File Title
1 Cannabis and the Heart: Is There a Risk?
2 'Exotic' material is like a switch when super thin
3 MRI, on a molecular scale: Team develops system that could peer into atomic structure of individual molecules
4 Making graphene in your kitchen
5 Hydrogen sulfide nanoreporters gather intel on oil before pumping
6 Directing charges through single molecules: Progress made in developing nanoscale electronics
7 Nanomaterial outsmarts ions
8 First size-based chromatography technique for the study of living cells
9 Team shows potential of RNA as heat-resistant polymer material for nanoarchitectures
10 Cloaked DNA nanodevices survive pilot mission
11 A new approach to engineering the materials of the future
12 Researchers achieve higher solar-cell efficiency with zinc-oxide coating
13 Bright lights, small crystals: Scientists use nanoparticles to capture images of single molecules
14 High-performance, low-cost ultracapacitors built with graphene and carbon nanotubes
15 Like a hall of mirrors, nanostructures trap photons inside ultrathin solar cells (w/ Video)
16 Researchers make major advances in dye sensitized solar cells
17 Nanomechanical sensors detect cancer from breath
18 Gold nanoparticles help target, quantify breast cancer gene segments in a living cell
19 Disorder on the nanoscale may be responsible for solar-cell efficiency
20 Research proves nanobubbles are superstable
21 Fundamental research in phonon scattering helps scientists design graphene materials for applications
22 Tiny magnetic DNA particles protect olive oil from counterfeiters
23 Your T-shirt's ringing: Telecommunications in the spaser age
24 Molybdenite diodes that can emit light or absorb it to produce electricity
25 World's smallest magazine cover measures 11 x 14 micrometers (w/ Video)
26 Copper nanowires could become basis for new solar cells
27 Economics = MC2--A portrait of the modern physics startup
28 Atomic switcheroo explains origins of thin-film solar cell mystery
29 Chameleon crystals could enable active camouflage (w/ video)
30 Superconducting qubit array points the way to error-free quantum computers
31 Physicist demonstrates dictionary definition was dodgy
32 Mapping the road to quantum gravity
33 The hemihelix: Scientists discover a new shape using rubber bands (w/ video)
34 Liquid spacetime: A very slippery superfluid, that's what spacetime could be like
35 Ground-breaking insights into quantum chaos in ultracold gas
36 Using antineutrinos to monitor nuclear reactors
37 Imaging turns a corner
38 Probing the sound of a quantum dot
39 Bake your own droplet lens
40 A 'quantum leap' in encryption technology
41 When things get glassy, molecules go fractal
42 Physicists use magnetism simulation software to model US presidential elections
43 Phase transiting to a new quantum universe
44 How do liquid foams block sound?
45 Medieval bishop's theory resembles modern concept of multiple universes
46 Discovery of a novel gold-based superconductor
47 New imaging system brings lobster-eye design down to scale
48 A new twist in the properties of light
49 New quantum-cascade laser operates at significantly higher temperatures than previously
50 Scientists watch high-temperature superconductivity emerge out of magnetism
51 Professional and amateur astronomers join forces
52 Cosmic illusion revealed: Gravitational lens magnifies supernova
53 Astronomical forensics uncover planetary disks in Hubble archive
54 Habitable exoplanets are bad news for humanity
55 NASA's BARREL returns successful from Antarctica
56 Lower limbs for Robonaut 2 are aboard the International Space Station
57 First JPSS-1 satellite instrument is ready for installation
58 Equipped with new sensors, Morpheus preps to tackle landing on its own
59 Curiosity spies asteroids from Mars surface for the first time
60 NASA tests Orion's parachute performance over Arizona
61 LADEE sees zodiacal light before crashing into moon, but Apollo mystery remains
62 Traces of recent water on Mars
63 Cracker-sized satellites launch into orbit
64 Star is discovered to be a close neighbor of the Sunday and the coldest of its kind
65 SpaceX sues US Air Force over satellite contracts (Update)
66 The sky is no limit for sibling astronomers
67 Image: Hubble's Messier 5
68 Mysterious robotic plane hits 500 days in space; what's it doing?
69 Laser-powered farewell to Moon mission
70 High school students create winning design for NASA's first flight of Orion
71 Seven samples from the solar system's birth
72 The changing colours of the universe
73 Curiosity reaches out to scrutinize next Martian drill target at Mount Remarkable
74 Move over exoplanets, exomoons may harbour life too
75 Supreme Court takes on privacy in digital age
76 For North Dakota, drones a possible growth market
77 Wearable tech devices hit another bump in the road
78 Google removes Android malware used to secretly mine bitcoin
79 Panasonic returns to annual profit on weak yen
80 Electric pilot boat is environmentally friendly and safe
81 Closing arguments set in Apple-Samsung trial
82 Spanish island to be fully powered by wind, water
83 Samsung begins mass production of industry's first 3-bit NAND solid state drive for data centers
84 Adequate design of electric vehicles
85 High voltage at the world's tallest dam
86 Is the Joint Strike Fighter the right aircraft for Australia?
87 'Russian Zuckerberg' rules out return without reforms
88 New solar reactor technology to produce liquid hydrocarbon fuels
89 A system detects global trends in social networks two months in advance
90 3D printing possibilities are beautiful but not limitless
91 Court declines to hear Microsoft antitrust case
92 Researchers use 3D printing to produce interactive speakers of any shape
93 Microsoft issues advisory on Internet Explorer vulnerability
94 Xbox moves ahead with original programming plan
95 Project recycles waste heat into electricity for spacecraft systems
96 Google: Driverless cars are mastering city streets
97 Multilayer, microscale solar cells enable ultrahigh efficiency power generation
98 AOL probes breach allowing hackers to spoof
99 Research shows smartphone sensors leave trackable fingerprints
100 Space-tested fluid flow concept advances infectious disease diagnoses
101 New, more versatile version of Geckskin: Gecko-like adhesives now useful for real world surfaces
102 Simulating in tiny steps gave birth to long-sought-after method
103 New material coating technology mimics nature's lotus effect (w/ video)
104 The anti-inflammatory factory
105 MRI sensor that enables long-term monitoring of oxygen levels could aid cancer diagnosis, treatment
106 New mineral shows nature's infinite variability
107 Mantis shrimp stronger than airplanes
108 Following a protein's travel inside cells is key to improving patient monitoring, drug development
109 Modified photocatalyst effective for transforming organic pollutants into harmless end products
110 Team helps cancer treatment drugs get past their sticking point