File Title
1 Tapping Electrical Signals: Turning Thought Into Action
2 Pet Bearded Dragons Linked to Salmonella Outbreak in US
3 Reference: What Is Whey Protein?
4 Improve the Food, Not Just the Food Label (Op-Ed)
5 US Leading the Path to Mars: NASA Chief Charles Bolden (Op-Ed)
6 Two Adorable Baby Gorillas Born at Bronx Zoo
7 Life on Us: A Close-Up Look at the Bugs That Call Us Home (Op-Ed)
8 Ginseng Could Be An Effective Way to Prevent the Flu (Op-Ed)
9 Food Additives 'Generally Recognized As Safe" Could Be Anything But (Op-Ed)
10 Why Captain America's Shield Is Basically a Star-Spangled Supercapacitor (Op-Ed)
11 Hot, Hot, Hot: National Park Seen from Orbit
12 Are Wide-Hipped Women Promiscuous? Study Births a Controversy
13 Totally Parched: 100% of California in Drought
14 Justifying Atrocities Alters the Memory
15 Edge of Ancient Tibetan Plateau Rose Up Earlier Than Thought
16 Why Twitter Selfies Matter: They May Reveal Our Moods
17 Polar Vortex Revenge? US Heat Waves Melted Greenland's Ice
18 Spooky Atmospheric 'Teleconnections' Link North and South Poles
19 NYC Artifacts, Including City Hall Douche, Get a New Home
20 Why Are Aborted Fetuses Burned?
21 Milky Way's Structure Mapped in Unprecedented Detail
22 How Sloths Hang Upside Down Without Getting Tired
23 Garcinia Cambogia: Weight-Loss Supplement May Be Toxic to Some
24 4 Awesome Perks of Drinking Tea
25 Poop Apps: 5 Tools for Tracking Your Stools
26 China's 'Great Wall of Dust' Seen From Space
27 Reference: The Holocaust: Facts & Remembrance
28 Tiny Microchip Component Promises Big Returns
29 Food Safety Returns To Nature
30 Habitable Exoplanets are Bad News for Humanity (Op-Ed)
31 Explainer: How Do Homing Pigeons Navigate?
32 We Need a Global Conservation Agreement for the High Seas (Op-Ed)
33 The Power of Hashtag: Using Social Media to Raise Awareness (Op-Ed)
34 The Business of Death: 7 Killer Business Ideas
35 Smart Job Search Tips for the Class of 2014
36 What Is Uric Acid?
37 How Do Enzymes Work?
38 Ocean Sounds: The 8 Weirdest Noises of the Antarctic
39 When the Sunday Blinked: 1994's Solar Eclipse (Op-Ed)
40 Powdered Alcohol and Space Diapers have Something in Common
41 5 Tech Skills Every Job Seeker Needs
42 New Saints: How the Vatican Decides on Its Holy Heroes
43 Move Over Exoplanets, Exomoons May Harbour Life Too
44 Earth's Oldest and Biggest Crater Yields New Secrets
45 Crash! 10 Biggest Impact Craters on Earth
46 People in Rich Countries Are More Stressed Out
47 Unique Crystals: Newfound Purple-Pink Mineral Is Like No Other
48 US Military Seeks Quiet Motorcycles
49 European Bison to Be Released into Wild
50 Floating Islands of Rock Tracked in Pacific
51 'Mummy Lake' Used for Ancient Rituals, Not Water Storage
52 Why Shin Splints Soar in April
53 Mysterious 'Man-Eating' Holes Appear in Sand Dune
54 Dozens of Mummies Unearthed at Egypt's Valley of the Kings
55 Hunters to Herders: Ancient Civilization Made Rapid Switch
56 Ancient Caribou Hunting Site Discovered Beneath Lake Huron
57 How Do Wind Turbines Work?
58 Why Do I Bruise Easily?
59 Giant Steel Arch Will Cover Debris from Chernobyl Reactor
60 High Doses of Antidepressants Linked to Suicide Behavior in Younger Patients
61 Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?
62 Reference: Shin Splints: Causes, Treatment & Prevention
63 Medical Marijuana May Help Treat Symptoms of MS
64 Cuddly Neanderthals With Parenting Skills
65 Polar Bear Monitoring More Crucial as Ice Dwindles (Op-Ed)
66 Reference: Exercise During Pregnancy: Workout and Fitness Tips
67 Peaceful Trend? Kids See Less Violence Today
68 Disaster Survivors: How Stress Changes the Brain
69 Virginia Volcanoes Linked to East Atlantic Islands
70 New Genetic Test Reveals Your Ancestral Origin
71 Super-Strong Graphene Has an Achilles' Heel
72 Can Evolutionary Biology Reveal What's Kinky? (Op-Ed)
73 Mother's Diet at Time of Conception May Alter Baby's DNA
74 Stealthy F-35 Jets to Take Center Stage at British Air Shows
75 Why High-Fiber Diets May Help Weight Loss
76 Face Transplants Should Be Offered to More Patients, Doctors Say
77 Authorities Reject Claim That Flight 370 Wreckage Could Be in Bay of Bengal
78 Sweaty Hands? New Fingerprinting Method Takes Pore Prints
79 Twin Pregnancies: Not Enough Weight Gain Boosts Risk of Preterm Birth
80 Eating Fiber May Help Prolong Life After Heart Attack
81 See-Through Frog Embryos Know When Dad's Not Watching
82 In Harsh Conditions, Men Don't Want a Pretty Face
83 Is America Now an Oligarchy Nation? (Op-Ed)
84 Sustainable Ranching: Where Cows and Capybara Roam (Op-Ed)
85 Powdered Alcohol, Seriously? A Health Risk We Don't Need (Op-Ed)
86 Households Are New Source of Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug
87 Reference: Mystery of the Hope Diamond Curse
88 The Trick to Getting Your Kids to Help Around the House
89 Medicine's Journey Through the Body: 4 Stages
90 5 Surprising Ways Drones Could Be Used in the Future
91 The Future of Drones: Sky-High Hopes vs. Regulatory Realities
92 Earth Is Safe: No Black Holes Spun Out of Atom Smasher, Yet
93 Obese Women Less Likely to Breast-Feed
94 Female Beetles: All They Need Is Love
95 Buried 'Soda Fizz' May Solve Mystery of Coasting Tectonic Plates
96 Dark matter possibly seen destroying itself
97 Zombie cancer cells eat themselves to live
98 Men want status from romantic relationships, research finds
99 Already-approved drug tied to longer, healthy life in mice
100 Saturn moon hides sea within, scientists conclude
101 Neanderthals no strangers to good parenting, study said
102 Studies may have overestimated our generosity
103 Possible "alien moon" detected, but never to be seen again
104 Study explores how power gets to the brain
105 A reputation sealed? Finding suggests T. rex hunted for real
106 Scientists to explore deep ocean trench
107 Saturn may be spawning tiny new moon
108 Study explores how Inca kids were drugged for sacrifice
109 Even moderate pot use tied to clear brain changes: study
110 Love your enemy? Hormone spray may help with that, too
111 We're over the hill at 24? So says computer-game study
112 DNA "markings" may transmit learned experiences
113 First Earth-sized planet in star's "habitable zone" reported found
114 An evolutionary role for "Jackass"-like stunts?
115 Test could provide "family tree" of a patient's own tumors
116 People found to remember atrocities in ways that favor their group
117 Weird ocean sound finally explained: a whale
118 Snobby staff may boost luxury retail sales
119 Scientists take step toward usable fusion energy
120 At least one in 25 death-sentenced people are innocent, study claims