File Title
1 Ancient papyrus mentioning Jesus' wife 'probably a hoax'
2 Paying more makes food taste better
3 Supermarkets play vital role in fighting obesity challenges
4 Now, restaurant that 'parachutes' meals to customers
5 How to minimize risk of skin cancer in summers
6 Saturn probe Cassini captures first-ever pics of Uranus
7 Jupiter's moon Ganymede may have 'club sandwich' of ice and oceans
8 Here's the suit you'll be wearing on your trip to Mars
9 Faintest galaxy ever detected reveals new facts about early universe
10 NASA's Curiosity Mars rover begins drilling again after near year hiatus
11 Gamma-ray burst challenges particle acceleration theories
12 Entire star cluster thrown out of its galaxy
13 Day lasts only for eight hours on exoplanet
14 'Dark matter could send asteroids crashing into earth'
15 Search for life on exoplanets not as easy as previously thought: Study
16 Supernovae help gauge power of cosmic lenses
17 Research shows that 'scummy' ads fail to trap mobile users
18 Zuckerberg gets reflective on life, love, Facebook at F8 conference
19 Microsoft fixes IE bug including for 'unsupported' Windows XP
20 Soon, Apple may bring touch-sensitive keyboards
21 Snapchat adds text messages, video calls in new update
22 Now, split bills, tip with new PayPal's MyCheck
23 Now, messaging app only for couples to sext, share steamy selfies
24 Now, charge your phone with the help of your body!
25 Now, tea brewing gadget that makes the 'perfect' cup
26 AI could be the 'worst thing ever for humanity': Stephen Hawking
27 New app to teach kids about how much 'screen time' is too much
28 Apple to release redesigned OS X next month: Report
29 Now, app that extracts best photos from your iPhone videos
30 Now, smartphone that folds in to different shapes
31 New pocket scanner device measures nutritional value of food
32 Apple reportedly mulling health and fitness service platform
33 Rumors of Apple's 'biometric earpods' turn out fake
34 Qualcomm's smartwatch 'Toq' now supports voice messaging
35 Thought Experiment Helps Explain Why Time Always Flows Forward From The Past
36 Wide-Hipped Women Have More Sex Partners, Controversial Study Shows
37 The 'Mona Lisa' Just Might Be Part Of History's First 3D Image, Researchers Claim
38 New Super-Heavy Element 117 'Ununseptium' Confirmed By Scientists
39 Who Doesn't Want to Go to Mars?
40 Monthly Carbon Dioxide Concentration in our Atmosphere Will Surpass the 400 ppm Threshold in April
41 Butterflies Have Good Reason To Sip Crocodile Tears, Ecologist Says (VIDEO)
42 Women With Feminine Faces More Attractive To Men, But There's A Catch
43 Blowing Up Stars on Supercomputers
44 Astronomers Say New 'Natural Gap' Theory May Explain Why Mars Is Smaller Than Earth
45 Rock-Paper-Scissors Study Reveals Sneaky Formula For Winning The Game
46 Unexpected Revelations on Reading--From the New Science of Physical Intelligence
47 Space-Grown Crystals May Shed Light On Huntington's Disease (VIDEO)
48 Stephen Hawking Is Terrified Of Artificial Intelligence
49 A Leap Forward for Clean Solar
50 If You Dumped Every Human Into The Grand Canyon, This Is What It Would Look Like (VIDEO)
51 Scientists Urge Delay In Destroying Last Stockpiles Of Smallpox Virus
52 The Occasional Evolutionist III: Coral Reefs Down for the Count
53 Hidden Wonders: What Nature Teaches Us About Ourselves
54 What Astronomy Says About Religion
55 The 5 Scariest Charts In The New National Climate Assessment
56 Gamma Ray Burst Helps Map Universe's 'Cosmic Dark Ages'
57 New 'Penguin Flu' Found In Antarctica
58 New State Of Light Revealed With Photon-Trapping Method
59 Studies Find 'Young Blood' Reverses Effects Of Aging In Mice
60 Injunction Against RD-180 Engine Sales May Have Implications for US Rides to ISS
61 Toward a Quantum Theory of Gravity? (Part 2)
62 Fire Whirl Photographed In Missouri Looks Like A Tornado Of Nightmares
63 'Ship Of Gold' Expedition Recovers Treasure From Wreck Off South Carolina Coast
64 This Week In Science: Man-Fearing Lab Mice, Printed Teddy Bears And An Exploding Whale
65 Scientists May Have Figured Out How Ancient Egyptians Moved Huge Pyramid Stones (VIDEO)
66 King David's Citadel Reportedly Found In Jerusalem
67 Exploding Whales: A Gateway Drug to Marine Biology
68 28 Years Later, The Animals Of Chernobyl Have Reclaimed Their Homeland...At A Price
69 Stranger Than Science...Or Is It?
70 Bouncing Neutrons Aid Search For Dark Matter, Dark Energy
71 A Case Against Climate Engineering
72 Brain Injury That Turned Jason Padgett Into Math Genius Suggests Dormant Skills May Be Common
73 Finding a Path to 21st Century Cures
74 Send Mom 'Mathematical Flowers' for Mother's Day!
75 Got Science? These Phony Attacks on EPA Have Real Casualties
76 Doing This and That: Are You a 'Precrastinator'?
77 Asian-Americans Do Better Academically Because They Work Harder, New Research Shows
78 'Pinocchio Rex' Dinosaur Unearthed In China Confirms Theory About Tyrannosaurs
79 NBN costs to bush areas blow out by a third to $5.2bn
80 Rare 'banana' sun coming to southern skies
81 Australia in the path of superbug threat
82 Neanderthals 'no morons,' study finds
83 Booze floor price knocked back by government body
84 Scientists urge delay in destroying last smallpox
85 Sleep apnea implant approved
86 Oldest woman, 116, says secret to longevity lies in Peruvian diet
87 This 'Star Trek'-style molecular sensor fits in your hand, reads your food
88 A 'club sandwich' may support life on Jupiter's moon Ganymede
89 Bill Gates no longer Microsoft's biggest shareholder
90 Apparently This Matters: Airplane armrest for two
91 Drones banned from Yosemite, other parks
92 Microsoft files for smartwatch patent
93 iPhone bug leaves emails vulnerable
94 WSJ Twitter account hacked
95 Workplace wearables: Your boss knows when you've had a good night's sleep?
96 Five things to know about Alibaba
97 Meet Netflix's stealthy new logo
98 How to max out your phone battery
99 Behind the NSA's mysterious coded tweet
100 A bug repellent that could save lives
101 Can Apple help make hearing aids cool?
102 The Germans Have Figured Out How to 3-D Print Cars
103 Mystery of Mars 'doughnut rock' solved
104 Study: Water could be flowing on Mars now
105 Supernova secrets seen in X-rays
106 4.4 billion-year-old crystal is oldest piece of Earth
107 Big Bang breakthrough announced; gravitational waves detected
108 NASA discovers 715 new planets
109 Dwarf planet discovered at solar system's edge
110 Astronomers find first asteroid with rings