File Title
1 Low-Cost, Hydrogen-Powered Forklifts with Rapid Refueling, Zero Emissions Coming Soon
2 Predicting Bioavailable Cadmium Levels in Soils
3 Bioarchaeologists Link Climate Instability to Human Mobility in Ancient Sahara
4 New Method Isolates Immune Cells for Researchers to Study How They Ward Off Oral Diseases
5 Sensitive Detection Method May Help Impede Illicit Nuclear Trafficking
6 'Condor Watch' Enlists Citizen Scientists to Help an Endangered Species
7 Flaw in 'Secure' Cloud Storage Could Put Privacy at Risk
8 Biologists Develop Nanosensors to Visualize Movements and Distribution of Plant Stress Hormone
9 UW Graduate's Lens Turns Any Smartphone Into a Portable Microscope
10 Gut Capacity Limits Wildlife's Ability to Adapt to Rapid Climate Change
11 Hunting Our History
12 Progress in Understanding Immune Response in Severe Schistosomiasis
13 New Report: Top Twelve Ways to Slash Agriculture's Climate Impact Could Reduce CO2 Emissions by up to 5 Gigatonnes per Year by 2030
14 Study Finds Accelerated Soil Carbon Loss, Increasing the Rate of Climate Change
15 Tracking Oxygen in the Body
16 Information Storage for the Next Generation of Plastic Computers
17 Sloan Foundation Grant Helps Globus Democratize Data Science
18 Computer Software Accurately Predicts Student Test Performance
19 Astronomers: 'Tilt-a-Worlds' Could Harbor Life
20 Study Demonstrates That Antibacterial Soaps Can Reduce Risk of Foodborne Illness
21 NutNet: New Model for Global Research
22 Relieving Electric Vehicle Range Anxiety with Improved Batteries
23 Warm U.S. West, Cold East: A 4,000-Year Pattern
24 First Metritis Vaccine Protects Dairy Cows
25 Making New Materials an Atomic Layer at a Time
26 Astronomical Forensics Uncover Planetary Disks in Hubble Archive
27 Asteroids Made Easy
28 Some Astronauts at Risk for Cognitive Impairment, Animal Studies Suggest
29 'Upside-Down Planet' Reveals New Method for Studying Binary Star Systems
30 From Quark Soup to Atoms and Stars
31 New Animal Handling Station Creates a Safer Environment for Both Animals and Technicians
32 Scripps Florida Scientists Awarded $2 Million to Study Improvements in Anti-Diabetic Drug Design
33 Significant Baseline Levels of Arsenic Found in Soil Throughout Ohio Are Due to Natural Processes
34 Scientists Explain How Memories Stick Together
35 Scientists Capture Ultrafast Snapshots of Light-Driven Superconductivity
36 Scientists Re-Define What's Healthy in Newest Analysis for Human Microbiome Project
37 Complex Networks Researcher at IU Fighting Crime with Mobile Phone Data
38 Researchers Track Down Cause of Eye Mobility Disorder
39 Researchers See Hospitalization Records as Additional Tool to Monitor Disease Outbreaks
40 Declining Catch Rates in Caribbean Nicaragua Green Turtle Fishery May Be Result of Overfishing
41 Friction Harnessed by Proteins Helps Organize Cell Division
42 Patented Research Remotely Detects Nitrogen-Rich Explosives
43 Kansas State Professor Leads Group Making Recommendations on Climate Change Mitigation
44 Made-in-Wisconsin Atom Probe Assisted Dating of Oldest Piece of Earth
45 Surprise: Lost Stem Cells Naturally Replaced By Non-Stem Cells, Fly Research Suggests
46 Saving the Lesser Prairie Chicken: What Landowners Should Know
47 Science: There's Something Ancient in the Icebox
48 On the Brink of Extinction: ASU Researchers Urge Alternative Identification Methods for Threatened Species
49 UF/IFAS Research Findings Shed Light on Seagrass Needs
50 Neurobiology Online Course to Endeavor World's Largest Memory Experiment
51 More, Bigger Wildfires Burning Western U.S.
52 Proteins Conspire to Make Breast Cancer Cells Resistant to Drug Treatment
53 Counterfeit Contraceptives Found in South America
54 More Questions Than Answers as Mystery of Domestication Deepens
