File Title
1 Material prevents plastic from aging, offering environmental and cost savings for the energy industry
2 First view of nature-inspired catalyst after ripping hydrogen apart provides insights for better, cheaper fuel cells
3 Infrared light puts malaria to the test
4 New method to analyse how cancer cells die
5 Large-scale identification and analysis of suppressive drug interactions
6 Computer program could help solve arson cases
7 Microgel-based thermoresponsive membranes for water filtration
8 'Double-duty' electrolyte enables new chemistry for longer-lived batteries
9 Breakthrough harnesses light for controlled chemical reaction
10 Addition of pectin molecules strengthens silk biomaterials
11 Coated droplets hint at formation of early cells
12 Biologists discover a key regulator in the pacemakers of our brain and heart
13 Metabolism may have started in our early oceans before the origin of life
14 Perovskite power lights up solar energy market
15 Poachers slay six elephants in Kenya
16 Sexual conflict affects females more than males, says new research on beetles
17 If you throw a gecko at Teflon, will he stick? University of Akron researchers found the answer
18 Basic knowledge of plant chemicals provides foundation for solving food-related problems
19 The fine tuning of flowering time
20 Irrigation, soil management strategies investigated for cold climate sweet cherry
21 Establish the presence for the first time in Alava the fungus that causes potato blight
22 Increasing the diversity of marketable raspberries
23 Impact of pelargonic acid for weed control in yellow squash
24 Increasing sugar concentration in tomato juice
25 New approach to managing marine ecosystems
26 Variable gene expression in zebrafish
27 Optimizing sweetpotato production: Study reveals best cultural practices for increasing yield, economic benefits
28 Scientist helps create the first computer model of all life on Earth
29 Studies affirm crabs killing Northeast saltmarshes
30 If synthetic biologists think like scientists, they may miss their eureka moment
31 Important migratory corridor for endangered marine species off north-west Australia
32 Chernobyl's birds are adapting to ionising radiation
33 Grasshoppers update escape response 'real time'
34 Whitefly confused by cacophony of smells
35 Urbanization, higher temperatures can influence butterfly emergence patterns
36 The scent of a man: Mice and rats stressed by male experimenters
37 First disease-specific human embryonic stem cell line by nuclear transfer
38 Researchers discover vine that is able to mimic multiple hosts
39 Room to move: Tissue growth controlled by cell cycle response to spatial and mechanical constraints
40 Change 'authoritarian' football culture to produce future stars, says research
41 Micro-scale technique helps preserve rock art legacy
42 Not just the poor live hand-to-mouth
43 Archaeologists, tribe clash over Native remains
44 Male-biased tweeting
45 Oceanographer Ballard elected to American Academy
46 Improved mental health in young children of higher income parents
47 Residents of 'boom time' suburbs face unsustainable commutes
48 Researchers discover what makes us feel European--and it's food
49 Small business owners not always worried about being treated fairly, researcher finds
50 Bloody souvenir not from decapitated French king: DNA
51 Oldest pterodactyloid species discovered, named by international team of researchers
52 The Ancient Maya and virtual worlds: Different perspectives on material meanings
53 N/A
54 Couples need just one conversation to decide not to have children
55 Study examines personality traits that make some home-based employees more likely to stray on Internet
56 Students being told to look at websites rather than being given face-to-face careers advice
57 Girls achieve high status in criminal street gangs because of their people skills, research shows
58 Spain launches radar hunt for Quixote writer Cervantes
59 Human rights report card released
60 Effects of meaningful peer interactions for non-native English speaking students
61 Terrorism works, but only when governments allow it to
62 Spain hunts remains of 'Quixote' author Cervantes
63 Best of Last Week--'Self cleaning' car, discovery of cold star and the SensaBubble
64 Egyptologists identify tomb of royal children
65 Genome regions once mislabeled 'junk' linked to heart failure
66 Depressed? Researchers identify new anti-depressant mechanisms, therapeutic approaches
67 Research concludes sugar-sweetened beverages contribute to US obesity epidemic, particularly among children
68 Hundreds of genetic mutations found in healthy blood of a supercentenarian
69 You may have billions and billions of good reasons for being unfit
70 Receiving chemotherapy after a breast cancer diagnosis may affect a patient's employment
71 Teens who use alcohol and marijuana together are at higher risk for unsafe driving
72 Laughter may work like meditation in the brain
73 A memory aid for seniors: laughter
74 Robots help teach social skills to children
75 Applying lessons from NASA helps manage threats and errors in pediatric cardiac surgery
76 Complications from kidney stone treatments are common and costly
77 Making sense of genetic testing for heart disease
78 Link found between poor dental health and depression
79 The antioxidant role of proteins containing selenium
80 Controlling fear by modifying DNA
81 Research shows strategic thinking strengthens intellectual capacity
82 Nutriflow delivers fat to preemies
83 Imaging gives clearer picture of cancer drugs' chances of success
84 One cell type may quash tumor vaccines
85 Risk of cesarean delivery 12% lower with labor induction
86 Viral 'parasites' may play a key role in the maintenance of cell pluripotency
87 Researchers identify first gene linked to heart muscle disease in children
88 Researchers identify mechanism of cancer caused by loss of BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene function
89 Loss of Y chromosome can explain shorter life expectancy and higher cancer risk for men
90 Scientists hunt down origin of Huntington's disease in the brain
91 Overlooked cells hold keys to brain organization and disease
92 Catastrophic thoughts about the future linked to suicidal patients
93 Identification of genetic mutations involved in human blood diseases
94 Using a foreign language changes moral decisions
95 Ancestor of ancient flying reptiles found
96 Cougars show how to survive extinction
97 Crescent Sunday to grace Australian skies
98 Working memory deficit could lead to rape
99 Galactic red light stops star birth
100 Algarve golf courses' growing thirst
101 DNA fingerprint for Hippocrates' legendary tree
102 Top award for toxic dump campaigner
103 SpaceX rocket stage in 'soft landing'
104 Agreement reached on deep sea mining
105 Scottish universities given funding for low carbon projects
106 George Osborne orders new icebreaker for UK polar science
107 Dazzling supernova mystery solved
108 How sloths breathe upside down explained by scientists
109 Arrests after wild boars let loose in Maesteg burglary
110 The strange case of the 'time travel' murder