to Power Economy
97 Inside the Looming Food Crisis
98 U.S. Backs Three Cutting-Edge Offshore Wind Projects
99 Sunshine Cinema: Traveling Solar-Powered Theater Aims to Provide Inspiration in Africa
100 By Itself, Abundant Shale Gas May Not Help Slow Climate Change
101 No, New Sauropod Did Not Survive "The Great Extinction"
102 Why a MERS Vaccine Won't Be Easy
103 Eco-marathon Winners Could Drive Around the World for 22 Euros
104 Regional Skirmishes Could Complicate China's Deepening Ties to Central Asia
105 War Dog Helps Family Cope
106 Emerald Lizard Discovered in Ecuador
107 Deforestation: Carving up the Amazon
108 Reproductive medicine: The power of three
109 Jelly genome mystery
110 Uproar as anti-GM activists acquitted in France
111 Blocking insulin breakdown shows promise against diabetes
112 Bacteria found in healthy placentas
113 US physics strategy collides with budget
114 Microbes defy rules of DNA code
115 Exotic atomic threesomes explained
116 NASA might nix Spitzer telescope to save others
117 Kawasaki disease origin traced to northeast China