File Title
1 Ann Druyan, Creative Force Behind 'Cosmos,' Explains Revival Of Landmark Show (VIDEO)
2 Mount Baldy closed due to mysterious unidentified holes
3 The mystery of Mount Baldy's man-eating sand dunes
4 Indiana Dunes: Mount Baldy Remains Closed as Investigation of Mysterious Holes Continues [VIDEO]
5 Mysterious Holes In Indiana Sand Dune Could Be 'New Geological Phenomenon'
6 Asteroids, as seen from Mars (Thank you, Curiosity)
7 Curiosity rover examines third potential drill spot
8 U.S. high-tech export curbs threaten space work with Russia--UPDATE 2
9 Trampoline to Space? Russian Official Tells NASA to Take a Flying Leap
10 Russian official warns U.S. sanctions will "expose" astronauts on International Space Station
11 Maine officials monitoring baby lobster count
12 State official: Though Maine's baby lobster count down is down, overall population is strong
13 Steady fall in baby lobster settlements off Maine coast could end high catches
14 International Stem Cell Corporation Announces Positive Parkinson's Disease Data
15 Stem Cell Breakthroughs Renew Old Cloning Fears
16 'Cloned stem cells create Catholic fear'
17 Stop Calling Young Girls 'Fat'
18 Calling Young Girls 'Fat' May Increase Their Teen-Obesity Risk
19 Calling young girls 'too fat' may raise their risk for obesity as teens
20 This Is What Happens When You Tell A Young Girl She's Fat
21 How Bobby Smith learned to talk at 9, and other autism success stories
22 How Bobby Smith learned to talk at 9, and other autism success stories
23 Amicus Therapeutics rare disease drug effective in trial
24 Amicus Therapeutics (FOLD) Spikes on Phase III Data for Fabry Disease Treatment
25 Why Amicus Therapuetics (FOLD) Stock Is Surging Today
26 Kids use lip balm to get high
27 Disturbing Teen Trend "Beezin" Tied to Burt's Bees Lip Balm
28 Dangerous Teen Trend? Burt's Bees to Enhance Buzz
29 Diabetes Ages the Brain By Two Years, Says Study
30 The Shocking New Disease That Diabetes May Cause
31 Type 2 Diabetes Could Result from Loss of Brain Matter, University Study Says
32 Type 2 diabetes associated with brain degeneration, study finds
33 Type 2 Diabetes May Shrink the Brain
34 Hospitals improve safety scores, but many lag: Leapfrog
35 Geisinger Wyoming Valley named one of safest hospitals in country
36 Doylestown Hospital aces patient safety review
37 Senator Boxer's Odd Timidity On Patient Safety
38 Infrequent Oral Exams: 1 in 3 Adults Haven't Been to the Dentist in a Year
39 Topeka dental clinic fined for painkiller violation, lack of exams
40 1/3rd Of Adults Skipping Annual Dentist Visit In America
41 Should E-cigarettes Be Allowed In The Workplace?
42 New York City Bans Electronic Cigarettes Where Regular Cigarettes Are Banned
43 Chicago indoor e-cigarette smoking ban takes effect today
44 Random online match helps man lose nearly 400 pounds
45 New Tip For Losing Weight? Tough Talk From Online Friend Helps Alcoholic, Obese Man Lose 400 Pounds
46 UNBELIEVABLE: Here's how this man lost 180 kgs in just a YEAR!
47 American man loses almost 400lbs. in just over a year with help from UK friend he met randomly on game app
48 Saudi Arabia Takes New Steps to Fight MERS Virus
49 Yup, camels can catch MERS, new study says
50 MERS virus from camels and humans called indistinguishable
51 Man's odour stresses out rats too!
52 Lab Rats Get Stressed From Male Experimenter's Odor, Study Finds
53 Lab Mice Are Stressed Out By Male Scientists, Which May Skew Results
54 Petri: Of lab mice and women
55 Exposure to violence declining among children, study says
56 Exposure to Violence Is Decreasing among the New Generation
57 Violence Among U.S. School Children Significantly Lower within Last Decade
58 U.S. Kids Experiencing Less Violence: Surveys
59 Secret of what made 1918 Spanish flu epidemic that killed 50 MILLION the fastest in history
60 Researchers Uncover Mystery Behind 1918 Flu Pandemic
61 Solving the Mystery Flu That Killed 50 Million People
62 Higher doses of antidepressants may raise suicide risk in teens, young adults
63 High Doses of Anti-Depressants Lead to Increased Suicidal Risk in Youngsters: Study
64 High doses of antidepressants linked to suicide behavior in younger patients
65 Working women in US who survive breast cancer and chemo 30% more likely to lose their jobs within 4 years
66 Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer Linked to Job Loss
67 Mother's Day and Birthdays: A Wish for Young Women
68 Training Programs Protect Young Athletes From ACL Tears: Report
69 More girls suffering ACL sports injuries, report says
70 Medical Marijuana May Aid Some MS Symptoms
71 Pros And Cons Of Using Medical Marijuana For Brain Disease Therapy
72 Medical Marijuana Could Help MS Patients Relieve Symptoms
73 Medical Marijuana Could Help Treat Some MS Symptoms
74 Bill Gates reveals the deadliest animal around
75 15 Deadliest Animals List Reveals You're Most Likely to Be Killed by Something You Encounter Every Day
76 A Ranking Of The Deadliest Animals In The World
77 NY raises tuition assistance maximum
78 TAP grants are growing
79 The molecular secrets of celiac disease
80 Lab rats fear male researchers
81 MERS virus antibodies identified
82 Why threading a needle can be so hard
83 Space clouds glitter where stars are born
84 Reference: Oranges: Health Benefits, Risks & Nutrition Facts
85 New Crustaceans Found Crawling on Dead Whale Bones Off Antarctica
86 Best GPS Running Watches
87 Female Seed Beetles Fight Unequal Battle During Sex
88 'Chameleon' Crystals Could Camouflage Clothing & Cars
89 Creationist Debate Stalls South Carolina State Fossil Bill
90 7 Ways Depression Differs in Men and Women
91 What Are the Types of Meditation?
92 How Cold Was Winter? Starving Rats Ate Trees
93 Mantis Shrimp's Attack Claw Inspires Tough New Material Design
94 Food vs. Sex: Why Some Female Spiders Eat Males Before Mating
95 1800's Shipwreck Rediscovered Near Golden Gate Bridge
96 Experimental Cochlear Implant Treatment Could Improve Hearing
97 Not Just for Sex: Why the Y Chromosome Hasn't Vanished
98 The Truth About Marijuana: Health Risks Trivialized (Op-Ed)
99 Misleading Gun-Death Chart Draws Fire
100 Tiny Insect Parts Revealed in New 3D, True-Color Images
101 Not So Harmless? Pot Linked to Heart Problems
102 Why Adopting an Older Pet Makes Sense (Op-Ed)
103 Overcoming the Water Wars (Op-Ed)
104 'Godzilla' the Hockey Goalie? Rare Mineral Specimen Up for Sale
105 Missing Link? Mississippi Floods, and a Great City Disappears
106 'Hidden Dragon' Beast Gave Rise to Fearsome Flying Reptiles
107 Blood in Gourd Didn't Belong to Louis XVI, New DNA Study Finds
108 Vaccination Has Saved 732,000 Children's Lives Since 1994
109 Walking May Spark Creative Thinking
110 Ancient Chisel Used to Build Western Wall Found