55 New Material Coating Technology Mimics Nature's Lotus Effect
56 Why Alcoholism Saps Muscle Strength
57 A New Key to Unlocking the Mysteries of Physics? Quantum Turbulence
58 Computer-Assisted Accelerator Design
59 Edible Flowers May Inhibit Chronic Diseases
60 Top Ten Functional Food Trends for 2014
61 Extrusion Technology Improves Food Security in Africa
62 IRX3 Is Likely the "Fat Gene"
63 Basic Research Fuels Medical Advances
64 Genetic Study Tackles Mystery of Slow Plant Domestications
65 The Story of Animal Domestication Retold
66 Penn Medicine Researchers Uncover Hints of a Novel Mechanism Behind General Anesthetic Action
67 LEDs Get Seal of Approval: Safe for Skin
68 Researchers Achieve Higher Solar-Cell Efficiency With Zinc-Oxide Coating
69 Neurophage Discovers GAIM-Changing Molecules to Combat Alzheimer's Disease and Other Neurodegenerative Disorders
70 High-Performance, Low-Cost Ultracapacitors Built with Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes
71 Vacuum Ultraviolet Lamp of the Future Created in Japan
72 How Cells Take Out the Trash
73 Scripps Florida Scientists Identify Critical New Protein Complex Involved in Learning and Memory
74 Building Stronger Bridges
75 Bioinformatics Profiling Identifies a New Mammalian Clock Gene
76 Shedding Light on a Dark Universe: From the Higgs to Dark Matter
77 Scientists Identify Cancer Specific Cell for Potential Targeted Treatment of Gastric Cancer
78 From Liability to Viability: Genes on the Y Chromosome Prove Essential for Male Survival
79 Halving Hydrogen
80 Copper Nanowires Could Become Basis for New Solar Cells
81 Economics = MC2--A Portrait of the Modern Physics Startup
82 Atomic Switcheroo Explains Origins of Thin-Film Solar Cell Mystery
83 Mapping the Road to Quantum Gravity
84 Biologist Vera Gorbunova to Lead $9.5 Million Multi-Institution Longevity Research Project
85 How a Plant Beckons the Bacteria That Will Do It Harm
86 'Double-Duty' Electrolyte Enables New Chemistry for Longer-Lived Batteries
87 New Alfalfa Variety Resists Ravenous Local Pest
88 Surprising New Insights Into PTEN Tumor Suppressor Gene
89 Researchers Pinpoint Protein Crucial for Development of Biological Rhythms in Mice
90 Oldest Pterodactyloid Species Discovered, Named by International Team of Researchers
91 To Mark Territory or Not to Mark Territory: Breaking the Pheromone Code
92 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Find New Point of Attack on HIV for Vaccine Development
93 Three-Banded Panther Worm Debuts as a New Model in the Study of Regeneration
94 Iowa State Initiative Creates Team of Engineers, Plant Scientists to Develop Smart Plants
95 You May Have Billions and Billions of Good Reasons for Being Unfit
96 Nation's Top Birding Team Seeks New 24-Hour Record
97 A Civil War Inside Our Cells: Scientists Show How Our Bodies Fight Off "Jumping Genes"
98 Birds of All Feathers and Global Flu Diversity
99 What Songbirds Tell Us About How We Learn
100 FDA discourages use of tissue-shredding tool
101 The soft power of sailfish bills
102 Climate-change adaptation: Designer reefs
103 Renewable energy: Biofuels heat up
104 Sponsor a fish and save Canada's experimental lakes
105 Start-up investor bets on biotech
106 Quantum communications leap out of the lab
107 CO2 makes growing seasons longer
108 UK foreign aid turns to research
109 Regrown nerves boost bionic ears
110 Corals use multiple tricks to adapt to hotter seas
111 Decoded fly genome offers clues about sleeping sickness
112 FDA proposes regulation of electronic cigarettes
113 Discrimination starts even before grad school, study finds
114 Investigator of controversial stem-cell study resigns
115 Power from the oceans: Blue energy
116 Scientists find protein that unites sperm and egg
117 Biologist defiant over stem-cell method