File Title
1 US court forces Microsoft to hand over personal data from Irish server
2 EU moves to end smartphone patent wars in landmark ruling
3 Stephen Elop: I wasn't a Trojan horse for Microsoft at Nokia
4 MIT students to get $100 worth of bitcoin from Wall Street donor
5 Twitter shares drop on fears of 'stalling' growth
6 Silk Road successor DarkMarket rebrands as OpenBazaar
7 The death of the featurephone in the UK--and what's next
8 Thank you, Basic: developers remember 50 years of creative coding
9 Facebook launches mobile ad network to rival Google and Twitter
10 Why gaming needs its Game of Thrones moment
11 Privacy campaigner Nick Pickles to become Twitter UK policy chief
12 Streaming music startup shuts down after investor pulls out
13 Playstation goes indie--more than 100 titles lined up for PS3, PS4 and Vita
14 Unfitbit: When fitness tracking goes wrong
15 Microsoft Surface tablet is still losing money, figures show
16 Google stops scanning student emails after California lawsuit
17 Apple's next headphones to track heart rate and blood pressure, leak claims
18 Eugene Kaspersky: major cyberterrorist attack is only matter of time
19 Google Australia's $7.1 million tax bill slashed to just $466,802, reports say
20 LeapFrog activity tracker for kids soon to hit the shelves
21 Should I buy my next desktop PC from a UK company?
22 Facebook users inadvertently hack themselves while trying to hack friends
23 Facebook in row with games firm over Oculus Rift purchase
24 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare--a non-gamer's guide
25 Samsung ordered to pay Apple $120 million for patent violation
26 Third of Britons fear rise of robots, says poll
27 Tesco to release own-brand smartphone and Hudl tablet 2
28 Moves app changes policy to allow data sharing with new owner Facebook
29 Is there any evidence of a link between violent video games and murder?
30 Piracy study shows illegal downloaders more likely to pay for films than music
31 How technology is set to transform India's fragmented education system
32 The Sims 4: how composer Ilan Eshkeri brings emotion to the screen
33 Future 8 Awards--hunting for the UK's best young creative technologists
34 Electronic Arts and Activision profits better than expected, despite flux
35 Google Maps app updated to include Uber integration
36 Facebook defends new privacy policy on its activity tracker Moves
37 Oculus Rift CEO: we want to put 1 billion people in virtual reality
38 Watch Dogs is a wake-up call on internet security
39 Microsoft developing smartwatch to rival Samsung with fitness focus
40 #AmazonBasket lets users buy things straight from Twitter
41 China e-commerce giant Alibaba files for IPO in US
42 Drones striking a high-tech blow for conservation and the environment
43 First travel app to North Korea offers guide to secretive country
44 One-quarter of Spotify tracks are skipped in first five seconds, study reveals
45 Jack White creates Ultra vinyl, featuring hidden tracks and holograms
46 Twitter hashtag focuses world's eyes on Nigeria's mass kidnapping
47 Candy Crush developer shares slide 13% on Wall Street as players lose interest
48 Protesters set up camp at net neutrality rally outside FCC headquarters
49 Universe recreated in massive computer simulation
50 10 talking points about cybersecurity and your business
51 Midi sprout lets your plants create the sound of music
52 Pregnant moms' colds may cause asthma in offspring
53 Your 10 point action plan to manage your asthma
54 Asthma friendly and unfriendly sports
55 Mould in your home raises your asthma risk
56 Minor foot wounds a major threat for diabetics
57 FDA approves new type 2 diabetes drug
58 More coffee may lower your odds for diabetes
59 Dramatic diabetes surge in US kids
60 Too much running may shorten your life
61 Walking may reduce inflammation in kidney patients
62 Successful sportsmen don't specialise early on
63 Strength training also good for cardio enthusiasts
64 Cruise ship returns to US after disease outbreak
65 Car drivers often unaware of motorcycles
66 New letter describes tragic scenes on sinking Titanic
67 Teen aeroplane stowaway recovering in hospital
68 Laughter may work like meditation in the brain
69 Autism also affects kids' fine motor skills
70 Will the break help or hinder Oscar?
71 Marijuana use linked to brain changes
72 Chimps prefer firm beds
73 Antibiotic-resistant genes found in cow manure
74 Climate data could help Tanzania curb malaria
75 Beijing smog 'buries' marriage
76 Fruit & Veg: 7-a-day--How can we achieve this?
77 Obese women have higher risk of losing their baby
78 Texture of foods may influence calorie perception
79 High-fat diets linked to breast cancer
80 Helmets don't help babies with flat head syndrome
81 Long-term safety of ADHD meds not established
82 Drugs and alcohol at school could be cry for help
83 Nightmares may haunt bullied kids years later
84 Bullied teens take weapons to school
85 Child and maternal deaths down in SA
86 Pertussis vaccination during pregnancy seems safe
87 Steroids may harm infants with liver disease
88 Dramatic diabetes surge in US kids
89 Focused colon polyp removal saves on surgery
90 Active seniors have fewer heart attacks
91 Superior e-cigarette designed in US
92 Polio re-emerges in many countries
93 Readmission to different hospital ups death rate
94 Copayments deter patients from taking heart meds
95 Mothers can hold newborns before umbilical cord is cut
96 World faces polio health emergency
97 Guidelines to treat aggressive breast cancer
98 Disease Outbreaks May Not Change the Minds of Vaccine Opponents
99 Parents Driving with Kids in the Car Are Just as Likely to Use Cell Phones as Other Drivers
100 THIS Outdoor Activity is Linked to More Than 1 Million ER Visits in 10 Years
101 10 Things You Don't Know About Melanoma
102 How To Make Low-Cal, Gluten-Free Blackberry-Almond Cobbler
103 Study: Obamacare Could Help You Live Longer
104 The U.S. Saved $27 Billion in Medical Costs After Hormone Therapy Was Debunked
105 Pregnant? Less TV Might Be Good for Baby's Health
106 What You Need to Know About Daily Aspirin Regimens
107 We Tried It: Oprah Winfrey's New Chai Tea
108 Can Acupuncture Fight Belly Fat?
109 12 Tricks for Improving Work-Life Balance
110 E-Cigarette Vapor Contains Potentially Harmful Particles
111 A Few Beers a Week Could Cut Women's Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk
112 Sleep Apnea Linked to Raised Risk of Death in Pregnancy
113 Older Infertile Couples Should Try THIS Fertility Treatment First